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MBA vs. MIM: A Complete Analysis

MBA vs. MIM: A Complete Analysis

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Often it is difficult for students to select the correct program after graduation. MBA is an ideal program for professionals with some years of experience, while MIM is opted by students with fewer years of experience.

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Rehan is a 25-year-old architect engineer with five years of experience. His next step is to enter the management field, but he is unsure whether he should choose an MBA or a MIM. 

Usually, after graduation, students are confused about whether to prefer an MBA or MIM. Well, both of the programs are quite different.

Before making any decision, it is always advisable to do a detailed analysis. We hope this blog will help you make a perfect decision for your future. Let's start with the basic description, followed by major differences:

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

Students pursue an MBA or Master of Business Administration to emphasize practical, business administrative, and executive skills. The curricular structure of an MBA is designed to help professionals gain wide exposure to business and management operations.

Most graduates opt for the MBA program because they have prior work experience in that particular field. Worldwide, an MBA is quite popular for management and administration studies.

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Master in Management (MIM) 

Master in Management programs is becoming increasingly popular. It is a post-graduate program that primarily focuses on accounting and marketing subjects. The teaching methodology applies more academic knowledge.

Under the MIM program, you either graduate with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

It is an ideal program for students who want to expedite their educational qualifications without taking any pause from their studies. Students with no work experience can go for this type of program.

There are significant differences between the MBA and MIM.

MiM VS MBA-Key different

MBA vs. MIM: Suitability Criteria

As we can see from the definition, MBA and MIM are distinct programs.

Although it is easy to understand the suitability criteria for both programs.


  • list items MBAs are an ideal degree for working professionals.
  • list items Most working professionals with 2–5 years of work experience apply for MBAs.


  • list items MIM (Master in Management) is suitable for students who want to pursue their education without giving any pause to their studies.
  • list items Students with a few years or no work experience can apply for the course.
  • list items Most of the time, recently graduated students select this course.  

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MBA vs. MIM: Career Opportunities

The purpose of both programs is quite different, with separate career prospects.


  • list items MBA courses allow graduates to gain a more professional level of studies and co-curriculum structure. 
  • list items MBA courses help professionals get high-level jobs.


  • list items MIM courses nurture students to acquire knowledge on basic levels about management and business tactics.
  • list items The MIM program helps inexperienced students kickstart their careers at entry- or mid-level positions.

MBA vs. MIM: Course Structure

The most crucial point when comparing MBA vs. MIM is the difference in their course structures.

However, both the degrees offer few common subjects knowledge of: 

But the question remains the same: What are the differences in the course structures of both programs?

Well, here is the detailed answer for it:


A Master's in Business Administration (MBA) is structured to help students gain a holistic understanding of diverse sectors of management and their function in the business world.

The core focus of an MBA is to prepare students with a proficient curriculum.

MBA programs tend to integrate functional skills along with enterprise learning.

Two-year MBA programs let you enjoy the internship period to gain the best practical knowledge of your subject.


Master's in Management (MIM) programs include business theses, finance, marketing, and leadership skills. You will also be required to research and conduct statistics and data analysis in business.

The Master's in Management (MIM) program is a notable course that helps students apply emphasis and general knowledge to theoretical and management subjects.

The period for a MIM degree is between 10 and 12 months.

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MBA vs. MIM: Student Age

In MBA programs, applicants range in age from 23 to 26 years old, and in MIM programs, they range from 21 to 23 years old.


The expense of studying for an MBA or MIM varies depending on which mainstream education channel you select.

Canada and the USA are some popular countries to study MBA, while European countries are mostly known for MIM programs.

This section will help you analyze a brief comparison between the costs of both programs.


In Canada, the average cost for top MBA colleges ranges between CAD 15,000 and 40,000 per year.

In the USA, the average cost of top MBA colleges ranges between $60,000 and $80,000.


In European countries, the average cost for top MIM colleges is around €11,000-€17,000.


MBA vs. MIM: Demand For The Courses

Both of the courses carry equal importance according to your area of interest. But let's try to comprehend the demand in detail.

The demand for MBA programs is never-ending as they are globally recognizable. However, MIM programs are in the process of being recognized.

Below are some of the demanding courses for both of the programs.

Top MBA-Demanding Courses

  • list items MBA in Digital Marketing
  • list items MBA in Business Analytics
  • list items MBA in Data Analytics
  • list items MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • list items MBA in Finance
  • list items MBA in Strategy
  • list items MBA in International Business
  • list items MBA in Human Resource Management
  • list items MBA in Risk Management
  • list items MBA in Operations

Top MIM-Demanding Courses

  • list items MIM in Operation Management
  • list items MIM in Engineering Management
  • list items MIM in Financial Management
  • list items MIM in Management Theory
  • list items MIM in Supply Chain Management
  • list items MIM in Organizational Behavior
  • list items MIM in Human Resources Management
  • list items MIM in Management Information Systems

MBA vs. MIM: Scholarships

MBA programs are generally costlier than MIM. But the good part is the following is the scholarship that can help you with both the programs. 


  • list items Harvard University-Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship
  • list items IUBH Online MBA Scholarships
  • list items UWE Bristol MBA Scholarship
  • list items Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
  • list items ALBA Graduate Business School Scholarships
  • list items Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship
  • list items The Skoll Scholarship
  • list items Global MBA Scholarships for Women—University of London


  • list items Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • list items HSG Foundation Global Shapers Scholarship
  • list items Kistefos St. Gallen Masterclass Scholarship
  • list items HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships
  • list items Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
  • list items Fulbright/IE Business School Masters in Management Award
  • list items Queen Rania Foundation Scholarships for Women Leaders from Jordan for any master's degree 
  • list items IE AIESEC Scholarship  

Compare Your Target Universities


The popularity of MBA degrees is never-ending. MBA programs are popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The MIM degree is continually growing in countries like France, Germany, and Europe.

The below charts will give a detailed analysis of the average median salaries in both the programs. 


MBA Salary and Popular Destinations 

Source: Glassdoor


MIM Salary and Popular Destinations 

Source: Glassdoor


TOP Universities for MBA


Top Universities for MIM

  • list items London Business School
  • list items ESSEC Business School
  • list items Esade Ramon Llull University
  • list items Copenhagen Business School
  • list items ESCP Business School
  • list items SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • list items Emlyon Business School
  • list items CEMS The Global Alliance in Management Education
  • list items Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
  • list items TUM School of Management

It is crucial to examine all the differences while selecting between an MBA and a MIM.
Because your one decision will make your future. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Is MIM preferred more than MBA in India?

A.1 Well, this is a very subjective question. Based on research and data, the MIM degree will help you get entry-level positions, whereas an MBA degree will help you to get mid-level or high-level positions in India. 

Q.2 Can students go for MBA after MIM?

A.2 MBA is usually a mid-career degree with more professionally advanced courses. In, contrast MIM is an early career degree with more emphasis on theory subjects, because of this, you can always do an MBA after a MIM.

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