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Dayton, Ohio

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Founded by Robert S Oelman and Stanley Allyn, Wright State University (WSU), built in Ohio, is one of the best institutes in the city. With more than 11,000 students, WSU is a public national university in Dayton. The university aims to bring a positive transformation in the communities' educational, economic, and social sectors and works with Premier Health for the same. 

The aviation visionaries Orville and Wilbur Wright, who created the first successful airplane in history in their Dayton bicycle shop, are honoured by the name Wright State University.

The mission of Wright State University is ‘Empowering students to excel and choose careers through learning, research, innovation, and experience’. 


Wright State University Key Highlights 

The main highlights discussing details like graduation rate, endowment, campus area, etc., of Wright State University are as follows:

Founder Robert S. Oelman and Stanley Allyn
University Type Public University
University Motto Ad docendum, Investigandum, Serviendum Teaching, Research, Service
University City Ohio
Acceptance Rate 95%
Faculty to Student Ratio  1:14
Endowment $105,178,369
Campus Size 651Acres
Graduation Rate 46%
Employment Rate 63.4%
Official Website Link https://www.wright.edu/

Wright State University Rankings & Recognition

Wright University is a widely renowned institute with the following rankings:

  • list items Wright State’s Veteran and Military Center is ranked at the top in a national study
  • list items Wright State’s Industrial and Human Factors Engineering program is ranked as one of the top online graduate programs by US News.
  • list items It is ranked in the top 8% of the world as the best value for international students.
  • list items As per the US News, the overall score given to Wright University, out of 100, is 25%. Moreover, it ranks 150th in best undergraduate engineering programs and 263 in nursing programs.
  • list items It is ranked at >600th by the Times Higher Education in 2023.
  • Along with these, the university has been ranked in the top 8% for providing the best education and has been proven to be of the best value for international students.

    The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has accredited the WSU at the doctorate degree-granting level. HLC is an independent body that certifies degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the state of Ohio.


    Wright State University Campus Details 

    WSU has the most beautiful lake campus spread across a wide 557 Acre. Surrounded by lush green forests and a biology preserve, the campus provides a soothing environment-friendly touch to its campus life. Giving students an opportunity to sit and study WSU includes Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, Lake Campus Learning Center, Student Technology Assistance Center, and Special Collections and Archives. 

    The university has a 67,00 square-feet academic centre for students which was founded in fall 2015. The centre offers several resources to help students reach their maximum potential and provide amenities for learning and growing academically.

    Along with this, to enhance students’ extra-curricular activities, WSU also has a creative Arts centre which is now undergoing a $22 Million restoration. The creative hall has two concert halls, theatres, which are usually used for community functions, and an orchestra. 

    The university also has a Nutter Center, which is a world-class entertainment venue for students to attend concerts, shows, political events and more. It has turned into an ambassador for the university. 


    Programs Offered by Wright State University 

    Wright State University also provides several online programs, which ensure knowledge is not limited to any state or region. It offers programs for undergraduates and graduate students across several fields, including: 

  • list items Accountancy
  • list items Acting
  • list items Athletic Training
  • list items Big and Smart Data Choices
  • list items Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • list items Biological Sciences
  • list items Business
  • list items Biomedical Engineering
  • list items Biomedical sciences
  • list items Business Analytics
  • list items Comparative Religion
  • list items Music & Performing Art
  • list items Engineering
  • list items Mathematics & Science
  • list items National Security & Public Service
  • list items Teaching
  • Some of the programs offered by the Wright State University are as follows:

    Programs Intake Annual Tuition Fees (per credit hour) Credit hours
    MBA Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester $1,245per credit hour  1–10.5 hours
    Psychology and Nursing  Spring Summer Fall $1,465/hour 1–10.5 hours
    Marketing Analytics (M.S.) NA $1,245/hour 1–10.5 hours
    Information Systems & Logistics (M.S.)  Fall & Spring $1,245/hour 1–10.5 hours

    Wright State University Admission Details 

    Wright State University has a rolling admission policy and all international students need to apply before the deadlines to be considered for admission. 

    Application Deadlines

    Semester Deadline 
    Fall 30th of April 2024
    Spring  10th of October 2024
    Summer 28th of February 2024

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    Admission Process & Requirements for International Students

    Wright State University’s application process is super easy for both undergraduate and graduate international applicants:

    Graduates can follow these steps for the admission procedure:

  • list items Step 1: Send in a copy of the page in your passport that contains your name, date of birth, and photo.
  • list items Step 2: Fill out the admissions form and send in your application.
  • list items Step 3: For a list of missing documents, see the required documents section. You can upload documents in JPEG or PDF formats.
  • list items Step 4: Send in your full official academic record from any institution or university you have attended, along with any applicable transcripts for specific semesters. Official foreign mark sheets or transcripts must have a certified English translation attached.
  • list items Step 5: Send in an official transcript of your undergraduate studies.
  • list items Step 6: Provide proof of your English language skills. For specifics, refer to the admissions requirements.
  • list items Step 7: If applicable to your program, send in your official results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).
  • list items Step 8: Send in your recommendation letters if your program requests them.
  • list items Step 9: Include a copy of your official bank statement in US dollars together with your I-20 request form (PDF). For additional details, visit the financial criteria page.
  • list items Step 10: Send in your aims statement, if mandated by the program.
  • Undergraduates can follow these steps for the admission procedure:

  • list items Step 1: Create an account on the Admissions Portal and submit a copy of your passport.
  • list items Step 2: Complete the application and submit a non-refundable application fee of 70$.
  • list items Step 3: Upload all the required documents in the mentioned format
  • list items Step 4: Upload all your official academic records on the form
  • list items Step 5: Submit an I-20 request form and your current official bank statement in US dollars.
  • list items Step 6: Upload all your SAT/ ACT scores if required.
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Both undergraduate and graduate students should possess a high school diploma or a comparable qualification to be accepted or enrolled as a college students at the Partner Institution for the upcoming semester. They must also complete an academic transfer pathway if an associate's degree is not provided, or have at least one full semester left at the Partner Institution before getting an associate's degree.


    In the course of the application procedure, undergraduate and graduate students need to have the following:

    1. A certified transcript from any college or university you have previously attended that has received institutional accreditation.
    2. Transcript from high school if any of the following apply to you:
    3. A 1986 or earlier high school grad with less than nine semester hours completed.
    4. A 1987 or later high school grad with less than 15 semester hours completed.
    5. A copy of your partner institution's first semester registered course schedule (if not reflected in the official transcript)
    6. If the courses you are taking this semester still need to be graded, or if you are unable to obtain an official transcript due to financial constraints, request an unofficial transcript. Once you have finished all of your coursework at the current university, request a final official transcript.


    Exams Accepted by Wright State University

    To get admission to Wright State University, you need to submit proof of English proficiency with TOEFL, IELTS or others. Some other exams that are accepted by Wright State University are mentioned below:

    For Undergraduate Programs:

  • list items 110+ score in Duolingo
  • list items A minimum scaled score of 162, with no subscore below 154, on the Cambridge English Qualifications in Cambridge test.
  • list items A combined score of 510 in SAT on the evidence-based reading and writing portion.
  • list items Minimum marks of 61 in English proficiency from TOEFL
  • list items 5.5 in IELTS
  • list items 51 in Pearson PTE
  • For Graduate Programs:

  • list items 57 or higher in Pearson PTE
  • list items A score of 79/120 on TOEFL
  • list items Minimum band of 6 or higher on IELTS
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    Tuition Fees & Other Expenses at Wright State University

    Planning to come to Wright State University for studies? Let’s first take a look at its tuition fees. Analyzing and studying your tuition fees will help you analyze your budget. You can effectively plan for everything else, once you get an estimation of your tuition fees. 

    Your tuition fee will differ based on the program chosen. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, your cost of living will be affected. The following table, however, gives you an overview of your tuition fees and other expenses as well. Even though each degree costs differently, the average estimation for international is as follows:

    For Undergraduate Programs

    Tuition fee/hour $20,556
    Apartment $10,200
    Meals  $990-$2,350
    Utility $175(per sem)
    Books and Health $2,764
    International Fees $300/semester

    For Graduate Programs

    The tuition fee and other costs depend on the program you choose. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the different costs to study, collected from the Wright State University website.

    For MBA and Marketing Analytics:

    Category Cost for Two Semesters
    Tuition (6 hours) - $7,470/Semester $14,940
    International Fee - $150/Semester $300
    Annual Living Expenses $10,200
    Annual Books and Health Insurance $2,764
    Annual Total (two semesters) $28,204

    For Management Information System:

    Category Cost for Two Semesters
    Tuition and Books - 12 credit hours $17,040
    International Fee - $150/Semester $300
    Annual Living Expenses $10,200
    Health Insurance $2,200
    Residency Events N/A
    Annual Total (two semesters) $29,740

    For Master of Public Health:

    Category Cost for Two Semesters
    Tuition (6 hours) - $7,320/semester $14,640
    International Fee - $150/semester $300
    Annual Living Expenses $10,200
    Annual Books and Health Insurance $2,764
    Annual Total (two semesters) $27,904

    For School of Professional Psychology:

    Category Cost for Three Semesters
    Tuition (6 hours) - $8,790/semester $26,370
    International Fee - $150/semester $450
    Lab Fee - $175/semester $525
    Annual Living Expenses $10,200
    Annual Books and Health Insurance $2,764
    Annual Total (three semesters) $40,309

    For General Graduate Programs:

    Category Cost for Two Semesters
    Tuition (6 hours) - $6,870/Semester $13,740
    International Fee - $150/Semester $300
    Annual Living Expenses $10,200
    Annual Books and Health Insurance $2,764
    Annual Total (two semesters) $27,004

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    Financial Aid & Scholarships by Wright State University

    Thanks to provisions like financial aid, your chance to learn at Wright State University becomes easier. At times, when students are unable to pay for the required college and accommodation fees for whatever reason, they are provided with a facility to seek financial aid. The WSU provides two scholarships for international students, which are:

  • list items University Center for International Education Graduate Merit Scholarship: it is merit-based and ranges in value from $2,500- $5,000 annual value for students with a GPA of 2.7-2.9 and 3.0 or above for respective amounts. 
  • list items Graduate International Alumni Scholarship: it is a $10,000 scholarship given to students annually with 3.0 or above GPA and F1 or J1 visa.
  • Apart from scholarships, there are education loans that you can take in order to study at Wright State University. GyanDhan can be your one-stop solution as we have partnered with several lending companies that can provide you with secured and unsecured education loan at highly competitive interest rates. 


    Jobs & Placement Opportunities by Wright State University

    The Wright State Alumni Association puts a lot of effort into keeping track of graduate job data; it collects this data via alumni surveys, news releases, and event registration. The information from publicly accessible LinkedIn profiles is added to employment data. Consequently, among the university's live graduates, 63.4%, or 75,906, had work experience with Wright State. 

    Wright State graduates who live in Raider Country are employed by :

  • list items School systems: 19
  • list items Corporations: 16
  • list items Universities: 4
  • list items Military Organisations: 3 
  • list items Government Agencies: 2
  • list items NGO’s: 1
  • 11,456 alumni are employed by these top employers combined from which 25% are employed by K–12 institutions. 19% of alumni are employed by the military.

    Top recruiters for Wright State University

    In the Government Sector In Non-Profit Organizations
    Armstrong Atlantic State University Bethel Township, Ohio City of Beavercreek City of Bellbrook City of Blue Ash City of Dayton Dayton VA Medical Center Duquesne University Greene County, Ohio Hamilton County, Ohio American Cancer Society American Red Cross Archdiocese of Cincinnati Athletes in Action Children’s Medical Center of Dayton Clothes that Work Dayton Better Business Bureau Dayton Community Revitalization Network Dayton Development Corporation Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority

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    Accommodation by Wright State University

    Choosing accommodation is essential for every student. This will be your home for the next few years, so it is crucial to pick the right one. There are 12 accommodation options for students at Wright State University. Undergraduate and graduate students can select from a range of residence halls that vary in terms of their accessibility to campus and occupancy rates. 

    WSU provides the following accommodation options: 

    1. Residence halls:
  • list items Hamilton Halls: which houses a community with an engineering theme, was the first dorm on campus. It's nearest to the campus academic buildings, just next to the Student Union. Prices range from $2,516 for a double room to $2,953 for a super single.
  • list items Honors community: in which residents live and learn among other honors students. Take advantage of exclusive events, themed floors, and volunteer and charitable endeavors. A super single costs $4,078 and a double room is $2,516.
  • list items Woods: Nine fully equipped coed halls with suite-style bathrooms—Boston, Cedar, Hawthorn, Hickory, Jacob, Laurel, Maple, Oak, and Pine Halls—are part of The Woods. One roommate, two roommates, or you can live alone. Options range from $2,196 for a triple room to $4,082 for a super single.
    1. Apartment-style suites:
  • list items College Park: You may find furnished apartments with four bedrooms and two bathrooms at College Park Apartments. A quad room is priced at $2,287.
  • list items Forest Lane: You may find furnished studio and two-bedroom apartments at Forest Lane Apartments. Rates go from $2,500 for a studio or small two-bedroom to $3,009 for a large two-bedroom.
  • list items University Park: You may find furnished four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments at University Park Apartments. A quad costs $2,287, with variations for double occupancy.
  • list items The Village: You can choose between unfurnished studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments at The Village Apartments. Rates vary from $2,808 for an efficiency to $4,143 for a two-bedroom apartment.
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    Notable Alumni of the Wright State University

    The alumni list of the University of Wright State University is diverse and spreads out all across the globe. These include artists, athletes, psychologists, royalty, scientists, entrepreneurs, scholars, doctors, engineers, attorneys, and more. 

    Some of the most notable alumni of the University of Wright State University are as follows:

    Alumni Profession Achievements 
    Robert Pollard American Song Wrightr Has 3000 registered songs 
    Joyce Beatty Politician Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
    Nan Whaley Politician Mayor of Dayton, Ohio
    Deborah Loewer Military Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral
    Doug Cook Business VP of Operations at FedEx
    Michael Reed Barratt American Physicist NASA astronaut
    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Indian American Author & Poet American Book Award for Arranged Marriage 

    Wright State University offers a dynamic range of courses and is your ideal choice if you wish to grow and build an academically acclaimed life for yourself. The inclusive and friendly environment, world-class amenities, and exceptional facilities are the best choices for your career and overall growth. Additionally, the extra-curricular activities, engaging community, and supportive environment ensure the safety and an open mindset that thrives on learning. Wright State University is a shining example of education and opportunity, ready to mold future generations of leaders like you. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the Wright State University located?

    The Wright State University is located in Dayton, Ohio, USA

    What is the employment rate at Wright State University?

    The employment rate for the Wright State University is 63.4%

    What is the acceptance rate of Wright State University?

    The acceptance rate of Wright State University is 96%

    What is the ranking of Wright State University?

    Wright State University ranks #394 out of 435 universities in 2024 by U.S News & World Report

    What is the visa acceptance rate of Wright State University?

    Wright University has a visa acceptance rate of 95%