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Get deep analytical insights into the value offered by different target universities. Compare expected income, employability, cost, top recruiters and much more - all customized to your profile and target course - for up to 4 universities at a time. Click here for a sample output.

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GyanDhan’s University Compare Tool is designed to help students compare multiple US universities and choose the best one. It comes in handy when either the student is confused while applying for the universities or has already received multiple admits. Students can compare up to four overseas US universities/colleges at a time to get deep analytical insights into the value offered by each university. The tool compares the colleges based on parameters like Employment Probability Ranking i.e. probability of getting employment after graduation and Expected Salary Ranking. These numbers are used by lenders while deciding if they should give you an unsecured loan or not, as per our agreement with them we can’t show you the exact figures and thus, you get a range of employment probability and expected salary. You also get the insights on top recruiters for the student’s chosen department, Annual Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship for the department, annual research funding received by the department, and odds of getting an assistantship. Finally, colleges are compared based on tuition fees and net fees, living expenses, college and course ranking.

How to use GyanDhan’s University Compare Tool to Compare Universities Worldwide?

The tool is easy to use. You have to enter your undergraduate details such as the name of the college, branch or course, grades you attained. Next, enter details of the colleges or universities you want to compare. For customization, you can also enter any scholarship amount that you have received. Students who are yet to take admission or receive an admit letter can also compare universities to shortlist them. Next, you have to input your GRE scores and work experience. Based on the information provided by you, the University Compare tool will give insights into the universities and would recommend the best university suited to your profile.

Why use GyanDhan’s University Compare Tool?

Choosing the right foreign university is the most rewarding decision you will ever make in your life, and not choosing the right one can be equally disastrous. If the universities are not compared across all the parameters, one might end up pursuing their higher education from a university that does not have a good departmental or course ranking or a college with an exuberantly high tuition fee - simply not good for your career. There are many college comparison tools on the internet. But more often than not, their data is sourced from various other websites whose credibility is unsure. GyanDhan, being a ‘data first’ company, has done the primary analysis on colleges and consolidated the data from other credible sources such as government websites of a particular country.

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