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The School of Medicine of the University of Pittsburgh offers one of the most unique biotechnology courses in the US. The department of Computational and Systems Biology under the school has earned a reputation of introducing a trendsetting program that acquaints the students with the latest developments in the professional world of medicine and biotechnology.

The program trains the students to develop solutions and prepares them for further research by bringing together mathematics, statistics, applied biology, and silicon techniques. The department aims to expand the frontiers of emerging sub-disciplines like biocomputing technology through the application of data science to the biomedical sciences.

Programs Available: Master’s in Computational Biomedicine and Biotechnology (CoBB).
Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Molecular and Cellular Engineering
  • list items Biophysics and Physiology
  • list items Mechanobiology
  • list items Physiological Signals
  • list items Systems, Modeling and Control
  • list items Rehabilitation
  • list items Neural Engineering
  • list items Biomechanics
  • list items Energy and Sustainability
  • list items Medical Product Engineering and Innovation
  • list items Tissue Engineering 
  • list items Artificial Organs
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    The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department (Swanson School of Engineering) was the first department in the world dedicated to petroleum engineering. However, over the decades, it has also earned a distinction for its pioneering research and teaching in the chemical engineering discipline. By allowing the students to gain hands-on experience, the department encourages and teaches them to solve the most challenging problems.

    The 40 faculty members including the joint and adjunct faculty aim to foster excellence by letting the students realize the broadening scope and applicability of the chemical engineering discipline. It also focuses on imparting interdisciplinary training. A faculty member has recently been awarded a fellowship from the Microscopy Society of America.

    Programs Available:

  • list items BS, MS (thesis)
  • list items MS (professional non-thesis) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
  • list items MS in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (Dual degree)
  • list items MS in Petroleum Engineering
  • list items Katz Dual MBA and MS.
  • Key Research Areas:

  • list items Artificial Lung Development
  • list items Control-Relevant Silico Modeling for Diabetes
  • list items Tissue Engineering
  • list items Multi-Scale Modeling
  • list items Reactor and Process Engineering
  • list items  Improved Catalyst Design Criteria.
  • Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Biotechnology
  • list items Materials Modeling and Design
  • list items Energy and Sustainability
  • list items Bioengineering
  • list items Biological and Biomedical Systems
  • list items Catalysis
  • list items Multi-Scale Modeling
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    Civil and Environmental Engineering

    The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has been at the forefront of developing new teaching and research methods in the civil engineering and allied disciplines like transportation engineering and construction engineering. 25 dedicated faculty with a wide array of research interests and specializations ensures that the courses in each program cover the most fundamental and emerging areas of civil engineering in a great depth. 6 faculty members from the department reported outstanding achievements including Career Award from the National Science Foundation. 

    When it comes to environmental engineering, the department believes that statistics and warnings cannot do justice to the cause of sustainable future for humanity. Instead, it is sensitive engineers who can think ahead of their times that can effectively cater to the cause. This approach of the department informs its environmental engineering programs. Despite the strong interdisciplinary character and focus of the department, it has three dedicated faculty members that ensure that students are provided with the skills and knowledge which will help them address the latest and upcoming challenges of the discipline. Regularly updated courses, hands-on experience and field visits in the city known for its structures enhance the learning experience of the students as they explore and appreciate the impact of human interventions on the environment and think of developing new solutions to address environmental concerns.

    Programs Available:

  • list items BS with Major in Civil Engineering
  • list items  MS and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • list items Certificate in Mining Engineering
  • list items Graduate Program in Construction Management or Transportation Engineering.
  • Specialization Areas (MS and Ph.D.): Construction Management; Geotechnical and Pavements Engineering; Structural Engineering and Mechanics

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Sustainability and Green Design
  • list items Construction Management and Sustainability
  • list items Geotechnical and Pavement Engineering
  • list items Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  • list items Energy and Sustainability
  • list items Bioengineering
  • list items Environmental 
  • list items Water Resources Engineering
  • List of Labs: Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure 


    Computer Science

    The School of Computing and Information has evolved into one of the foremost destinations in the United States for innovation in teaching and research in the Computer Sciences over the past five decades. Also, it is one of the oldest Computer Science departments in the world. The department believes that its students can contribute to the emerging technologies only when they are offered a strong interdisciplinary training. Due to this, the department not only introduces fresh, interesting and relevant courses at regular intervals but also encourages the Pittsburgh CS students to gain valuable hands-on experience. 29 faculty members including 5 emeritus professors provide students with insights into the latest problems in the discipline while also allowing them to explore their discipline in the broadest manner possible.

    Programs Available: BS in Computer Science or Bioinformatics; BS/MS (integrated), MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Computational Science and Engineering
  • list items Computer Architecture
  • list items Security and Cryptography
  • list items Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • list items Networking
  • list items Algorithms and Theory
  • list items Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
  • list items Social Computing
  • list items Visual Computing and Interaction
  • list items Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • list items Database and Information Systems
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    Electrical/ Electronics

    The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is known for the breadth of the specializations it offers. It prides itself for being at the forefront of the electrical engineering discipline and catering to the needs of industry and allied disciplines by designing new programs and courses. The department has developed a tradition of using a strong theory-practice interaction which allows the students to make the most out of its high-tech campus before they enter into the professional world as researchers and innovators.

    About 5 dozen faculty members ensure that students can tailor their study experience according to the emerging research and industry needs. The faculties from the department have been honored by Carnegie Science Center, National Science Foundation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Academy of Engineering during the last few years. The depth, diversity, and breadth of the faculty experience allow the students to imagine and think ahead of their times as they work on the practical problems of the discipline.

    Programs Available: BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; Graduate Certificate in Electric Power Engineering; Combined professional MS and MBA in Electrical Engineering.

    Specialization Tracks (MS):

  • list items Biomedical Applications of Electrical Engineering
  • list items Control
  • list items Electric Power Engineering
  • list items Electronics
  • list items Signal Processing. 
  • Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Power Systems
  • list items  Photonic and Electronic Devices including Nanoscience
  • list items  Computer Engineering
  • list items  EDA,
  • list items  Sensor Interfacing;
  • list items Control
  • list items  Knowledge-Based Techniques
  • list items  Energy and Sustainability
  • list items  Bioengineering
  • list items  Wireless Communication
  • list items RFID
  • list items Signal Processing
  • list items Speech Processing
  • list items Biomedical Signals
  • list items Systems
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    Industrial Engineering

    The Industrial Engineering Department focuses on designing strong interdisciplinary programs and courses so that the students do not only serve the broadest set of allied disciplines but can also secure the best employment from amongst a wide array of choices. The department is known for bridging the gap between fundamental sciences and the implications of rapidly changing industrial systems. Exploiting the ever-expanding base of the discipline’s applicability to contribute to the industry has been a major concern of the department.

    The department has 29 faculty members, most of whom are engaged in active research and boast of vast teaching experience.  Over the last few years, the efforts of the department faculty have received recognition and honor from the National Science Foundation, Society of Manufacturing Engineers and American Society of Safety Engineers. 3 dedicated research labs and 2 centers power innovation at the department.

    Programs Available: BS, MS, MS (part-time) and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering; Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Systems Engineering; Certificate in Safety Engineering; Lean Six Sigma Engineering.
    Specialization Tracks (MS): Data Science; Safety Engineering; Engineering Management.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Engineering Management (Cost & Quality, Engrng. Assessment)
  • list items Operations Research
  • list items Energy and Sustainability Modeling
  • list items Manufacturing Systems and Science (nano-materials, nano- and bio-manufacturing, product realization, manufacturing management)
  • list items Bioengineering; Modeling & Operations Research (Optimization, Healthcare Delivery, Logistics)
  • list items Safety Engineering
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    The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science realizes the fundamental importance of its disciplines. For this reason, it focuses on laying strong fundamentals for the students before introducing them to the challenges thrown to the discipline by the wider world of science and technology. The 53 faculty members at the department believe in instilling a spirit of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in the students by relying on practical teaching.

    The department faculties have been honoured by the National Science Foundation, Carnegie Science Center etc. in the recent past. It has earned the reputation of equipping the students with the latest techniques and methods in the discipline that make creating solutions and responding to emerging challenges both a matter of joy and pride. Its research and teaching experience has been the backbone against which the department has earned the reputation of transforming young talent into leaders and thinkers of the future. 

    Programs Available: BS, MS (professional), MS (research based) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering; MS and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering; MS in Nuclear Engineering.

    Areas of Expertise:

  • list items Energy System Technologies
  • list items  Materials for Extreme Conditions
  • list items  Biomechanics and Medical Technologies
  • list items  Energy and Sustainability
  • list items  Bioengineering
  • list items  Advanced Manufacturing and Design
  • list items Modeling and Simulation
  • list items  Quantitative
  • list items In Situ Materials Characterization
  • List of Labs: Center for Energy