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University of Cincinnati - Overview & Background

The University of Cincinnati is the second largest university in Ohio, enrollment-wise. This university was established in 1819 and offers around 350 study programs. This university has been recognized for bringing in innovative changes in the areas of academics that has proved fruitful for the students. 

Established 1819
Founder William Lytle
University Type Public Research University
University Motto Strength in Unity,Seek the Highest 
University City Cincinnati, Ohio 
Acceptance Rate 70%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:19
Endowment $1.7 billion
Campus Size Main campus: 202 acres (0.82 km2) Uptown campus (Main and Medical): 194 acres (0.79 km2) All campuses: 473 acres (1.91 km2)
Graduation Rate 68%
Employment Rate 79.3%
Official Website Link University of Cincinnati, United States
Contact Details +1 513-556-6000


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Student diversity & preferred profile

The University of Cincinnati (UC) is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio, and it is the city's oldest higher education institution. It serves 46,000 students each year, providing a blend of academic quality and practical experience. Aside from its nearly 400-degree programmes, UC is known around the country for its NCAA Division I and American Athletic Conference sports teams.

Talking about facts and figures, the University of Cincinnati granted 11,243 degrees to all graduate and undergraduate students in 2019. Women received 56 percent of these degrees, while males received 44 percent. White people received the most degrees (7,496 degrees), which was 9.36 times more than the next most popular category, black or African American people (801 degrees).

There are 39,263 students enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. The University of Cincinnati-Main Campus has a full-time enrollment of 29,466 students and a part-time enrollment of 9,797. This signifies that 75% of students at the University of Cincinnati-Main Campus are full-time students.

  • list items 69.7% of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Cincinnati are white
  • list items 7% are black or African American
  • list items 4.47% are Asian
  • list items 3.82% are Hispanic or Latino
  • list items 3.45% are Two or More Races
  • list items 0.125% are American Indian or Alaska Native
  • list items 0.0509% are Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.
  • White Females (32.2%),White Males (20.8%), and Black or African American Females (3.86% ) are the most prevalent students enrolling in full-time Graduate programmes.
    White (27,371), Black or African American (2,748), and Asian are the most frequent races or ethnicities (1,755). The University of Cincinnati awarded 4,942 degrees to men in 2019, and this is 0.784 times less than the degrees awarded to women (6,301).


    Campus & Accommodation


    There are 14 schools and colleges at the University of Cincinnati, which are organized into three sites and offer a variety of programmes:

  • list items University of Cincinnati is located in Cincinnati, Ohio (main campus)
  • list items Blue Ash College, UC (regional campus)
  • list items Clermont College, UC (regional campus)
  • Accommodation

    Students who choose UC as their graduate school are a part of the university's lively and diverse community. University Accommodation teamed with the Graduate School to create the Office of Graduate & Family Housing to help graduate students and families find housing at the University of Cincinnati.

    Housing choices for graduates can be found at:

    Senator Place:

  • list items 222 Senator Place is a graduate student-only residential development located within walking distance of the uptown campus. All units in this complex are available to graduate students thanks to an arrangement with the University of Cincinnati. The benefit of this is that students will form a community among themselves and will be able to aid individuals who are new to Cincinnati and Ohio.  
  • The Eden:

  • list items Just three blocks from campus, these newly constructed apartments offer a variety of features that are great for fostering community among residents. The Eden is located on the northeast corner of Eden and University Avenues, close to dining and shopping on Short Vine, including Kroger. Garage parking will be available off-street.
  • Private Listings:

  • list items Graduate students and families seeking more private housing, such as a home, two-family, duplex, a vacancy in a four-unit structure, or a bedroom in a shared house, can utilise Private Listings to find out about available rentals.
  • Short-Term:

  • list items Short-Term Housing is available at a number of off-campus locations. The University of Cincinnati does not support or recommend any particular hotel or lodging.
  • UC also has a number of affiliated housing options:

    Bellevue Gardens Apartments:

  • list items Just south of the medical campus are the Bellevue Gardens Apartments. It is a university-owned and operated apartment community designed to meet the needs of graduate students, instructors, staff, and their families. They provide a variety of unit types ranging from spacious studio apartments to one, two and three-bedroom floor plans. 
  • Deckebach Avenue Apartments:

  • list items located within walking distance and to the west of the west campus.
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    Comparison with other Universities

    Cincinnati is the ideal setting for a graduate programme, with academic-corporate relationships, interesting employment options, and all the conveniences of a big city in an area with a low cost of living. On campus, you'll find a friendly graduate community and a diverse range of settings. Lush greenspaces and Stately buildings provide space to study, learn, and create.

    Not only this, the University of California's commitment to #NextLivesHere is taking shape through new and future campus buildings, all of which are designed to maintain the university at the forefront of discovery and innovation.

    The following are the top reasons to attend University of Cincinnati:

  • list items According to outside reviews, UC has one of the best Masters-only programmes in the country.
  • list items The faculty includes experts in the following fields: Organizational Communication Media Studies Health & Environmental Communication Culture, Diversity & Globalization Interpersonal Communication. These programs offer strong faculty-student interactions, an incredible feeling of community, and numerous research and career opportunities.
  • list items Organizational Communication
  • list items Media Studies
  • list items Health & Environmental Communication
  • list items Culture, Diversity & Globalization
  • list items Interpersonal Communication. These programs offer strong faculty-student interactions, an incredible feeling of community, and numerous research and career opportunities.
  • list items The programs provide a solid foundation in communication that can be tailored to students’ specific interests through electives, research, and internship possibilities. Its Thesis and Praxis programs provide excellent preparation for doctorate studies and professional professions.
  • list items Graduate assistantships allow students to teach their own sections of classes or get professional experience.
  • list items In terms of co-op and internships, it's in the top five in the country.
  • list items 100% student participation in experiential learning opportunities such as co-op, internships, service learning, capstones, clinicals, creative performances, and more.
  • list items Student loan debt is 12.2 percent lower on average than at peer universities.
  • list items Average co-op earnings per semester = $10,500
  • list items Career Studio and the Bearcat provide dedicated resources for professional growth and career preparation.
  • list items UC grads are employed or continuing their studies in 96% of cases.
  • Not only this, the city of Cincinnati is a boon to University of Cincinnati students for the following reasons:

    Maintaining High Quality of Life at Low Cost of Living:

  • list items Cincinnati has all of the facilities of a big city while keeping a small town's low cost of living. It has been named the cheapest city for single people for the past four years. With fifty-two neighborhoods to see, a vibrant downtown, magnificent parks and wildlife to discover, and a bustling young professional community, there will never be a weekend without (actually inexpensive) plans.
  • A Fortune 500 Community:

  • list items Cincinnati is a city that thrives on business. In Cincinnati, there are six Fortune 500 companies (The Kroger Company, P&G, etc.). Several significant hospital systems and financial firms are also located in the area, providing ample employment and networking opportunities.
  • A Top City for Grads:

  • list items Cincinnati is a top city for post-graduates where they can settle down, fund their education, and later start secure professions. Hence, Cincinnati is a pleasant city with plenty of options.
  • Last but not least, the University of California provides a safe and welcoming environment: UC has over 10,500 graduate students, with 20% of them being international students. UC was ranked ninth overall among national peers in the International Student Barometer as the friendliest university in the globe.

    Graduate students can engage, mingle, and grow through a variety of student organizations (including several graduate-only and mixed clubs) and student services centers. UC and the city of Cincinnati work hard to keep its students safe around the clock, whether it's extracurriculars, late classes, lab work, or studying that keeps students on campus after dark.

    Over the last few years, free on-demand night-time transit, enhanced street lighting, and extra officers patrolling campus have all been implemented.

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    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    A college education is one of the most essential investments you can make for your future. You'll undoubtedly discover that college is one of the most personally rewarding and challenging challenges you'll ever face, and you, like other students and parents, are concerned about funding your education.

    The University of Cincinnati believes that if a student has the financial means to pay for an excellent education, it will give it. It is dedicated to making college education as affordable as possible for students. In fact, almost every student qualifies for some type of financial aid. Financial aid will almost certainly not cover all of your educational expenses. Financial aid, on the other hand, can help you (or your family) lower out-of-pocket expenses while in college.

    Individual academic programmes, the Graduate School, or the Student Financial Aid Office may offer financial aid to graduate and professional students. To better comprehend their graduate assistance, the connection to federal aid, and taxation difficulties, graduate students should learn how graduate funds are determined and processed. All aid packages must account for the student's scholarship and fellowship funding, as well as work-study and loans from Student Financial Aid.

    Awards for Graduates:

  • list items The programmes listed below are available through your academic program or the Graduate School.
  • Scholarships:

  • list items The Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) and Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) are scholarships funded by the university that cover all or part of a student's tuition and fees, whether they are full-time or part-time. GIA does not require any services in exchange for it as it is intended for graduate students who are not graduate assistants. The Graduate Assistantship Scholarship (GAS) is a form of tuition aid for graduate students who work as graduate assistants.
  • Assistantships:

  • list items Assistantships are positions that involve teaching, research, or administrative responsibilities. An assistantship compensates students for their work (typically bi-weekly). It's a 20-hour-per-week job assignment that's meant to supplement your academic programme. Students will be paid through the payroll system, with applicable tax and other withholdings applied.
  • Fellowships:

  • list items A fellowship is financial assistance that allows a student to focus on their studies rather than earning money. As a result, fellowships are both a gift and an extension of a scholarship. These monies may be in excess of their tuition, in which case they will be returned through the UC billing procedure on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • Federal Aid:

  • list items The Student Financial Aid Office also offers and awards federal financial aid. Graduate students are ineligible for most awards because they have completed their bachelor's degree. However, depending on their qualifications, they may be eligible for work-study and financing.
  • Scholarships for Underrepresented Minorities:

    Yates Fellowship Program:

  • list items This fellowship is offered to 25 new master's and doctoral candidates each year. Master's students are given a two-year full tuition grant as well as a stipend. Doctoral students receive a four-year full tuition scholarship as well as a stipend.
  • Provost Graduate Fellowship:

  • list items It is a three-year fellowship that grants a full tuition support and a stipend of $25,000 each year to prospective PhD students.
  • Graduate Dean's Excellence Scholarship:

  • list items This scholarship provides a one-time supplemental award of $3,000 to new doctorate students in their first autumn semester.
  • Note: If a student believes they are eligible for one or more of these honours, they should contact the programme director for the programme to which they applied and suggest that the programme nominates them for one or more of these awards.


    Placement Details & Recruiting Companies

    The most common jobs at University of Cincinnati are:

  • list items Managers
  • list items Software developers
  • list items Engineers
  • list items Nuclear engineers
  • list items Civil engineers and
  • list items Mechanical engineers
  • The jobs for which students at University of Cincinnati are hired are:

  • list items Surgeons
  • list items Securities
  • list items Commodities & financial services sales agents
  • list items Physicians
  • list items Dentists
  • list items Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
  • The most common industries at University of Cincinnati are:

  • list items Architectural, engineering & related services
  • list items Computer Systems Design
  • list items Colleges, universities & professional schools
  • list items Construction
  • Working in over 6,000 co-op placements for 1,800 local, regional, national, and international firms, UC students earn $65 million per year.

    Some of the recruiting firms are :

  • list items Apple
  • list items Disney
  • list items Duke Energy
  • list items General Electric
  • list items HBO
  • list items NASA
  • list items Nike
  • list items Boeing
  • list items Fisher Price
  • list items Kroger
  • list items Toyota
  • list items Health Carousel LLC
  • list items Intelligrated
  • list items PNC Financial Services
  • list items Market6 Inc.
  • list items General Electric (GE) Aviation
  • list items Medpace Inc.
  • list items Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • list items SK Hynix Inc.
  • list items General Electric Co (GE)
  • list items University of Cincinnati and many more.
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    The university has been designed as per the Gothic architecture and art-deco design. The students of the architecture program in the university are encouraged to design a new campus building. With its unique design, this university has drawn the attention of many architects and campus planners in recent years.


    Residing Options

    The University of Cincinnati offers many residential halls facility on campus to the students. There are newly built residence halls and dining centers that attract more and more students every year.



    With an excellent academic record, the University of Cincinnati has dedicated and experienced faculty members. Professors and students work together as a team to make numerous breakthroughs in various research programs that contribute to the growth of the students and the university as well.


    Notable Alumni

  • list items Kathleen Battle, Graduate, Grammy Award-winning singer of New York Metropolitan Opera
  • list items Matt Berninger, Lead vocalist and founder of band The National
  • list items Lee Bowman, Graduate, actor in films such as Love Affair, Cover Girl and Bataan
  • list items Cherien Dabis, Filmmaker, screenwriter, The L Word, Amreeka
  • list items Jonathan Dever, Former member of Ohio House of Representatives
  • list items Bob Herbold, Former Microsoft COO
  • list items Chris Wanstrath, Co-founder and former CEO of GitHub
  • list items Ed Jucker, Basketball player, coach of Cincinnati Bearcats' 2-time national champions
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    The University of Cincinnati teaches the students to live in a competitive environment that is full of career opportunities and memorable experiences. This university gives a platform to the students where they can grow, learn and collaborate with each other easily.


    University of Cincinnati Location

    The University of Cincinnati in Ohio, Cincinnati in the USA has 2 main campuses, namely, the Uptown campus and the Regional Campus. The Uptown Campus includes the West (main), Medical and Victory Parkway Campuses. The West Main Campus holds most of the undergraduate colleges.

    The Medical Campus holds the undergraduate colleges of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing and graduate colleges of Medicine and the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy and hospitals. The Victory Parkway Campus is 3 miles away from the main campus in the Walnut Hills overlooking the Ohio River. It holds some of the Engineering classes. A shuttle runs between the West Main Campus and the Victory Parkway Campus. 

    The Regional campuses include:

  • list items The Blue Ash College (UCBA) formerly known as Raymond Walters College. 
  • list items Clermont College (CLER) 
  • Three highways which are accessible from the university are  I-71, I-75 and I-74, while I-275 circling the area. The nearest airport to the university is Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Metro and TANK are the bus services available  in Greater Cincinnati. Towne Taxi and Yellow Cab are the cab services which can be availed by the university students.

    University of Cincinnati Map Location

    Address: 2600 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45221, United States


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a separate application to apply for financial aid?

    No. As part of their application package, all students are considered for financial help.

    Is it possible for me to apply to more than one UC programme?

    Yes. Students must submit a separate application for each programme and pay the application fee for each.

    What is the application fee?

    There is a $75.00 application fee. International applications are subject to an additional surcharge of $5.