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Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

TRU’s Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism includes three departments, namely Adventure Studies, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management. The faculty offers courses that give insights into powerful and enriching human experiences which are indeed extraordinary but also relevant to humanity.

They have over 25 full-time and more than 100 part-time highly qualified faculties. The career prospects include outdoor adventure guidance and leadership, adventure business management, crafting cuisine for modern bistros and fine dining restaurants, and tourism planning and management.

1. Department of Adventure Studies at TRU trains passionate people as adventure guides which enables them to pursue their passion as well as develop a career in the fast-growing segment of the tourism industry. The graduates are legally qualified and competent. The graduates work in many tourism industries around British Columbia.

Some of the companies include :

  • list items Bergmann Mountain Guides
  • list items Coastal Spirit Expeditions
  • list items Coast Range Heli-skiing
  • list items Stellar Descents
  • list items Canadian Mountain Holiday
  • list items Interior Whitewater Expeditions
  • list items Wild Water Adventures.

  • 2. Department of Culinary Arts at TRU trains students in the basics of cooking and other current industry related techniques. The department has connections with food businesses around BC.

    3. Department of Tourism Management at TRU offers various certificate and graduate programs that provide students with the skills to develop and manage tourism business, provide quality experiences, and event management. 


    Faculty of Arts

    The Faculty of Arts at TRU offers courses covering various disciplines along with industry expected hands-on training.

    Students also develop basic skills like :

  • list items Communication
  • list items Critical thinking
  • list items Decision-making
  • list items Problem-solving
  • list items Leadership
  • list items Teamwork
  • list items Global competency
  • list items Ethics.

  • The Departments Under the Faculty are as below - 

    1. Department of English and Modern Languages at TRU focuses on reading, writing, creative thinking, and imagination.

    The areas of focus are :

  • list items Literature
  • list items History
  • list items Sociology
  • list items Law
  • list items Philosophy
  • list items Fine arts
  • list items Journalism
  • list items Psychology
  • This provides career prospects in ministry, counselling, therapy, social work, education, and management industries.

    The other languages in focus are :

  • list items Chinese
  • list items French
  • list items German
  • list items Japanese
  • list items Spanish.

  • 2. Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at TRU offers various major and minor courses that suit the needs of the students.

    The main areas of focus are :

  • list items Urban planning
  • list items Environmental consulting
  • list items Environmental law
  • list items Water resources research
  • list items Policy development
  • list items Mine reclamation
  • list items Earth science
  • list items Environmental assessment
  • list items Meteorology
  • list items Hydrology
  • list items Geomorphology.

  • 3. Department of Journalism, Communication and New Media at TRU offers an intensive four-year degree program that aims to create a well-qualified journalist and communication professional.

    4. Department of Philosophy, History, and Politics at TRU offers courses that focus on the histories and methods of :

  • list items Philosophy
  • list items Metaphysics
  • list items Political sociology
  • list items Political anthropology
  • list items Political economy
  • list items Political geography
  • list items Ethics
  • list items Epistemology
  • list items Philosophy of science
  • The department offers well-qualified faculties who specialize in :

  • list items Continental philosophy
  • list items Epistemology
  • list items Philosophy of mind
  • list items Environmental ethics.

  • 5. Department of Psychology at TRU offers various major, minor and honors degrees in Psychology that deal with skills like:

  • list items Understanding human behavior
  • list items Conducting and evaluating research
  • list items Analyzing data for insights
  • list items Insights professional writing
  • The department provides an exclusive psychology lab and conducts workshops in APA Style and Tips for doing research.

    6. Department of Sociology and Anthropology at TRU offers courses that deal with the study of social groups and their activities, prehistoric people, contemporary societies and other linguistics.

    7. Department of Visual and Performing Arts at TRU offers undergraduate studies to create theatre specialists and professionals in visual arts.

    The areas of focus are :

  • list items Acting
  • list items Directing
  • list items Theatre history and technical theatre fundamentals
  • list items Painting
  • list items Printmaking
  • list items Drawing
  • list items Sculpture
  • list items Photography.

  • 8. Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at TRU offers courses covering various disciplines and supports students to choose their career path. It offers two-year degree programs in pre-architecture, pre-law, pre-medicine, and pre-urban planning.


    School of Business and Economics

    TRU’s School of Business and Economics are one of the best business education providers in Canada. Certificates, diplomas, degrees, and MBA are offered by the school in the field of Business. It is very flexible, and the students can pursue the courses online.

    The student’s clubs run by the school are :

  • list items Accounting Club
  • list items Economics Club
  • list items Enactus Thompson Rivers
  • list items Finance Club
  • list items Human Resource Management Club
  • list items Marketing Club
  • list items MBA Club
  • The students are provided with opportunities to perform field study at the University of Malaga in Spain and Avans University of Applied Science in the Netherlands.


    Faculty of Education and Social Work

    TRU’s Faculty of Education and Social Work focuses on education and human services.

    The graduates can opt for careers in the profiles of :

  • list items Teacher
  • list items Counselor
  • list items Education leader
  • list items Social worker
  • list items Education assistant
  • They can also learn English for academic purposes.

    The Schools and Departments Under the Faculty are as below : 

    1. The School of Education at TRU offers courses in the fields of education, STEM, physical education, early childhood education, language, and culture. The graduates of the Bachelor program are certified by the BC Ministry of Education’s Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) which makes them eligible to teach in an elementary and secondary school setting.

    2. School of Social Work and Human Service at TRU offers courses that train students to provide support to individuals facing economic, mental health, gender and diversity issues in addition to supporting children and adults with exceptional needs.

    3. Department of English as a Second Language at TRU offers courses that enable students to teach English as a second language to other people. It provides a language learning centre and media lab for the students to learn the language.  

    4. Department of University and Employment Preparation at TRU offers adult education and skills training programs that include kitchen assistants and retail workers.


    Faculty of Law

    TRU’s faculty of law offers legal education at the Thompson Valley campus with highly qualified legal academicians in the new law school building. The faculty also provides a separate law library for the students along with state-of-the-art classrooms and infrastructure. It has a student group namely The TRU Society of Law Students (SLS) that conducts events for the students throughout the year.

    TRU provides a legal clinic to help the community around the campus and also for the students to get hands-on experience. TRU offers a three-year program in Canadian law to the graduates willing to undertake a career in the legal profession. Students develop skills such as advocacy, negotiation and dispute resolution. It also offers legal research and writing opportunities.

    Students have to select a mandatory elective course that involves research writing in advanced legal research and directed research.

    The international partners include :

  • list items European Business School (EBS)
  • list items Masaryk University
  • list items University of Wroclaw in Poland.
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    School of Nursing

    TRU’s School of Nursing offers courses in nursing and health care assistance that prepares students for careers in profiles like :

  • list items Licensed practical nurse (LPN)
  • list items Registered nurse (RN)
  • list items Assistants in the healthcare industry
  • list items Medical laboratory assistants
  • The courses are licensed and regulated by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia and British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals. The nursing students are offered practicum placements that provide them with the opportunity to gain work experience.


    Open Learning

    TRU’s School of Open Learning offers various programs and individual courses that can be pursued online from the comfort of the home. The courses are very flexible and can either be taken full-time or part-time. The courses are open for admission throughout the year, and the admissions take place continuously. It offers self-paced courses with flexible scheduling and minimal admission criteria thus making open and distance learning possible.

    It offers 550 courses and 60 programs in the fields including :

  • list items Adult Basic Education
  • list items Business and Management Studies
  • list items Arts
  • list items General Studies
  • list items Education and Social Work
  • list items Nursing
  • list items Science
  • list items Health Sciences
  • list items Technology
  • list items Tourism.
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    Faculty of Science

    TRU's Faculty of Science offers courses that prepare a student to pursue career options in :

  • list items Medicine
  • list items Medical genetics
  • list items Veterinary medicine
  • list items High-tech industry
  • list items Biotechnology
  • list items Elementary and high school teaching
  • list items Pharmacy
  • list items Dentistry
  • list items Respiratory therapy
  • list items Resource management
  • list items Optometry
  • list items Wildlife management
  • The field of study includes:

  • list items Animal health technology
  • list items Chemistry
  • list items Biology
  • list items Geology
  • list items Horticulture
  • list items Respiratory therapy
  • list items Physics
  • list items Natural resource science
  • The student clubs associated with this department are :

  • list items BUGS (Biology Undergraduate Society)
  • list items Chemistry and Biochemistry Club (CBC)
  • list items Computer Science Club
  • list items Natural Resource Sciences Club
  • list items Physics Club
  • list items Science and Law Club
  • TRU undertakes various research activities in the Centre for Respiratory Health and Sleep Science and Centre for Optimization and Decision Science.


    School of Trades and Technology

    TRU’s School of Trades and Technology provides apprenticeship training to students in more than 20 trades including :

  • list items Automotive Service Technician
  • list items Carpenter
  • list items Circular Saw Filer
  • list items Diesel Engine Mechanic
  • list items Electrician
  • list items Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
  • list items Instrumentation and Control Technician
  • list items Meatcutter
  • list items Plumber
  • list items Professional Cook
  • list items Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanic
  • list items Transport Trailer Technician
  • list items Truck and Transport Mechanic
  • list items Welder
  • They are supported by the Training Authority of BC. Students will pursue industry-oriented diplomas and degrees and learn as a paid apprentice. The students are trained in well-equipped laboratories.

    They are provided with the opportunity to gain work experience in a field school called Trades Field School in Oaxaca, Mexico. The school also offers Red Seal Exam preparation courses.