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Eligibility & Documents Required for Admission

For the final 60 semester (90 quarter) hours of baccalaureate study (usually around two years) and all post-baccalaureate curriculum, the Graduate College requires an undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.75 (A= 4.00).

The following tests are the only ones that UIC accepts as proof of English competency. For each, the Graduate College minimum scores are listed. IELTS General examinations, Duolingo, the TOEFL Essentials exam, iTEP, and any other form of examination not specifically listed by UIC are not accepted.

English Proficiency Test Score Minimums

  • list items TOEFL iBT requires a total score of 80 (Listening- 17, Writing- 21, Reading- 19, Speaking- 20).
  • list items IELTS Academic requires a total score of 6.5 (Listening- 6, Writing- 6, Reading- 6, Speaking- 6).
  • list items PTE Academic requires a total score of 54 (Listening- 47, Writing- 56, Reading- 51, Speaking- 53).
  • list items TOEFL rPT requires a total score of 60 (Listening- 17, Writing- 21, Reading- 19).
  • *Please note that some departments may have higher minimums for admission to particular programmes. For more information, please see the program's requirements.

    Required documentation

  • list items Online application
  • list items A (non-refundable) application fee $70
  • list items Credentials for all undergraduate and post-baccalaureate coursework completed
  • list items Degrees awarded for all completed programs
  • list items English proficiency test scores: TOEFL iBT or rPT; IELTS Academic; PTE Academic
  • list items There are few programs-required materials which are determined by program. The students must refer to the program's website for complete details. Some requirements may include: GRE scores personal statement letters of recommendation writing samples resume/curriculum vitae application for graduate appointment (pdf)
  • list items GRE scores
  • list items personal statement
  • list items letters of recommendation
  • list items writing samples
  • list items resume/curriculum vitae
  • list items application for graduate appointment (pdf)
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    Admission Dates & Process

    Applicants to UIC's graduate programmes must fill out an online application. Applications and accompanying documentation should be sent as soon as feasible, but no later than the program's announced deadlines.

    Some graduate programmes have earlier application deadlines than the University, and some admit applicants on a case-by-case basis (e.g., fall term only). Prospective applicants should inquire about current deadlines by contacting the programme of interest, as certain programmes may close earlier than the advertised deadlines.

    Please keep the following in mind:

  • list items Transcripts must be uploaded. To determine admission eligibility, unofficial transcripts will be considered. Official transcripts will be sought, along with submission instructions, if you are accepted.
  • list items You'll need to supply email addresses for your recommenders if your programme requires letters of recommendation.
  • list items Unless the programme to which you are applying clearly directs you otherwise, program-specific requirements (e.g., writing samples, personal statements, resumes, letters of intent, letters of reference, etc.) must be supplied within the application.
  • list items All needed documentation must be submitted before admission recommendations can be issued.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Applicants can use the application system to track the status of their applications and requirements. Applicants who have submitted an incomplete application receive weekly email updates. Your application and materials will be examined once all of the specified prerequisites have been received. If the requirements you've submitted aren't complete, extra items may be added to your checklist, and your application will be marked as incomplete. You will receive notification and be able to examine the update on the application's Status page after a decision has been made on your application.
    Conditional admission means that a student must submit his/her final, certified academic credentials later, though in the beginning they will be given full standing. The formal credentials that you will need to submit will be indicated on both the application checklist and the university admission letter.
    Students who have been conditionally admitted to UIC can enrol and study during their first term, but they must present the required formal credentials before registering for their second term. A registration hold is placed on the student's record and goes into effect after the first term's registration period.
    When students arrive on campus, UIC suggests that they clear any pending conditions by submitting the relevant credentials. Admissions will not be released until the Office of Admissions receives the requisite paperwork.