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University of California Rankings

In the U.S. News & World Report's ranking of leading U.S. public colleges announced on Sept. 9, 2015, half of the nation's top 10 public universities are University of California campuses. The list is the culmination of a series of recent rankings that highlight UC's status as one of the world's top research universities using a variety of techniques. U.S. News arrived at its conclusion by evaluating academic outcomes, with graduation and retention weighing heavily in its methodology. All of the top schools have excellent six-year graduation rates and great freshman retention rates.

The University of California consistently ranks first in national and worldwide rankings, regardless of whether academic performance, research quality and reputation, selectivity, value, public service, or a variety of other variables are considered.

UC Campuses’ Overall Rankings Include

  Rankings   4th 12th 14th 18th 41st 47th 55th 93rd 101-150th grouping

The top 200 universities were also ranked in five general academic areas and five subject areas by the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

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UC Rankings in Broad Academic Areas

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  Rankings   1 9 18 26 31 57-75 76-100

Engineering-Technology and Computer Sciences

  Rankings   3 7 18 26 50-75

Life and Agricultural Sciences

  Rankings   5 18 11 15 23 101-150 51-75

Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy

  Rankings   2 9 22 28 51-75 101-150

Social Science

Rankings 4 16 23 42 51-75 151-200

UC Subject Rankings


  Rankings   3 9 22 51-75 76-100 101-150


  Rankings   1 12 22 33 45 51-75 101-150 151-200


  Rankings   1 7 13 18 26 47 51-75

Computer Science

  Rankings   3 9 11 24 29 51-75


  Rankings   4 15 18 48 51-75 76-100


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary factors that contribute to the University of California's excellent ranking?

UC believes in giving back to society by enrolling low-income students, assisting them in graduation, and without charging exorbitant fees to attend.
The system has a unique mix of size, variety, and research excellence. UC schools attract outstanding students from a diverse range of backgrounds, allowing them to strike a unique combination of academic quality, scientific prowess, and a dedication to low-income students that is unrivaled among similar national universities.

How do UC researchers contribute to society in order for it to be ranked well?

UC academics are using inventiveness and innovation to address some of the state's most pressing issues, bringing answers to bear in sectors ranging from hydrology to artificial intelligence, energy sustainability to entertainment.
The world has acknowledged the ground-breaking work done at UC institutions, most recently in November 2020, when three UC academic members and one UC alumnus were awarded Nobel Prizes. There are now 68 Nobel laureates linked with UC.