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University of Illinois, Chicago - Overview & Background

Started in 1858, University of Illinois- Chicago is a public research University. It is regularly ranked amongst the Top-50 universities in The United States of America and is one of the most common options for students with an average profile. The University of Illinois, with three campuses – at Chicago, Springfield and Urbana - is a world leader in research and discovery.

The University offers undergraduate and even graduate degrees through various schools such as:

  • list items the College of Business Administration Graduate School of Business
  • list items the College of Engineering
  • list items the College of Medicine
  • list items the College of Nursing
  • list items the College of Education.
  • Its Mechanical Engineering department at The College of Engineering at the University of Illinois—Chicago is quite popular amongst Asian students.

    Founder Daley. Richard J. Daley
    University Type Public Research University
    University Motto Teach, research, serve, care
    University City Chicago, Illinois
    Acceptance Rate 73%
    Graduation Rate 59.5%
    Employment Rate 94%
    Faculty to Student Ratio 1:18
    Endowment $2.40 billion
    Campus Size 244 acres (98.7 ha)
    Official Website Link University of Illinois, Chicago
    Contact Details +1 312-996-7000


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    Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

    The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public research university that is one of the most diverse in the country. UIC welcomes students and staff from a variety of backgrounds and abilities to create a diverse learning environment.

    Statistics on Enrollment

  • list items At home, one out of every three students speak a language other than English.
  • list items There are over 60 different languages spoken at University of Illinois.
  • list items A Minority Serving Institution (MSI), a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), and an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution are all examples of minority-serving institutions (AANAPISI)
  • list items U.S. News & World Report 2022 Best Colleges ranked the UIC in the top 30 Ethnically Diverse and Economically Diverse colleges, as well as No. 8 for Social Mobility.
  • list items The University is one of 14 schools and universities to receive the "SEAL OF EXCELENCIA" from Excelencia in Education, a nationwide certification that honors colleges and universities for their commitment to serve Latino students, while serving everyone.
  • list items UIC has won the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award six times, a national accolade given to schools and universities in the United States that exhibit a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 are the years.
  • The University of Illinois at Chicago awarded 8,137 degrees in 2019 across all undergraduate and graduate programmes. Women received 54.8 percent of these degrees, while males received 45.2 percent. White people (2,937 degrees) were the most common race/ethnicity group of degree recipients, with 1.85 times more than the next closest race/ethnicity group, Hispanic or Latino people (1585 degrees).

    The University of Illinois at Chicago has a 30.7 percent White, 18.2 percent Asian, 26.3 percent Hispanic or Latino, 2.71 percent Two or More Races, 7.75 percent Black or African American, 0.0681 percent American Indian or Alaska Native.

  • list items White (9,935), Hispanic or Latino (8,495), and Asian are the most common races or ethnicities (5,890).
  • list items The majority of full-time undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Chicago are Hispanic or Latino females (19.5%), followed by Hispanic or Latino males (14.3%) and White males (13.3 percent). White Females (22.4%), White Males (14.7%), and Asian
  • list items Females (14.7%) are the most prevalent students enrolled in full-time Graduate programmes (7.96 percent).
  • The University of Illinois at Chicago awarded 783 more degrees to women than to males in 2019. The white race/ethnicity category is the most common among degree recipients at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2,937 degrees awarded). The next closest race/ethnicity group, Hispanic or Latino, had 1.85 times the number of graduates (1585 degrees).


    Campus & Accommodation

    With such a diverse student body and a vast range of activities on campus, it's easy to find a place to belong and create lifelong memories. Whether you live on campus or commute, the University of Illinois Chicago has a place for you. On the east, south, and west sides of campus, Campus Housing has residence halls. There are many various styles to explore and discover your best match with eight residence halls and a variety of room types specific to each of those halls. The following are some of the residence halls:

  • list items Residential & Academic Complex
  • list items North Commons Courtyard West Commons Courtyard
  • list items Towers of James Stukel
  • list items Marie Robinson Hall is a place where you can go to learn
  • list items Thomas Beckham Hall is a venue in London, England.
  • list items Residence for a single student
  • Undergraduates prefer resident halls on the east side of campus which include Commons North, Academic & Residential Complex, Commons West, Commons South, and Courtyard resident halls. Lecture halls, Student Center East, and the Student Recreation Center are all within walking distance for students who live here.

    Students in the James Stukel Towers, Marie Robinson Hall, and Thomas Beckham Hall residential halls on the south side of campus wake up to views of the Chicago skyline. The new Curtis Granderson Stadium, home of the UIC Flames baseball club, as well as restaurants and businesses on Halsted and Maxwell streets, are all within walking distance for students.

    On the west side of campus, Polk Street Residence Hall and the Single Student Residence Hall are close to UIC's health science colleges, Student Center West, and vibrant Taylor Street.
    Graduate students have the option of living in off-campus accommodation provided by UIC Global or finding their own housing close to school. All off-campus housing choices come with completely furnished private bedrooms, an amenities bundle, and a fully equipped kitchen. There is also a furnished shared living room, high-speed internet, and cable in the flats.


    Comparison with other Universities

    Choosing the proper institution for you and your needs can be a tough and time-consuming process. Because there are so many alternatives, it may appear hectic or perplexing. There are a number of universities that may provide the chances you seek, but which one actually satisfies your personal, intellectual, and professional requirements?

    Examining many colleges to which you have been admitted or will soon be accepted can undoubtedly reduce the stress and confusion associated with continuing your education.

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    High-quality education at a reasonable cost

    Students at the University of Illinois receive a high-quality education at a low cost. Professors at UIC are highly specialized, and many are industry leaders. They ensure their pupils' success by providing them with an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind educational experience.

    The University of Illinois at Chicago is devoted to diversity

    In addition to providing an outstanding education with little student loan debt, UIC offers a diverse group of students and faculty. UIC is one of the top five most diverse campuses in the country and a national leader in offering access to underrepresented students among urban, public higher education schools.

    UIC is working to close gaps in health, education, and economic opportunity. The urban purpose of UIC is centered on community participation. Every college's faculty, students, and staff collaborate on a variety of projects with community, foundation, and government partners to improve the quality of life in urban regions around the world.

    Life in the fast-paced city of Chicago

    The University of Illinois at Chicago is ideally located in the West Loop, only minutes from downtown Chicago. From Chicago's prominent downtown skyscrapers, the campus is visible. The vibrant, urban location is ideal for students who want to experience 'city life' while pursuing their degree. Furthermore, because it is located in the heart of Chicago, there are numerous stores, restaurants, and housing options within walking distance of the UIC campus.

    Staff who are committed

    The UIC faculty and staff want you to succeed! As a result, they are there to provide you with any resources you may require to achieve your objectives, such as general information, tutoring, independent research, academic and professional preparation, scholarship and grant aid, job fairs, and so on...

    UIC provides you with the resources and assistance you require to have the greatest educational experience possible. It gives you access to a variety of academic and student support programmes that can help you succeed in your classes and connect with your peers. Peer mentoring, tutoring, and specialist workshops can all help you improve your academic performance.

    Support on a social and cultural level

    College is much more than just studying. Equally vital is the opportunity to develop socially and culturally. The University of Illinois at Chicago provides tools for student involvement, assistance, networking, and social contact.


    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    The University of Illinois at Chicago is well-known for its outstanding value. When UIC students graduate, they earn more than many of their peers while paying less in tuition than they would at most other colleges.

    College tuition fees can be paid in a variety of ways. Students can make education inexpensive and accessible by using federal aid, loans, grants, scholarships, and student jobs. Assistantships and fellowships, as well as donations from outside UIC, can help graduate students save money on tuition and other expenses.

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    Types of Aids

  • list items Grants: Grants are not to be repaid and are frequently given based on financial necessity. Federal, state, institutional, and private sources are different forms of grants. A FAFSA application is frequently required for grants.
  • list items Scholarships: A scholarship is a gift that does not require repayment. Academic accomplishment, athletic abilities, subject of study, particular talents, and other factors are used to give scholarships.
  • list items Waivers, Assistantships, and Fellowships: Waivers, assistantships, and fellowships are types of financial aid that are provided to students based on their field of study and/or job status. Graduate students at UIC can get paid assistantships to teach, conduct research, or do administrative work in colleges and other units.
  • list items University fellowships and Graduate College fellowships are two types of internal UIC fellowships. External fellowships are offered from foundations or other grant-making agencies outside of UIC for specialized, competitive opportunities.
  • list items Loans: One may be offered loans as part of their financial assistance notification from UIC if they apply for financial help. Loan refers to the money borrowed and is to be repaid with interest.
  • Types of loans include

    1. Undergraduate Loans
    2. Graduate/Professional Loans
    3. PLUS Loans
    4. Campus-Based Loans
    5. Alternative Loans
    6. Stafford Loan Limits

    Student Employment

  • list items Federal Work Study Program for Students (FWS): FWS is a stipend given to undergraduate students who work part-time on campus which is funded by UIC and the federal government.
  • list items The United States of America Reads: Every year, the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS) program recruits literacy and math tutors for the America Reads initiative. Tutoring in family literacy centers or at a Chicago Public School (CPS) site is part of the job description. All of the locations are less than 4 miles from UIC's east campus. Tutors are paid $16.17 per hour.
  • list items Veterans: Financial aid and veteran education programs might be combined to fund a student's estimated cost of attendance (COA). To establish eligibility for extra scholarships, loans, and federal work study, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Student Veteran Affairs Office helps students apply for benefits from Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • list items Prepaid Tuition: Illinois provides the Bright Start College Savings Plan and College Illinois Prepaid Tuition Plan for prepaid tuition. You can use the College Savings Plan Network to find out about the plans that are offered in other states. On the FAFSA form, the value of any education savings programmes should be listed under other investments. The disbursement of College Illinois funding is handled by the University Bursar. For information on repayment of tuition-restricted scholarships or waivers, the beneficiary should contact College Illinois directly.
  • list items Grants for Emergencies: Graduate students can apply for an emergency grant if they are facing a severe and unexpected short-term financial difficulty. The Graduate College is in charge of this program, which is run in compliance with university laws and standards. The Student-to-Student charge, which is levied to graduate students in the Fall and Spring semesters, provides funding for the Emergency Grant programme. The fund's size is restricted.
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    Placement Details &Recruiting Companies

    Over 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students benefit from the UIC Career Center's full-service career programming. It assists students with professional readiness, internships, and employment possibilities from the start, ensuring post-graduate success. Through, students learn how to navigate, pursue, and secure internship and job opportunities.

    Through job advertisements, branding days, office hours, site tours, information sessions, career fairs, and on-campus interviews, over 150 firms actively recruit UIC students. Graduates at UIC earn an average beginning income of $50,000 for Business School students and $60,000 for Engineering students.

    The most common jobs for people at University of Illinois at Chicago are:

  • list items Software developers
  • list items Physicians
  • list items managers
  • list items engineers,
  • list items nuclear engineers
  • list items Civil engineers
  • The highest paying jobs at University of Illinois at Chicago are

  • list items Financial services sales agents,
  • list items Surgeons,
  • list items Physicians,
  • list items Cardiovascular technologists and technicians, and
  • list items Diagnostic medical sonographers
  • The most common industries at University of Illinois at Chicago are

  • list items Business Services
  • list items Consulting
  • list items Healthcare
  • list items Aerospace and Aviation
  • list items Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • list items Real Estate
  • list items Manufacturing
  • list items Media/Entertainment
  • list items Consumer Goods
  • list items Transportation and Logistics
  • list items Public Accounting
  • list items Financial Services
  • list items Architectural, engineering & related services
  • list items General medical and surgical hospitals,
  • list items specialty hospitals
  • list items Computer Systems Design
  • list items Colleges, universities & professional schools, and
  • list items Construction
  • Employers Hiring UIC Graduates include:

  • list items Accenture
  • list items Alight
  • list items Bosch
  • list items Deloitte
  • list items J.B. Hunt
  • list items Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)
  • list items Johnson Lambert LLP
  • list items Us Steels
  • list items Zebra Technologies
  • list items Infosys
  • list items IBM
  • list items Intel
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    University of Illinois- Chicago campus is spread over 311 acres. This campus has three main libraries that have thousands of books on all possible subjects. Students of the University also have access to a recreational center, theater, and various coffee shops that are located inside the campus.


    Faculty and Pedagogy

    Being one of the three campuses of the University of Illinois, the Chicago campus has excellent faculty. Since the campus offers excellent research facilities, there is no dearth of good professors and hence students here get to learn from some excellent faculty.


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from University of Illinois, Chicago include:

  • list items Roberta M. Feldman, Professor emerita (Architecture).
  • list items Susanna Grannis, Founding dean of the UIC Honors College.
  • list items Cary Kochman, Co-Head of Global M & A Group at Citi.
  • list items Tony Peraica 1980, Cook County Commissioner.
  • list items Azhar Usman, Comedian, lecturer, community activist and lawyer.
  • list items Alexa Viscius (BFA), Multi-disciplinary artist and bassist for Bnny.
  • list items Anuradha Acharya, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Ocimum Bio Solutions.
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    With good placements and faculty, University of Illinois – Chicago is no doubt a good University and students with an average profile can certainly keep it as a viable option.


    University of Illinois, Chicago Location

    The university is situated close to the metropolitan area of Chicago. The two international airports closest to the university are O'Hare International Airport and Chicago 
    Midway International Airport
    . On the campus itself, there are buses and shuttle which make commuting easy for students. Paratransit facilities are available to students seven days a week. The university even provides a Campus Auto Rental Service. The university students can avail the Metra services which operate in almost 241 stations in Chicago's downtown area.

    Most of the academic building is between M Harrison Street and W Taylor Street. The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System provides top-notch facilities for students who need medical attention as it is equipped with professional staff and the latest medical facilities. This is great locational advantage as students do not have to travel further away in case of a medical emergency. The University operates as a land grant university which means that the land is allotted by the state government to the university.  

    The campus boasts of:

  • list items an alumni relations office
  • list items automatic teller machines
  • list items computer labs
  • list items c-stops
  • list items dining services
  • list items libraries
  • list items meeting and conference facilities
  • list items oasis locations
  • list items recreation centers
  • list items student centers
  • list items student housing
  • list items sports fields
  • list items the visitors center
  • list items visitor parking
  • list items wireless access points.
  • Its nearness to the metropolitan area allows the university to bring in real experts to communicate with its engineering students and introduce them to the prospects and realities of the field. At the same time, the locational advantage helps students seek jobs more easily than a university that is located outside the city or in a rural area. Most of the time, the weather is humid in this area.

    University of Illinois, Chicago Map Location


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are my odds of getting a position as an assistant?

    The faculty members choose who they want to fund as graduate students and work with in their labs, thus your chances are dependent on their choices. You can use the Research Areas page to see which faculty members are likely to have research interests similar to yours.

    How is UIC's transportation system?

    The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which is largely responsible for public transportation in Chicago, operates one of the most comprehensive systems in the world. University Hall is just 200 feet from the UIC-Halsted stop on the CTA's Blue Line, and considerably closer to the numerous bus stops on Harrison and Halsted St. If you prefer to travel by bike, Divvy, Chicago's bike share programme, serves the UIC campus effectively. Of course, if you drive, there is lots of parking and it is ideally located near both the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway and the I-90/I-94 Dan Ryan Expressway. All of this means that being a student at UIC while simultaneously enjoying all that Chicago has to offer is simple. You can simply get to UIC from wherever you are staying!