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Brief background: 

Syracuse University is a private research University that was started in 1870. The University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate programs through schools such as the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Information Studies, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Martin J. Whitman School of Management, and others. The University also offers 24 Certificates of Advanced Study Programs for specialized programs for counseling, education, and other academic areas. The U.S. News & World Report ranked the University 53rd among undergraduate Universities in 2019. The University is also classified as a research university with "highest level of research activity by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. 


The University is located in the city of Syracuse and the university campus is spread over 200 acres. The campus is beautiful and has buildings with diverse architecture – some remind students of the architecture of Tokyo while others reminding them of Scotland. The library system of the University has more than 2.5 million volumes of books. The campus also has excellent facilities for sports. 

Residing Options:

Syracuse University offers on-campus accommodation to its students and has an ample number of residences for this purpose. First and second-year undergraduate students are required to live on-campus. However, most Graduate students prefer to live off-campus as it is cheaper than on-campus accommodation. Syracuse students can be found in areas like Comstock Avenue and Euclid Avenue and they end up paying between $600 and $800 per month for rent.  

Faculty and pedagogy:

The faculty of Syracuse University is quite good. Most professors are highly knowledgeable and approachable too. Students must remember that professors of the University expect them to take care of their grades and attendance too. 

Financial aid:

Though a private University, Syracuse has a number of scholarships on offer and it is not very difficult to get one of these. Just make sure that your work is regular and you might land one of these scholarships. Students can also apply for Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships. 

Jobs and placements:

Syracuse University secured  #53 in the Best Colleges in National Universities in 2019, #26 in  Best Colleges for Veterans and #51 in Best Value Schools, to name a few rankings of the university. Its average salary rate is $71K wherein the salary rate of  MS (Master of Science) graduates range between $49,451 - $109,103. Girls make $40,912 - $85,159, and boys make $47,853 - $111,584. The employed students after attending Syracuse University have rated 4 out of 5 stars for job satisfaction on Payscale.
The salary range of engineering graduates such as a Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineer range between $48K to $161K. The top recruiters of these graduates include EY (Ernst & Young), Suny Upstate, Booz, Allen, and Hamilton, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC). The university also provides facilities for students to explore various career paths through career fairs, employer events, job shadowing, career related conversations with staff and many other methods. 


Some famous alumni from Syracuse University are Nick Donofrio (Technology& Manufacturing, IBM), Venture capitalist Arthur Rock and partner at Goldman Sachs Robert Menschel. 


Syracuse is a good University for those with an average or slightly below average profile. Apply here is fall in this category and you might get an admission letter from here. 


Syracuse University’s main campus also known as North campus is located on University Hill and sits among the rolling hills of Central New York. The university provides bus transport to faculty, staff, students, and visitors within the campus throughout the day as well as from and to the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County. The nearest airports to the university are Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR / KSYR) and Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport (ITH / KITH). This former has international and domestic flights from Syracuse and is 8 miles from the center of the University. The latter has domestic flights from Ithaca, New York and is 53 miles from the university. Unlike other metropolitan areas in the US, Syracuse is much more affordable and thereby convenient for college students in terms of accommodation and lifestyle.

The campus itself is a blend of modern and traditional architecture ranging from Roman styled buildings to contemporary ones. It offers the students as well as the faculty a state-of-the-art environment for study and research. Famous among the campus students in Marshall street which is in the downtown area near the university and has become the capital for restaurants.

The university has thirteen colleges and schools with programs in Information Studies and Library Science, Architecture, Communications, Business Administration, Inclusive Education and Wellness, Sport Management, Public Administration, Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. These colleges exist in a closely knitted area all next to each other. The College of Engineering and Computer Science is a five-minute walk from the main campus with its sundry departments situated near the Slocum Hall.

Acceptance Rate for Indians 59%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 343
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 35
TA Appointments 77
RA appointments 81
Research funding $13,399,074
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Aerospace and Mechanical

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (College of Engineering) at Syracuse University offers BS, MS and Ph.D. programs. The undergraduate programs include BS in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The graduate course consists of programs in Engineering Management, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a graduate certificate in Sustainable Enterprise. MS in Engineering Management is of 33 credit hours consisting of 11 courses alongside a mandatory exit paper. MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is a 30 credit hour program supplemented by a capstone project and comprises of four specialization tracks, while The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise is an integration of four different schools of thought bringing a diversity of academics through its transdisciplinary approach. The department also houses two labs which are The Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory (BEESL) and The Composite Materials Lab. Alongside these, they also have research centers for Engineering, Environmental Energy, Biomaterials among many others. The department’s faculty constitutes full-time faculty, adjunct and affiliate faculty and emeriti faculty who contribute vastly to the quality of the studies. Some of them are recipients of awards for excellence in specialized fields and valuable contribution to research fields and fellowships and have various publications in recognized journals. A group of undergraduates had collaborated with Millennium Engineering, an international company, on the construction of Dron ground stations as a part of their senior design project.

Areas of Expertise: Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Manufacturing, Dynamics and Control, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Solid Mechanics.

Biomedical and Chemical 

The Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering strives to prepare its students to come up with innovative solutions for critical problems in the areas of healthcare, renewable energy, and medicine by combining science with engineering. It offers BS, MS and Ph.D. programs. MS in Bio-Engineering consists of three plans wherein Plan 1 and 2 are of 30 credits, while Plan 3 is of 36 credits. On the other hand, MS in Chemical Engineering consists of two-degree plans. All the plans are curated in such a manner that they can be completed within a span of two years. There is also an option of opting for a certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise. The faculty of the department apart from being thorough in their specialized areas are also known for their contribution to the field of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering by securing grants for various research endeavors, research awards, postdoctoral fellowships and having various presentations and publications to their name. The department facilitates two laboratory facilities. The Portable Splint Device And Tremor Assist Cup designed by the  Syracuse students secured the first place at The 2019 Invent@Su Session in New York City.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Energy Production; Nanotechnology; Molecular Biotechnology; Multiscale Modeling & Simulation; Corrosion & Electrochemistry; Drug Delivery; Biomaterials Tissue Engineering; Systems Biology/ Metabolic Engineering; Catalysis & Reaction Engineering; Complex Fluids Soft Matter & Rheology
List of Labs: Institute of Sensory Research and Syracuse Biomaterials Institute 

Civil and Environmental 

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers BS, MS and Ph.D. programs. Along with graduate and Ph.D. students, undergraduates are also encouraged to engage in the research projects of their liking by consulting with the faculty. Some of these projects are Stevens Fund Internships, O’Brien and Gere Internships, NASA Earth System Science Internships. It is a graduate program consists of courses such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Science along with certificate course on Environmental Health and Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership. The graduate programs are all divided into thesis and non-thesis options consisting of 30 credits. The faculty consists of scholars who have been awarded accolades of outstanding educator, Lifetime Achievement Award, Award for Excellence in Engineering Scholarship and have been members of a scientific partnership. The department comprises of two research centers, namely, The Center for Sustainable Engineering (CSE) built on a partnership among five universities and The Geofoam Research Center (GRC).

Areas of Expertise: Ecosystem Studies, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Dynamic, Engineering Hydrology, Rehabilitation of Infrastructure Construction Mgmt, Sustainability, Geofoam Applic for Civil Eng, Environmental Systems, Biogeochemical Cycling, Aquatic Chemistry and Groundwater Remediation.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

The Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Syracuse University works towards producing students that are well-versed with the fundamentals of the modern-day energy system. It offers BS, 4+1 BS, Minor program, MS, Ph.D., Online Program, and Graduate Certificate. The MS programs in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Electrical Engineering are all of 30 credit hours with individual requirements for each program. The Department has The Center For Information and Systems Assurance and Trust which is designed as a discourse arena for the faculty wherein they deliberate over research innovations. The Department comprises of international experts who have achieved awards such as Test-of-Time Award, Best Paper Award, Millennium Medal, Judith A. Resnik Award and Distinguished Alumni Award, to name a few. The Department’s professor Kevin Du hosted a workshop on cybersecurity that witnessed a worldwide attendance of faculty.      

Areas of Expertise: Energy and Signal Processing, Communications and Signal Processing, Cognitive Wireless Systems Networks, Controls, Artificial Intelligence, Hardware design and Computer Architecture, Electromagnetics, Cybersecurity and Assurance, Logic and Formal Methods and Computer Security and Systems Assurance.
List of Labs: Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering

Annual fees for Indians $26,000
Annual off-campus living $5,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

Scholarships (coming soon)

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