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Brief background:

The early 1900s saw the "normal school" movement sweeping across Texas and the United States and this movement had an effect on South Texas State Teachers College- the first name of Texas A&M University-Kingsville too. It became Texas College of Arts and Industries and grew from a teacher college to taking on more courses and giving out more degrees than any other colleges in the entire Texas region. The year 1989 saw it become a member of the Texas A&M University System and finally take on its current name in 1993. 

The University currently offers a variety of programs under undergraduate and the graduate level and is known for its high standards of education in the region. Some of its more notable schools are The Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering and the College of Education. The Engineering school of this University is its top picked school. 


Located in the historic Kingsville, the University is located in a scenic area that is close to the Mexico border. Though it is located in 1061 acres of land, the major share of the University is concentrated in 250 acres. This consists of 85 buildings and the rest of the area serve as research centers as well as farms. Buildings with red-tiled roofs and curving turrets are common on the campus. 

Residing Options:

The University offers on-campus accommodation in the form of seven residence halls and students can choose from dorm style rooms, shared apartments or suites. Apart from same-sex dorm rooms, the University also has options for shared rooms. 

Some students also opt for off-campus accommodation in nearby areas. 

Faculty and pedagogy:

75% of the faculty at this University holds a Ph.D. This ensures that students get to learn from some highly learned sources. With a student-faculty ratio of 21:1, students of this University can be sure of being guided by their teachers – who by the way also help students in the tutoring centers. The Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering has 68 full-time faculties on staff. 

Financial aid:

Financial aid at this University is in the form of scholarships, the option of Work-study and grants (for research students). Students can become teacher’s assistants and research assistants and get some financial help along with learning on the job. 

Jobs and placements:

Texas A&M University Kingsville ranks #230-#301 in National Universities across a number of commonly acknowledged indices of excellence. The top recruiters and their salary packages include Airrosti ($46,244-$48,256); Baptist Health Systems ($51,681); Kingsville City ($48,435); Xylem Inc. ($80,665); Tesoro Petroleum Corporation ($82,541). Project Engineer, Process Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Software Engineer are the most common job profiles students get into after graduating from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. A Bachelor of Science graduate earns an average wage of $39,807-$80,546, while a Master of Science graduate makes $45,776-$93,910. Girls receive wages ranging from $36,703 to $72,155, while boys earn $43,228 to $92,835.


Some famous Alumni from the University include actress Eva Longoria, MLB Pitcher Mike Adams and Crime novelist James Crumbley amongst others. 


The University is relatively smaller and finances might become an issue for some. It is thus advised to look for appropriate scholarships and financial aids before considering it as your next study destination. 


The university is located 40 km southwest of Corpus Christi and 190 km north of Mexico. Corpus Christi (CRP) is the closest airport to Texas A&M University–Kingsville. In order to reach the university, one can use rental cars, buses, etc. Texas A&M University-Kingsville owns and operates five (5) big passenger shuttle busses to make commuting easy for the students.  The Kingsville Connection is a shuttle service operated by the Department of Human Services in Kleberg County that ferries riders several times a day during the workweek between Del Mar College and Texas A&M University-Kingsville. After paying a tiny rental fee, the ReCycle Bikes program offers learners with bike rental for one semester. One of its free campus shuttle schemes, the Blue and Gold Express, offers shuttle facilities both on-campus and throughout Kingsville City. Texas A&M University-Kingsville also has a partnership with Zip Car and an Enterprise Rent-A-Car agreement to provide on-campus rental cars.
The university’s student body consists of 53% of boys and 47% girls. The undergraduate strength is 82% of all students. The ethnic distribution of the student population is as follows - 62% of students are Hispanic, 27% White, 5% African American/Blacks, and 6% international students.

Acceptance Rate for Indians 92%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 815
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 2
TA Appointments 78
RA appointments 49
Research funding $1,803,426
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Civil and Architecture Engineering

The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville seeks to develop the capacity of students to recognize, formulate and solve complicated engineering issues by implementing the principles of engineering, science, and mathematics. The B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering are offered by the department with a broad focus on geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transport, and water resources. It also makes a B.S. available in Architectural Engineering, an interdisciplinary degree focused on construction systems engineering, structural engineering, construction management, and basic architectural design principles. The undergraduate learners in the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Civil Engineering program learn to apply engineering design to create alternatives that fulfill specific requirements, taking into account government health, security, and welfare, as well as worldwide cultural, social, environmental, and financial considerations. Graduates at the master’s level acquire the required engineering abilities to participate in lifelong careers as ethically and socially responsible professional civil engineers. They manage to achieve extensive knowledge of problem-solving, designing, and study abilities needed to function in the interdisciplinary field of civil engineering.

Areas of Expertise: Construction Management; Structural Engineering; Risk Analysis; Building Commissioning and Retrofit Commissioning; Building Systems; Historic Documentation & Heritage; Sustainability of Infrastructure; Architectural Design; Solar Technology Integration in Buildings; Intelligent Building Controls Structural Engineering (Hazard Mitigation & Composites); Water Quality; Water Resources; Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling; Performance of Steel Structures under Corrosive Environments; Rock Mechanics; Hydraulic Fracturing Mapping Techniques; Ground Compaction and Surface Subsidence; Transportation Engineering; Eco-Hydrology; Solid and Hazardous Waste Treatments
List of Labs: Institute for Architectural Engineering Heritage 


Texas A&M University-Kingsville's Department of Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering prepares its learners for creative careers in industry and government. The Department is a community of excellent scientists, skilled teachers, and talented learners. The department also provides programs in interdisciplinary specialties as well as in the more traditional Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering fields. It provides both Bachelor and Master degree programs. The B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.S. in Natural Gas Engineering help undergraduates to become practicing Chemical engineers or Natural Gas engineers. By updating their core knowledge and skills through on-the-job training and continuing education, students are able to tailor themselves to ever-changing requirements. The department also offers M.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Natural Gas Engineering. Both of the degrees can be opted for with and without a thesis. It also offers a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering as well as Natural Gas Engineering. The minor fields include all the disciplines of engineering, computer science, math, statistics, chemistry, physics, and biology. 

Areas of Expertise: Reservoir Production Engineering; Multiphysics Modeling; Natural Gas Process Design; Biomedical Systems Engineering; Fracturing Fluids; Environmental Systems Modeling/Simulation; Process Simulation; Drilling Engineering; Rheology; Reaction Kinetics; Chemical Process Dynamics & Control; Geopressure Modeling; Reservoir Simulation; Multiphase Reaction Engineering; Microfluids & Microreactors; Unconventional Shale Characterization; Thermodynamics; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Rock Mechanics; Hydraulic Fracturing; Reservoir Characterization; Multiphase Flow; Physical Property Measurements; Heat Transport Phenomena; Environmental Remediation & Groundwater Management; Biochemical/Sustainable Processes; Oil and Gas Processing
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Texas A&M University-Kingsville's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) offers broad-based programs such as Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Master's degree in Computer Science with both thesis route and project path. The goal of A&M-Kingsville's electrical engineering programs is to produce graduates with extensive and up-to-date understanding, abilities and judgment. Therefore, the thrust of the programs is to create graduates ready for professional industry careers and/or further studies that emphasize sophisticated techniques of design, growth, and research. Modern electrical engineering has demonstrated a powerful mix of traditional electrical engineering and computer engineering in both computer hardware and software, leading to the emergence of a lot of avenues and opportunities for electrical engineers. Some of the most common job profiles are Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Control Engineers, Power Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Digital Design Engineers, and Robotics Engineers. The graduates who enter the industry contribute effectively to the technology projects carried out by their respective employers.

Areas of Expertise: Software Engineering; Computer Networks; Web Engineering; Intelligent Systems; Neural Computation; Computer Security; Operating Systems; Microwave Systems; Nano-materials and devices; DSP Application; Adaptive Systems; Neural Networks; Signal & Image Processing; Intelligent Systems; Wireless Communication; Control Systems; Microprocessor Interface; VLSI Design; Antenna Modeling. 


Texas A&M University-Kingsville's Department of Environmental Engineering enables students to design and build municipal water supply systems, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, air pollution control systems, strong and municipal waste treatment plants, etc. According to Fortune magazine, environmental engineering is anticipated to be one of the most lucrative career routes for the next ten years. The paper, "Hot Careers for the Next 10 Years," places the demand growth rate for environmental technicians (at 54%), even greater than that for the executives of data systems, software technicians, and analysts of systems. The department, along with a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, provides BS and M.S./M.Eng. degrees. The department also provides a Ph.D. in Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems. Graduates can make professional careers in the fields of Air Quality, Water Quality, Solid / Hazardous Waste, Ecological Engineering, Environmental and Occupational Health, Environmental Systems, Environmental Informatics, and Environmental Biotechnology. The Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering prepares learners for professions related to the academia and management of the environment. The Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering's Ph.D. program in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering is a multidisciplinary program that integrates different engineering and science areas. It discusses multiple elements of energy studies including the sustainable use of fossil fuels and renewable resources, device design for effective energy conversion, intelligent energy production and storage, and energy-related sustainability and environmental impact.

Areas of Expertise: Air Quality Monitoring; Environmental Informatics; Solid & Hazardous Waste Treatment; Water Resources; Air Quality Control Technology; Ecological Engineering; Water Treatment; Surface Water Modeling; Environmental Systems; Water Quality; Groundwater Modeling; Groundwater Remediation
List of Labs: Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department deals with the power and designing of machines and processes used to generate power and to apply it to useful purposes. The department offers Bachelor as well as Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering. The Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering is a route for both thesis and project. The department’s research laboratories can be used for work in the areas of Robotics and Automation, Smart Systems and Controls, Composite Materials and Structures; Additive Manufacturing and Smart Systems; Computer-assisted Design Engineering. Graduates are able to perform suitable experiments, evaluate and interpret information, and use their judgment based on engineering principles to draw conclusions. Using suitable learning strategies, they obtain and apply fresh understanding as required.
Industrial engineering is an engineering branch of integrated systems development, enhancement, execution, and assessment. The department offers BS and MS degrees along with  2 certificate programs: Engineering Project Management Professional Certificate and Manufacturing Standards and Standardization Certificate. The Industrial Engineering graduate program is intended to instill in the students the basic ideas as well as the practical understanding of contemporary engineering so that they can instantly address engineering problems as well as ensure their professional development throughout their lifetime. Specialization fields include service industries, ergonomics, manufacturing, manufacturing control, simulation analysis, optimization, financial analysis, project, and construction management, energy, supply chain, health care, finance, banking, defense, and aviation.

Areas of Expertise: Renewable Energy; Production/Productivity Improvement of Manufacturing for Companies; Reliability; Nanomanufacturing and Remanufacturing; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; CAD/CAM/CNC; Six Sigma Quality Control; 3D Modeling and Printing; Quality Control and Economic Analysis; Industrial Safety; Simulation and Optimization; Project Management; Construction Management; Better Quality Assurance; Project, Risk and Disaster Management; Structure-Property Relationships in Polymeric Materials; Tribology; Adaptive Composite Materials & Structures; Controls; Structure-Property Relationships in Polymeric Materials; Robotics; Composite Material; Machine Design; Compliant Mechanisms; Mechanics of Materials

Annual fees for Indians $16,000
Annual off-campus living $6,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

Scholarships (coming soon)

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