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Brief background:

The University of Texas at Arlington was founded in 1895. It is commonly known as UT Arlington or UTA across the world. The college is favorite among the Asians that includes many Indians who generally opt for Electrical and Telecom courses. 


When we talk about the infrastructure of the University of Texas then the university covers a huge area of 420 acres. This university is also known for its amazing libraries that carry huge volumes of books. Students love the centers for their rejuvenation, study centers, and coffee houses that are the part of this university.

Residing Options:

The University of Texas is located at a very economical place and this makes it favorite of the students. Arlington is very economical when it comes to housing facilities with boarding options as well.


The faculty is renowned at the UTA and are known for their evolving achievements as it is full of learned professors who are engaged in their research work.

Financial aid:

You will get scholarships in UTA as it is a funded university of the state. If you have a good academic record then gear up for the Research and Teaching Assistantships.

Jobs and placements:

The University of Texas at Arlington is ranked 221 in the 2019 edition of Best National Universities, 8th as the fastest-growing public doctoral institution by Chronicle of Higher Education and 5th for its undergraduate diversity index by the US News and World Report with a census of 27% of Hispanics, 15% of Africans and 11% Asians. The salary range of MS (Master in Science) graduates of the university is between $50,325 - $101,073. The salary range for men is $46,320 - $98,040 and for women is $40,917 - $86,426. They also rated four out of five stars on job satisfaction.
The top recruiters of UTA graduates were reported to be Lockheed Martin Corp, L-3 Communications, Triumph Group, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, and Texas Health Resources.
The Career Development Center of the university works with the aim of connecting employers with its talent pool. It conducts two major career fairs - one in the fall semester and another in the spring semester - and hosts around 150 employers across multiple industries.


The CFO of Americas at Deutsche Bank - Eric Smith - is an alumnus of the university.


When it comes to popularity then Arlington becomes a progressive university in the field of education. It’s a good option for any student who is looking forward to finishing their Master’s degree on an economical budget. 


The University of Texas at Arlington sits midway between Dallas and Fort Worth spreading over 420 acres. 
Those traveling by road can take any of the major highways as they lead to the campus regardless of the direction they come from. Those traveling by flight can board a taxi which will directly reach the campus. Those in Dallas or Forth Worth can avail the railway facilities by taking Trinity Railway Express to DFW Airport, wherein the campus bus service by the name of Metro Arlington Xpress does a regular trip to the University Park district or UTA campus.

UTA offers on-campus accommodation for students through the campus apartment community which eases the issue of traveling as the academic buildings are located within a reasonable walking distance. The university also provides on-campus dining facilities located in and around group meeting centers, study lounges and student centers serving a diverse range of food. Some of the more popular and busy places on campus include The Planetarium, The Mac which is a student’s recreation center, The Green which is the college park with ample seating and lush greenery, and The University Center among many others.


Acceptance Rate for Indians 77%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 1,215
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 59
TA Appointments 365
RA appointments 169
Research funding $48,822,833
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Mechanical and Aerospace

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington offers BS, M.Eng., MS, and Ph.D. programs. UTA is one of the few colleges that offers MS and M.Eng. degrees in both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. MS in Aerospace Engineering requires a six-hour thesis completion, while M.Eng. is a purely practice-oriented program. Both require thirty credit hours. Both MS and M.Eng. share a requirement of the Math/Engineering Analysis course. The MS program in Aerospace Engineering has four credit hours assigned to elective courses at the student’s discretion and nine-hour credit work, while M.Engr. has five credit hours for electives and twelve-hour credit work. MS in Mechanical Engineering consists of application learning as much as theoretical, for the lessons are supplemented with laboratory work. M.Eng. is a thirty-hour credit course which entails three core courses and five open elective courses (excluding special project or research courses) offering options related to engineering, mathematics, science.

Areas of Expertise: Design, Manufacturing and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Structural Mechanics and Structural Optimization, Thermal Science and Energy Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Propulsion and Systems and Control.


The Department of Civil Engineering received over 1200 enrolments and secured the first place in regards to research expenditures per faculty throughout the college. The department offers programs such as Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Master of Science and Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Master of Construction Management, and Ph.D. The MS program through the faculty advisor guides the students to pursue their area of interest and conduct research in it by completing a thesis and defending it in a practical examination. The program requires a minimum of twenty-four hours of credit work. The MS program covers a variety of areas for research which include Construction Engineering and Management, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Structures and Applied Mechanics Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering. The M.Eng. program is a practice-oriented program with a minimum requirement of thirty hours out of which six hours are to be applied to a special project. It shares its area of expertise with MS. MCM or Master of Construction Management is an interdisciplinary program that trains the students both academically as well as practices to attend to the challenges in the construction management of organizational structures and business models and implement new technologies. The prerequisites of the course include thirty credit hours though the hours may exceed depending upon the courses and a GPA of 3.0. The program offers three courses, namely, Construction Core Courses, Commercial and Residential Option, and Infrastructure and Heavy/Highway Option. Under General Construction Management, students are given the chance to select courses from other departments such as Architecture, Business, City and Regional Planning and Management with the approval of the program director.

Areas of Expertise: Geotechnical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Water Resources Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Infrastructure System Engineering and Management.
List of Labs: Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability and Sustainable And Resilient Civil Infrastructure (SARCI)

Computer Science 

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the College of Engineering (fourth-largest college in engineering in Texas) at The University of Texas offers BS (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering), MS (Computer Engineering, Computer Science), Master of Software Engineering, and Ph.D. programs. 
The MS programs are divided into Thesis and non-Thesis tracks. MS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering consists of thirty credit hours inclusive of six hours for the thesis. Non-thesis options for MS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering are for thirty-six hours, while Masters in Software Engineering also requires a two-course arrangement towards the application of a software project along with thirty-six credit hours. 

Areas of Expertise: Intelligent systems: robotics, vision, visualization, artificial intelligence, assisted living n, visualization, Software engineering: analysis, design & testing of software, information security, cybersecurity, Data science: big data, machine learning, data mining, databases, data storage and management, bio- and health-analytics and Computer engineering: embedded systems, network systems, cyber-physical systems, real-time systems, cloud computing systems, high-performance computing


The Department of Electrical Engineering offers Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering, Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Electrical Engineering and Master's of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering and PhD degrees. MSEE (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering) program offers thesis, thesis substitute, and non-thesis options. The thesis option is a twenty-four semester hour course along with a thesis which is of six semester hours. The thesis substitute option is a thirty semester hour course out of which the thesis substitute project takes up three semester hours. The non-thesis option is thirty semester hours course. It is mandatory for MSEE students to undertake courses from three technical areas, while non-thesis students must take up one technical proficiency course from each of the three areas of research and earn a minimum of 3.0 GPA in the courses. M.Eng. program is a thirty-six semester hour course along with Technical Proficiency Courses and follows the same distribution and pattern as that of the MSEE program.
Areas of Expertise: Digital Signal and Image Processing, Communications and Information Systems, Electromagnetic Fields and Applications, Optical Devices and Systems, Digital and Microprocessor/ Embedded Controller Systems, Solid-State Devices, Nanotechnology and MEMS, Power Systems, Industrial Power Electronics, Renewable Energy & Vehicular Technology and Systems, Controls, and Automated Manufacturing.


The Department of Industrial Engineering at UTA is built on the spirit of community wherein students, faculty, alumni, and staff are committed to the larger goal of facilitating industrial and societal productivity. It offers Industrial Engineering degrees at all three levels and master’s in Systems Engineering, Logistics, Management, and Engineering.
MS in Industrial Engineering provides three tracks, namely, Logistics, Industry Applications, and Decision Analytics out of which the students have to choose one. The program aims at improving the student’s technical knowledge for both industrial and research applications. The curriculum also includes a set of open electives which requires a minimum of thirty credit hours and gives students the freedom of choosing courses from business and engineering programs outside of the Industrial Engineering course. In such cases, the student will require the approval of the advisor. In order to be eligible for the capstone option, students must work with the faculty sponsor. The program is for twenty-seven hours with elective coursework and three credit hours of capstone project. Students who wish to avail the thesis option must complete twenty-four credit hours with elective courses along with six credit hours of thesis. They may select courses in other engineering and business disciplines which should not be more than six credit hours with the advisor’s approval. MS in Systems Engineering requires thirty hours of coursework and constitutes a wide approach towards the fundamentals in system engineering. The core subjects include Introduction to Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Systems Architecture and Design, Management of Complex Systems and Introduction to Statistics. Students must choose two electives to complete thirty credit hours and are allowed to take a maximum of two courses from engineering, science, or business discourse upon the approval of the advisor.
MS in Engineering Management is a thirty credit hour joint course offered by the College of Science and that of Business Administration seeking to incorporate engineering studies into the realm of business studies. MS in Logistics is also a conflation of Engineering and Business skills into a form of coursework comprising of thirty hours. It caters to the students interested in the profession of maintenance of logistics and supply chain.  

Areas of Expertise: Engineering Management, Manufacturing, Statistics, Systems Engineering, Human Factors, Operations Research, and Logistics.
List of Labs: Center for Renewable Energy, Science & Technology (CREST) and Security Advances in Applied Nanotechnology (SAVANT).

Material Science

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is a dynamic department which is also one of the oldest in North Texas. It houses an extensive variety of courses and twenty-five affiliated faculty from different disciplines. It offers MS, M.Engr, Ph.D., and a certificate program. MS in Materials Science provides an insight into the intricacies of materials and their fundamental properties. It is an interdisciplinary program involving both the colleges of science and engineering. It has a thesis and thesis-substitute options. The thesis option is a twenty-four-hour course which is research-oriented, and therefore the completion of a thesis is mandatory which forms six credit hours in the coursework. The thesis-substitute option is of thirty hours in total out of which twenty-seven hours are for coursework and three credit hours for a special project. On the other hand, M.Engr. has a minimum of thirty-credit hour requirement out of which twenty-four hours should be devoted to MSE courses. The core subjects include Analysis of Materials, Solid State Physics, and Thermodynamics of Material, Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Phase Transformations of Materials.

Areas of Expertise: Electronic Materials and Sensors, Biomaterials, Ceramic Materials, Nano Science and Nano Technology, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Fatigue and Fracture, Computational Materials / Materials Modeling, Energy Materials, and Surface Engineering, Thin Films and Coatings (corrosion, wear, lubrication).

Annual fees for Indians $16,000
Annual off-campus living $6,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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