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US News Ranking 12
Qsranking 85
Timesranking 61

Brief background:

The early 1900s saw the "normal school" movement sweeping across Texas and the United States and this movement had an effect on South Texas State Teachers College- the first name of Texas A&M University-Kingsville- too. It became Texas College of Arts and Industries and grew from a teacher college to taking on more courses and giving out more degrees than any other colleges in the entire Texas region. The year 1989 saw it become a member of the Texas A&M University System and finally take on its current name in 1993.

The University currently offers a variety of programs under the undergraduate and the graduate level and is known for its high standards of education in the region. Some of its more notable schools are The Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering and the College of Education. The Engineering school of this University is its top picked school.


Texas A&M University ranking is #66 amount national universities by the US News Rankings 2021. It is ranked #169 in the QS Global World Ranking 2021 while the Times World University Rankings 2021 has placed the university on #197 among the universities around the globe.

Acceptance Rate

Texas A&M University acceptance rate is around 67%. It might seem that it is fairly easy to get admission here but in reality, it is a bit more complex. It is a huge school so the number of applicants is also astronomical. For graduate courses, the average GRE score requirements are 146 in Verbal, 155 in Quant, and 3.0 in Analytical Writing.


Located in the historic Kingsville, the University is located in a scenic area that is close to the Mexico border. Though it is located in 1061 acres of land, the major share of the University is concentrated in just 250 acres. This consists of 85 buildings and the rest of the area serve as research centers as well as farms. Buildings with red-tiled roofs and curving turrets are common on the campus.

Residing Options:

The University offers on-campus accommodation in the form of seven residence halls and students can choose from dorm-style rooms, shared apartments, or suites. Apart from same-sex dorm rooms, the University also has options for shared rooms.

On the other hand, some students also opt for off-campus accommodation in nearby areas.

Faculty and pedagogy:

75% of the faculty at this University holds a Ph.D. degree. This ensures that students get to learn from some highly learned sources. With a student-faculty ratio of 21:1, students of this University can be sure of being guided by their teachers – who by the way also help students in the tutoring centers. The Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering has 68 full-time faculties on staff.


Texas A&M University fees for Indian students is around $22,000 annually. The average off-campus living cost is around $7,000 annually. 

Financial aid:

Financial aid at this University is in the form of scholarships, the option of Work-study, and grants (for research students). Students can become teacher’s assistants and research assistants and get some financial help along with learning on the job.

Jobs and placements:

The list of famous recruiters employing graduates from the university includes Lockheed Martin Corp; Texas A&M University; Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; Intel Corporation; Jacobs Engineering Group Inc; Dell, Inc.; Schlumberger. The most popular job profiles amongst the alumni of the university include Mechanical Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Software Developer. The top earners of the university include software engineers followed by project managers, project engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers. The graduates of the university have rated 4 out of 5 in job satisfaction on Payscale. 


Some notable alumni from the University include actress Eva Longoria, MLB Pitcher Mike Adams and Crime novelist James Crumbley amongst others.


The University is relatively smaller and finances might become an issue for some. It is thus advised to look for appropriate scholarships and financial aid before considering it as your next study destination.


The main campus of Texas A&M is located in College Station. It is positioned inside the Houston-Dallas-Austin triangle (Texas Triangle), also known as the Aggieland area, and is easily accessible by road in 2 hours from either city. The University enjoys a calm yet lively vibe, thanks to Brazos Valley. It is within touching distance from the metropolitan area. Brazos Transit District public bus service and the university’s own Texas A&M Transportation Services help one to navigate from one area of the campus to the other. Twelve major highways connect the area to the wider road network of the state.

The university owns the Easterwood Airport which is 5 km southwest of the main campus. Flights to Dallas International Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston) are available from the airport. 

Besides its many buildings and housings, its 19 colleges and schools in the Brazos-College Station region, the university has various departments, labs, and centers spread all over the state. These include Texas A&M campuses at Prairie View, Corpus Christie, San Antonio, Kingsville, Stephenville, Loredo, Canyon, Killeen, Texarkana, and Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area.      

Two of the three branch campuses of the university are situated at Galveston and McAllen in Texas. The third campus is located in Education City in Doha, Qatar.

Acceptance Rate for Indians 34%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 472
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 180
TA Appointments 419
RA appointments 1,196
Research funding $278,129,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018


The Department of Aerospace Engineering (College of Engineering) at Texas A&M offers BS, MS, and M.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering. MS has a compulsory thesis requirement, while an M.Eng. is a non-thesis program. However, M.Eng. students are required to complete an industry-based project to earn the degree. Ph.D. research students will have the option of choosing from the research areas focused on by the department including Materials and Structures, Dynamics and Control, and Aerodynamics and Propulsion. Undergraduate and graduate researchers besides post-doctoral researchers and faculty members make full use of dedicated facilities that include about two dozen on-campus centers and laboratories.

Areas of Expertise: Materials and Structures; Autonomous Intelligent Systems; Astrodynamics; Aerodynamics, Propulsion, and Fluid Mechanics; Navigation, Guidance, Control, and Dynamics

List of Labs: AeroSpace Technology Research & Operations; Institute for Manufacturing Systems; Center for Intelligent Multi-functional Materials and Structures; Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems


Texas A&M offers a professional Master of Biotechnology (MBIOT) degree program with strong industry linkages. Its uniqueness lies in its strong interdisciplinary character and courses structured to meet the latest challenges in the world of biotechnology research. The program is taught by the faculty from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Engineering, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the Health Science Center. The course includes industry internship, laboratory research, bioethics, business courses, technical writing, and molecular biotechnology and genomics. Students willing to join a PhD program can do so in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences). 

Areas of Expertise: Biological Process Systems Engineering; Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering; Water Resources Engineering; Machine Systems; Bioenergy; Food Process Engineering


The Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering (College of Engineering) offers courses focusing on industry-specific demands. It offers BS, MS, M.Eng., and Ph.D. programs in Chemical Engineering. MS requires a research output while M.Eng. is geared more towards professional needs and is a non-thesis program. The key research areas of the department are the study of biomedical and biomolecular chemistry, Complex Fluids, Microfluidics, Reaction Engineering, etc. Interdisciplinary research areas include materials, nanotechnology, microelectronics, and process systems engineering.  

Areas of Expertise: Fluid Properties/ Fluid Behavior;Unconventional Oil and Gas;Well Completions and Stimulation;Energy Systems;Drilling;Materials Science and Engineering;Environmental Engineering;Process Control and Optimization;Process Safety and Systems Engineering;Biochemical/Biomolecular Engineering;Improved Recovery / Thermal;Reservoir Characterization/ Modeling;Modeling and Simulation

List of Labs: Food Protein Research and Development Center; National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing; Gas and Fuels Research Center; Crisman Institute; Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center


The Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering under the College of Engineering at Texas A&M offers BS, MS, M.Eng., and Ph.D. programs in Civil Engineering. The specialization tracks available at the department include Coastal Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering. The department takes pride in facilitating research with about 30 experimental and computer labs with the latest equipment installations. Dedicated research facilities include Advanced Characterization of Infrastructure Materials Laboratory, High Bay Structural and Materials Testing Laboratory and the Center for Infrastructural Renewal. 

Areas of Expertise: Food Protein Research and Development Center; National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing; Gas and Fuels Research Center; Crisman Institute; Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center

List of Labs: Offshore Technology Research Center

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M is known for cutting-edge research and its ability to deliver leading IT innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It offers BS, MS, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master’s in Computer Science. Fast-track 5 years BS/MS is also available. The Game Design and Development minor from the department has become popular amongst the students, recruiters, and companies alike. The department also offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in Computer Engineering. In the fall of 2017, 1,047 & 354 students enrolled for undergraduate and graduate courses. The department takes pride in offering some of the most advanced CS labs in the US that include Brain Networks Lab, Distributed AI Robotics Lab, NetBot Laboratory, and Sketch Recognition Lab among 23 such state-of-the-art facilities.    

Areas of Expertise: Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Libraries and Digital Humanities;Algorithms and Theoretical Foundations;Networking and Computer Security;Programming Languages and Compilers;Graphics, Animation and Geometric Computing;Architecture, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, and Sensor Networks;Bioinformatics, and Computational Neuroscience and Science;Robotics, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition;Data Storage, Information Management and Retrieval;Parallel and Distributed Computing

List of Labs: Center for the Studies of Digital Libraries; Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center

Electrical / Electronics

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (College of Engineering) at Texas A&M offers BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs in Electrical Engineering. Graduates also have the option of M.Eng, a non-research based industry-oriented program. All the courses in the department have been crafted with a special emphasis on building market-oriented skills in young talents. The department also offers programs in Computer Engineering. The research focus of the department lies in the in-demand areas such as Analog and Mixed Signals, Device Science and Nanotechnology, Microwaves and Electromagnetism and Biomedical Imaging, Sensing and Genomic Signal Processing, etc.

Areas of Expertise: Solid State Electronics and Photonics; Information Systems; Electric Energy Systems and Devices; Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems; Biomedical Imaging

List of Labs: Smart Grid Center; Center for Bioinformatics and Genomic Systems Engineering

Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Systems and Engineering (College of Engineering) offers a 4-year BS and MS in Industrial Engineering. A non-research based M.Eng. is also offered by the department besides an online Masters course. The key research areas of the department include Advanced Manufacturing, Data Science, Health and Human Systems Engineering and Operations Research. Doctoral research students are awarded a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. 

Areas of Expertise: Simulation, Optimization, Quality, and Reliability; Applied Probability, Decision Analysis, Engineering Management; Manufacturing and Production Systems, Operations Research; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; System Informatics; Human-Centered Systems

Material Science

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (College of Engineering) has been at the forefront of Materials Science education and research. It offers BS, MS, and a Ph.D. in Materials-related interdisciplinary courses. Graduate programs are research-based. M.Eng. degree relies on experiential project-based learning. Undergraduates can also opt for valuable research experience in Multifunctional materials. The department’s main areas of research are advanced in newer direction by the state-of-the-art on-campus research facilities that include: Elemental Analysis Lab, Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion Laboratory, Materials Characterization Facility, Materials Development, and Characterization Center, Microscopy and Imaging Center, Microstructural Engineering of Structural and Active Materials Laboratory, and Soft Matter Facility. 

Areas of Expertise: Computational Materials Science; Biomaterials; Polymers and Composites; Materials Design; Structural Materials for Extreme Environments; Materials Degradation and Reliability; Multifunctional Materials; Nanomaterials


J. Mike Walker ’66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M has a proven track record of delivering high-quality research and providing solutions to some of the most challenging problems in the domain of applied sciences. The department offers BS, MS, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering besides a non-thesis project work based Master of Eng. The department offers some unique minors at the undergraduate level in Control of Mechanical Systems, Design, and Simulation of Mechanical Systems, and Analysis, Design and Management of Energy Conservation Systems. Researchers at the department have access to the facilities of about 4 dozen dedicated centers and laboratories. Programs in Mechanical Engineering are also available at Texas A&M Qatar campus.  

Areas of Expertise: Computational Mechanics; Turbomachinery; Innovation and Design; Energy Systems; Advanced Materials

List of Labs: Turbomachinery Laboratory; Energy Systems Laboratory 

Pure Sciences

The College of Science at Texas A&M is constituted of pure sciences departments. The Department of Biology offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral research programs in Biology.  The Department of Mathematics offers a bachelor’s program in Mathematics. It is master’s program offers traditional track, teaching track, and applied track including industrial mathematics, bio-mathematics, and computational mathematics tracks. Ph.D. can be regular or interdisciplinary. The Department of Statistics offers BS, 5 years BS/MS, MS, and a Ph.D. in Statistics. Online MS in Statistics is also available. The Department of Chemistry is a premier research destination for young scientists. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Exceptionally talented students are given the option of joining an honors program to take an early lead in their careers. It offers BS and BA courses in Physics, an MS in Physics, and research programmes. The broad research areas of the Department of Physics and Astronomy are Applied Physics, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, and High-energy and Nuclear Physics. It is hailed for its internationally acclaimed research facilities. The Department of Foundational Sciences at Texas A&M Galvestone Campus offers programs in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Marine biology. The Department of Science at Texas A&M Qatar has programs in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics only.

List of Labs: Nuclear Power Institute; Nuclear Science Center; Center for Large-Scale Scientific Simulations; Institute for National Security Education and Research; Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute


Annual fees for Indians $22,000
Annual off-campus living $7,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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