MBA Scholarships In Singapore For Indian Students 2024

MBA Scholarships In Singapore For Indian Students 2024

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Discover MBA scholarships in Singapore with GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide. Learn how to apply for scholarships and tips for a successful application

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Singapore not only boasts an excellent education system but also serves as the financial hub of South Asia, making it a promising destination for MBA students. The pursuit of an MBA here, however, can be financially demanding. Scholarships can help mitigate these costs while offering prestige and recognition of potential. According to an official report, the number of Indian students in Singapore has surged by 87% over the past year, totaling about 17,000. If you're planning an MBA in Singapore, leverage your academic and professional achievements to explore scholarship opportunities. Join us as we explore MBA scholarships for international students, including eligibility criteria and application details.


How Much MBA in Singapore Cost?

The decision to study abroad requires careful planning. Students need to familiarize themselves with the financial investment they are about to make. An MBA in Singapore requires about 20,000 SGD to 60,000 SGD on average. Some universities such as INSEAD or the National University of Singapore may charge higher tuition fees up to 95,000 SGD while public universities may have lower fees. International students must also budget the cost of living which is around 20,000 SGD to 30,000 SGD per year.

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Top 5 MBA Scholarships in Singapore 

Multiple MBA scholarships in Singapore await international students. Students can explore various scholarships offered by B-schools, private organizations, and the government. Merit-based scholarships are the most common form of financial assistance for Indian students. Take a look at the top MBA scholarships in Singapore for Indian students:

  1. list items NUS MBA Scholarships
  2. list items Nanyang Business School Scholarships
  3. list items INSEAD Singapore Scholarships
  4. list items SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business Scholarships
  5. list items QS Leadership Scholarship and QS Community Scholarships

Let us explore the details of these MBA scholarships in Singapore:


NUS MBA Scholarships

  • list items NUS Singapore is one of the leading universities in Asia ranked 8th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2024.
  • list items To apply for the NUS MBA scholarship, you need to submit an additional essay and complete your admission application by the Round 2 deadline.
  • list items The NUS MBA Dean’s Award worth 5,000 SGD is given to select students who demonstrate exemplary academic performance, and professional and personal achievements, and represent diverse backgrounds.
  • list items The NUS MBA Excellence and Achiever Awards cover 20% of the tuition fees based on academic and professional achievements, competitiveness of the application, and leadership potential.
  • list items Other scholarship options for MBA students include the NUS MBA Scholarship for Women, the NUS MBA Entrepreneurship Scholarship, and the NUS MBA Future Leaders Scholarship.


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Nanyang Business School Scholarships

  • list items The Nanyang Business School administers various categories of scholarships such as the Nanyang Women in Business Scholarship, Nanyang Sustainability Leader Scholarship, and Nanyang Global Citizen Scholarship, among others.
  • list items While applying for admission, you will be asked if a scholarship is required.
  • list items You will be required to complete an additional essay for scholarship review.
  • list items The Nanyang Women in Business Scholarship is designed to encourage the participation of women in the business community. Women who demonstrate the potential to contribute during and after the MBA program.

INSEAD Singapore Scholarships

  • list items INSEAD offers 150+ scholarship funds in the form of need-based, merit-based, and spot scholarships.
  • list items Over 40% of the admitted students receive scholarships for studying at INSEAD.
  • list items Merit scholarships are awarded based on the country of origin, professional background, and leadership skills of applicants.
  • list items Spot scholarships are awarded immediately to outstanding admission profiles without needing a separate application.
  • list items INSEAD Diversity Funds are available to international students who contribute to the breadth and depth of diversity at the B-school. Candidates receive 10,000 SGD to 20,000 SGD depending on the need for financial assistance.

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SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business Scholarships

  • list items The Lee Kong Chian School of Business offers various categories of scholarships for MBA students.
  • list items Scholarships are based on academic excellence, global awareness, leadership, community impact, impact on Asia, and women in business.
  • list items The Academic Excellence Award is given to candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic performance with a GMAT score of 700 or above.
  • list items Assessment for Leadership Scholarship, Community Impact Scholarship, Impact on Asia, and Women in Business award includes an evaluation of interview performance, essay, and leadership skills.
  • list items To apply for the scholarship, students must receive an admissions offer.

QS Leadership Scholarship and QS Community Scholarships

  • list items The QS Leadership Scholarship is valued at 10,000 USD while the QS Community Scholarship for MBA studies is valued at 2,000 USD and awarded to 5 students annually.
  • list items Students must submit an essay within 500 words describing how their MBA/EMBA and future goals will make a difference in the community.
  • list items You must have accepted a B-school offer before the scholarship selection.
  • list items To be considered for the scholarship, students must attend a QS recruitment event and have at least one accepted Impact Report on the QS ImpACT platform.
  • list items The application deadline for the scholarship is May 31.

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How to Apply for MBA Scholarships in Singapore?

Applying for MBA scholarships in Singapore requires fulfilling the admission criteria for a successful application. The application process may vary for different universities and scholarship providers. Therefore, it is best to visit the official websites before preparing your application. Here are the basic steps to apply for MBA scholarships in Singapore:

  • list items Start by shortlisting available scholarships and check the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.
  • list items Prepare supporting documents to be submitted along with your application. The basic documents necessary for scholarship application include: Completed bachelor’s degree Transcripts of academic records from the previous institution  English language proficiency test scores Essay Details of professional experience Admission letter
  • list items Completed bachelor’s degree
  • list items Transcripts of academic records from the previous institution 
  • list items English language proficiency test scores
  • list items Essay
  • list items Details of professional experience
  • list items Admission letter
  • list items It is important to track the status of your application and accept any offers made to you within the deadlines.
  • list items You may also be invited to interviews as part of the scholarship selection procedure.
  • list items Several B-schools in Singapore may consider admitted students for spot scholarships without a separate application.

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Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications

Take note of the points that will help you submit a successful scholarship application:

  • list items Identify MBA scholarships that match your academic profile and career goals.
  • list items Note the submission deadlines and required documents.
  • list items Apply early for both admissions and scholarships; late applications are not accepted.
  • list items Tailor your essays and statement of purpose to meet the application criteria.
  • list items Highlight your career goals and how the scholarship supports them.
  • list items Thoroughly proofread your application to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • list items Get feedback on your application from mentors before submitting it.

An MBA in Singapore offers a transformative learning experience for Indian students. Fulfill your academic endeavors by exploring various MBA scholarships in Singapore. It is best to apply for multiple opportunities to maximize your chances of success. For further assistance in navigating the complexities of financing your MBA in Singapore, reach out to GyanDhan. We have listed several scholarships at one place that can help you to find the best financial assistance to pursue your higher education abroad. All you have to do is visit GyanDhan’s scholarship portal here. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get MBA scholarships in Singapore?

Yes, there are various MBA scholarships in Singapore for international students provided by universities, private organizations, and the government. Some of the available scholarship opportunities for international students include the NUS MBA Scholarship, the Nanyang Business School Scholarship, and the INSEAD Singapore Scholarship among others.

How can I get MBA scholarships in Singapore?

MBA scholarships in Singapore are awarded to students who secure an admission offer. You may be automatically considered for entrance-based scholarships while some scholarships may require a separate application. For need-based scholarships, you will be asked to provide proof of finances.

What is the cost of an MBA in Singapore?

The cost of an MBA in Singapore ranges between 20,000 SGD to 60,000 SGD. Some top B-schools may have higher tuition fees going up to 95,000 SGD. International students must also consider the cost of living in Singapore.

Who is eligible for MBA scholarships in Singapore?

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate good academic standing with English language proficiency scores, and GMAT scores are eligible for MBA scholarships in Singapore. To receive scholarships in Singapore, you must fulfill the admission requirements for the chosen MBA program.

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