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It is one of the most industry-connected institutions at Victoria University. The undergraduate Engineering courses are delivered by the College of Engineering and Science, TAFE courses are delivered by VU Polytechnic, and the research and PhD courses are handled by VU Research. 

Courses Offered - Undergraduate Level 

  • list items Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Architectural Engineering)
  • list items Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering)
  • list items Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • list items Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)
  • list items Bachelor of Information Technology
  • list items Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional)
  • Courses Offered - Graduate Level 

  • list items Master of Engineering - It is a two-year full-time course. The specialisations available under this course are - electrical power and telecommunications. The course has a total of 192 credit points.
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    Graduate-Level Research Courses

    1. Master of Applied Information Technology

    The course runs for a duration of 2 years. The course mostly focuses on cloud computing (with practicals using Amazon Web Services), cybersecurity, advanced programming, software engineering, wireless and mobile networking, mobile applications, data analytics, project management. This course also consists of 192 credit points. 

    2. Master of Engineering (By Research)

    This is a 2-year full-time course. It comprises of two theses, each of 48 credit points.

    The Engineering department is involved in research in the following areas -

  • list items advanced food systems (including biotechnology, chemical, analytical and polymer science)
  • list items applied ecology
  • list items alternative energy
  • list items engineered packaging and distribution (including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, vibrations and dynamics, chemical, analytical and polymer science)
  • list items structural mechanics and materials (including sustainable buildings)
  • list items smart energy
  • list items telecommunications
  • list items electronics
  • list items photonics and sensors
  • list items water resource
  • 3. Master of Science (Research) 

    This is also a 2-year course. It includes two theses, each of 48 credit points.

    There are research opportunities in the following fields -

  • list items biomedical sciences: biotechnology
  • list items chemical science
  • list items computer science
  • list items food science
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    Pure Science

    The science courses are delivered by the College of Engineering and Science. 

    Courses Offered

  • list items Undergraduate Level Bachelor of Science
  • list items Bachelor of Science
  • list items Postgraduate Level Master of Applied Science  Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Master of Science (Research)
  • list items Master of Applied Science 
  • list items Doctor of Philosophy
  • list items Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)
  • list items Master of Science (Research)
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    Business School

    Following are the study areas in which the school provides graduate and undergraduate courses:

  • list items Accounting
  • list items Business administration
  • list items Communication
  • list items English preparation
  • list items Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • list items Financial planning
  • list items Foundation studies
  • list items Logistics
  • list items Marketing
  • list items Project management
  • list items Secondary school (VCE)
  • list items Sports management
  • list items Tourism & hospitality
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    Other Departments 

    1. College of Arts and Education

    You should enroll for this school if you want a career in humanities, social sciences, creative arts, early childhood education, primary or secondary school teaching, youth work, instructing English as an additional language. The course focuses on areas like Communication, Community Development, Community Services, Creative Arts, Criminal Justice, Digital Media, Early Childhood Education, Teaching, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) both locally and through their international delivery partnership with Hanoi University, Youth Work. The course is designed in a way to prepare the students for employment opportunities in and beyond the west of Melbourne. 

    2. First-Year College

    This is a new model which is aimed at making the teaching process more efficient for the first years. It provides the first-year courses of your bachelor’s degree, correlating with the VU college. You work with a small group of friends, in close association with the faculty members. 

    3. College of Health and Biomedicine

    The college is aimed at providing students with hands-on experience to be able to face real-world problems with utmost professionalism. It is equipped with facilities like mannequin technology, high-tech nursing laboratories and student-run clinics for psychology, nutrition, osteopathy, and dermal therapies along with research and training facilities. The college also maintains very strong links with industries worldwide. 

    4. College of Law and Justice

    One of the best things about this college is that it offers court partnership programs that help the students to get proper exposure to real-world situations. It also provides you with an opportunity to take part in international moot competitions. It has a very active Law and Justice student society, Dictum. 

    5. School for the Visitor Economy

    The school provides industry-based programs under Hospitality and Tourism courses. Hospitality students gain access to Victoria University Polytechnic’s award-winning 150-seat training restaurant. Here, they are free to practice their skills with real paying customers. The Todd Blake Student Award, which is a highly prestigious award granted annually, is also open to every student taking up Hospitality, Tourism or Event Management programs. 

    6. College of Sport and Exercise Science

    The college is ranked 12th in the world for Sports Science by the Shanghai Rankings in 2018. They have also maintained good links with industries around the world. The students get opportunities to get in touch with some of the world’s leading sporting organizations. 

    7. VU College

    The VU College delivers English Language course in Australia and China along with Higher Education(HE) diplomas in Australia with its international partner institutes in China. Their English courses help international students reach the standard of English that is necessary for direct entry into a VU diploma or degree.