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Anjaney Chaturvedi

Anjaney has in-depth knowledge of abroad colleges, and universities. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he has a unique understanding of STEM courses. His interest also lies in finance and education financing. Firmly believes in ‘Being as unique as your fingerprint’.

UK vs. Canada for International Students - Which Is Better?

Updated July, 16, 2022

Detailed comparison between The UK & Canada on the basis of their education system, eligibility criteria, employment prospects, salaries offered, etc.

MIM in Canada: Universities, Scholarships, Eligibility & Job Opportunities

Updated March, 18, 2023

Aiming to study MIM in Canada as an international student? GyanDhan brings you a complete guide on universities, eligibility, requirements, jobs, and scholarships for MIM in Canada.

IDFC First Bank vs. ICICI Bank: Which is Best for Abroad Education Loan?

Updated July, 28, 2023

Read GyanDhan’s comparative guide on IDFC First Bank and ICICI Bank abroad education loans. Compare the interest rates, loan amount, repayment terms & more.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Updated November, 16, 2022

Read and Know about the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students. Know the countries where you can study for cheap and fulfill your study abroad dreams.

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters

Updated September, 12, 2022

Whom to ask for a letter of recommendation? Learn some tips for writing a LOR for Masters in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and other master degree.

Kerala Gramin Bank Abroad Education Loan

Updated April, 29, 2022

Explore the Kerala Gramin Bank education loans to study abroad with GyanDhan. Know interest rates, eligibility criteria, security requirements & more.

MIM in UK: Universities, Scholarships, Eligibility & Job Opportunities

Updated March, 18, 2023

Aiming to study MIM in the UK as an international student? GyanDhan brings you a complete guide on universities, eligibility, requirements, jobs, and scholarships for MIM in the UK.

5 Best Ways to Socialize When Studying Overseas

Updated June, 30, 2022

Read the top 5 ways to socialize when studying overseas. Understand the hacks to improve your network when while pursuing education abroad.

SOP for Canada Student Visa

Updated February, 21, 2023

Learn about the importance of an SOP, the components of a good statement, and how to write an effective SOP for your visa application.

Student Education Loan Details for Indian Students

Updated July, 18, 2022

Know all the details about student education loans for Indian students. Understand the eligibility criteria, list of documents required, loan process, and more.

Your Guide to Public Universities in the USA

Updated October, 19, 2022

Read about public universities in the USA. Know about public colleges in America for different courses of Masters degree abroad.

New Eligibility Rule in Canada for the Post Graduation Work Permits

Updated June, 24, 2022

Know about New Eligibility Rule In Canada for the Post Graduation Work Permits. Understand its impact on international students.

Canada vs Australia for Indian Students: Which is Better?

Updated July, 07, 2022

Compare the quality of education, admission criteria, job opportunities, & cost of living to know which country is better for Indian students, Canada or Australia?

National Overseas Scholarship

Updated November, 25, 2022

Kindly read the National Overseas Scholarship details here, a scheme provided by the Indian government for the higher education of reserved category students. Scroll up to read and learn more about the scholarship program.

Inflation & Exchange Rate Effect On the Cost Of Education in the US

Updated June, 20, 2022

The falling rupee against the dollar has become a major concern for students wanting to go to the US for higher education. Read the full news here.

Russell Group Universities: Everything You Need to Know

Updated October, 18, 2022

Read the blog to know in detail about Russell Group Universities. Understand how these universities can be beneficial for those aspiring to study in the UK.

ISIC Card: Everything You Need To Know

Updated July, 05, 2022

Know all about International Student Identity (ISIC) Card. Understand the features, discounts, process, rates, benefits, and more.

New Interview Slots Open for the US Student Visa Interview

Updated June, 29, 2022

The US embassy announced that new interview slots are open for the US student visa interview. Read the full news here

Canada Declares New Immigration Benefits for International Students and Job Seekers

Updated April, 26, 2022

Recently, Canada announced about the accessory advantages for international students who are studying there. Read the complete news here.

IBA Model Education Loan Scheme: Overview & Details

Updated May, 12, 2022

Know all about the IBA model of education loan schemes. Understand the overview, loan amount, margin money, interest rates, expenses covered, and more

JITO Education Loans for Jain Students to Study Abroad: A Detailed Overview

Updated May, 05, 2022

Know all about the JITO Education Loan program. Understand the features, eligibility criteria, application process, documents required, repayment, and more.

Students Who Fail in the US Visa Interview Unlikely to Get a Second Chance in 2022

Updated April, 21, 2022

In order to attract Indian students, US Embassy is going to reform its student visa application process this summer 2022. Read all the details in this article.

Among the Highest Earning Sections in the US are the H1-B Visa Holders: Study

Updated April, 19, 2022

Recent study by Cato Institute reveals that H1B visa holders are among the highest paid workers in the US. Read the complete report here.

UK’s New Visa enables Graduates’ Entry without Job Offer

Updated May, 10, 2022

Read about the UK's New Visa that will enable graduates’ entry without a job offer. Know the eligibility criteria, financial requirements, and other features of HPI Visa.