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Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The Chemical Engineering Major focuses on both the practical and theoretical aspects of chemistry. Seventy-three credit hours are to be taken from non-engineering and general education based courses, while 49 credit hours should be from engineering courses. The student has to choose one technical elective out of subjects like Pharmaceutical Applications, Process Simulation, etc. One free open elective also has to be taken.

The graduate program MS in Chemical Engineering requires a total of 36 semester hours from which at least 12 must be of 500-level courses. The MS program is offered with three options - Thesis, Project, and Coursework only. There is also a special graduate program called China 3+2 Program, where the students can study in specific Chinese universities in the fourth and fifth years leading to both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. There are some eligibility requirements for the program such as maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0 and having a baccalaureate field of study in chemical engineering or equivalent. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • list items Combustion and Environment
  • list items Particulates and Transport
  • list items Process Design & Optimization
  • list items Catalysis Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
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    Civil and Materials Engineering

    The Department of Civil and Materials Engineering offers an MS in Civil Engineering with two options - Thesis and Coursework only.

    The concentrations offered are:

  • list items Transportation Engineering
  • list items Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics
  • list items Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
  • list items Environmental Engineering
  • list items Construction Engineering and Management.
  • MS in Materials Engineering is also offered by the department with two options - Thesis and Coursework - in the following concentrations: Materials Processing and Characterization; Mechanics of Solids. At the graduate level, it is not compulsory to take a foreign language course, however, this may be included in the program and can be opted for if desired.

    A special lab for civil and material engineering students called Makerspace is available. The lab has equipment and machinery required to practically understand the various aspects of the civil and mechanical field. Research opportunities are also provided by this department to undergraduate students. Students are assigned a temporary advisor who helps them in choosing classes for their first semester as a graduate student. The student can change the advisor if needed. The list of courses that are offered is present on the university’s website.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Transportation
  • list items Structures/Structural Mechanics
  • list items Non-Destructive Testing and Sensors
  • list items Infrastructure
  • list items Environmental Engineering
  • list items Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics
  • list items Welding, Joining
  • list items Brazing
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    Computer Science

    The Department of Computer Science offers a BS in Computer Science. A combined 5-year BS/MS program is also offered where some of the credit requirements of MS is taken within the BS route (in the third and fourth years). At the graduate level, apart from an MS degree in computer science, a joint MS Degree with Politecnico Di Milano is also provided. 

    Up-to-date computer labs and I.T. facilities are present for the students. Both the undergraduate and graduate students have access to the Engineering Career Center which provides the information and assistance in looking for jobs and opportunities. At the Graduate-level, more focus is on research-based activities, and the university provides a well-equipped separate lab for this purpose.

    Areas of Expertise: 

  • list items Artificial Intelligence
  • list items Human-Computer Interaction;
  • list items Software Engineering
  • list items Computer Systems
  • list items Databases
  • list items Computer Networking
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    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Boasting of 36 full-time expert faculty, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers both undergraduate and graduate courses.

    Three majors are offered at the undergraduate level are Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Electrical Engineering, each with their varied requirements.

    At the graduate level, the department provides unmatched research facilities with modern machinery and equipment. The MS degree is offered in Electrical and Computer Engineering and typically requires 36 to 40 semester hours.MS is offered with two options - Thesis or Coursework only. On the other hand, the Ph.D. program requires at least 28 credit hours of coursework, 48 credit hours of doctoral-level research along with two semesters consisting of the zero-credit departmental seminar. It is possible to get admitted into the Ph.D. program directly after a bachelor’s degree; however, the credit requirements increase.

    The department prepares students to get into some of the reputed industries such as:

  • list items Nanotechnology
  • list items Process engineering
  • list items Quality control
  • list items Radar technology
  • list items Systems Engineering
  • list items Testing etc.
  • The department also offers internships and job opportunities that can be applied for through the departmental portal.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Information Systems
  • list items Bioelectronics and Biomimetics
  • list items Device Physics and Electronics
  • list items Computer Engineering
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    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers three different majors at the undergraduate level: mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and engineering management. All these are 4-year degree programs; however, individual requirements for each of these programs are different. Undergraduate first-year students and Transfer students have the opportunity to get guaranteed paid internship on behalf of the department. The department offers research facilities to undergraduate students who can also get their research funded by NSF.

    At the graduate level, M.S. and Ph.D. programs are provided in both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. In addition, a professional Master of Energy Engineering is also offered by the department. Moreover, financial aid is also offered by the department to the Master’s students. The graduate students are required to attend departmental seminars. At the same time, the department offers some international programs for M.S. students. The department is headed by Farzad Mashayek, who is a well-known name in the field of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Microgravity Processes
  • list items Microfabrication
  • list items Fluid-Thermal Science
  • list items Combustion and Energy Systems
  • list items Gear Research
  • list items Materials Processing
  • list items Virtual Manufacturing
  • list items Mechanisms
  • list items Controls and Dynamics
  • list items Gear Research
  • List of Labs: Energy Resources Center