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Georgia State University (GSU) continues to innovate and broaden its programmes, cementing its image as a dynamic university. GSU has introduced many cutting-edge programmes, including new Data Science and Cybersecurity courses, demonstrating the university's dedication to being at the forefront of technological progress. The campus has also seen significant overhauls in recent years, such as establishing a new science park with modern laboratory and collaborative work facilities. 

Also, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services provides services such as immigration assistance and endorsement of academic and career counselling. These activities comply with the university's objective to create an environment that embraces diverse and innovative learning. The new programme and facilities reflect the commitment of the university to produce more graduates with international competence levels that are suited to respond to current challenges.

Some of the achievements that have been achieved at Georgia State University include Being ranked among the top 100 institutions in the United States with a tier-one public university status. The institution has also been awarded for its commitment to diversity, and such a cultural policy makes it more conducive for international learners. These facts show that GSU is among the institutions committed to offering quality education and achieving the objectives and goals of the students.


Key Highlights of Georgia State University

Feature Details
Established 1913
Founder State of Georgia
University Type Public Research University
University Motto "Truth is Strong and Will Conquer"
Georgia State University location Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia State University Acceptance Rate 61%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:26
Endowment $220 million
Campus Size 110 acres
Graduation Rate 34%
Employment Rate 91%
Official Website Link Georgia State University

Rankings & Recognition of Georgia State University

Georgia State University (GSU) is a world-renowned public research institution that enjoys its reputation. GSU's academic and research excellence is well recognised since it is ranked among the top 200 institutions in the world by QS World University Ranking. Georgia State University thrives in academics, research, and student services. Here is a summary of Georgia State University's ranking and recognition:

National Rankings

  • list items Georgia State University is placed 227 among National Universities in U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges for 2024.
  • list items According to THE Ranking, this university is ranked between 401 and 500 in the World University Rankings. 
  • list items According to U.S. News & World Report, GSU is recognised for its creative teaching methods, placing at 2nd position for undergraduate teaching.
  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • list items GSU is recognised first for its dedication to undergraduate education and diversity, making it an inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.
  • Accreditations & Recognitions

  • list items The institution has garnered various awards for research achievement and exceptional professors.
  • list items The AACSB and ABA specialised accreditations for its business and law programmes assure the quality and distinction of its academic offerings.
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    Campus Details of Georgia State University

    Georgia State University (GSU) is a bustling urban campus in downtown Atlanta that is noted for its combination of contemporary amenities and historic buildings. The Georgia State University campus is a vibrant hub with cutting-edge classrooms, influential research labs, and a vast library collection. One of the institute's distinctive characteristics is the Creative Media Industries, which offers students state-of-the-art equipment and collaboration areas for studying media-related topics.

    Significance of Each Campus

  • list items The main campus is the centre of GSU, with a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programmes. 
  • list items Perimeter College, which has many satellite campuses, focuses on associate degree programmes and offers a convenient entry point into higher education in the region. 
  • list items The Alpharetta Campus will provide business and computer science programs as enrollment grows for these degree programs. 
  • list items Every campus has a prominently beneficial role towards GSU's goal of offering affordable quality education in various disciplines.
  • Services and Facilities Available for Students

    There are the services and facilities most readily available to students at GSU. Some of the other programmes and services offered at GSU are as follows. The focal services at the Student Recreation Centre include exercise, courses, sporting, and wellness programs. The Counselling and Testing Centre addresses mental health issues, while the Career Services Office is responsible for placements and finding internship opportunities and other career-related services. The Overseas Student and Scholar Services (ISS) office also provides personalised support for overseas students, such as visa assistance, cultural adjustment programmes, and academic advice. 


    Programs Offered by Georgia State University

    Georgia State University (GSU) provides various programmes to fulfill its students' requirements and interests. The institution offers approximately 250 degree programmes across ten colleges and schools, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. GSU is well-known for its emphasis on interdisciplinary education and hands-on learning experiences, which help students prepare for their future employment. From business and law to the arts and sciences, Georgia State University courses are designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, and professional growth.

    Popular Programs Offered by the Institution

    Program Annual Tuition Fees Intake
    MBA $40,000 Fall, Spring
    MS in Computer Science $30,000 Fall, Spring
    JD (Juris Doctor) $45,000 Fall
    MPH (Master of Public Health) $28,000 Fall, Spring
    BBA $28,000 Fall, Spring
    BA in Psychology $25,000 Fall, Spring
    BS in Biology $25,000 Fall, Spring
    M.Ed in Educational Leadership $32,000 Fall, Spring

    GSU's business programmes, notably the MBA and BBA, are in great demand owing to their emphasis on leadership, innovation, and practical application. The College of Law provides the JD programme, which is well-known for its rigorous curriculum and experiential learning opportunities. The institution also excels in the arts and sciences, with programmes such as Psychology and Biology giving a solid basis for research and critical thinking. These programmes, among many others, demonstrate GSU's commitment to offering a strong and varied education that caters to various academic and professional goals.


    Admissions Details of Georgia State University

    Georgia State University (GSU) accepts various students each year, including many international students. The comprehensive yet approachable Georgia State University admissions procedure aims to allow all potential students to join this dynamic academic community.

    Admission Dates & Deadlines

    GSU works on a flexible admissions basis. However, prospective students must adhere to particular deadlines. For the Fall semester, the priority application deadline is usually December 1st, with the final due being April 1st. The priority deadline for the Spring semester is August 1st, followed by the final deadline on October 1st. These deadlines guarantee applicants enough time to submit their applications and obtain university admission.

    Below is a table summarising the application deadlines for different intakes:

    Semester Priority Application Deadline Final Application Deadline
    Fall December 1st, 2024 April 1st, 2025
    Spring August 1st, 2024 October 1st, 2024

    Admission Requirements for International Students

    International students must complete various conditions before being considered for admission to GSU. These consist of:

  • list items Application Form
  • list items Academic Transcripts
  • list items Evidence of English language competency (often in the form of TOEFL or IELTS scores)
  • list items Results from standardised tests, such as the GRE or GMAT for graduate programmes or the SAT or ACT for undergraduate students
  • Furthermore, overseas candidates must provide a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and confirmation of financial means to support tuition and living costs.

    Step-by-Step Admission Process 

    Here's a simplified overview of the process:

  • list items Step 1: Submit Online Application: Prospective students must fill out and submit an online application through GSU's official site.
  • list items Step 2: English Proficiency: Provide proof of English proficiency.
  • list items Step 3: Application Review: Admissions committees review applications holistically.
  • list items Step 4: Interview (if applicable): Some programmes may need applicants to attend an interview as part of the admissions process.
  • list items Step 5: Receive Admission Decision: After the evaluation process, candidates will receive an admission decision via email or the online application site.
  • list items Step 6: Acceptance Confirmation: Selected students must pay any necessary enrollment deposits and confirm their acceptance of the offer before the deadline.
  • list items Step 7: Attend Orientation: Before classes start, all prospective students must attend orientation programmes to become acquainted with campus resources.
  • list items Step 8: Enrollment: Finally, students finish the enrollment process by signing up for classes, paying tuition and fees, and receiving their student ID cards.
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    Exams Accepted by Georgia State University

    Georgia State University accepts a wide range of standardised examinations for admission consideration. For undergraduate programmes, candidates may submit SAT or ACT results. Graduate programmes usually require GRE or GMAT scores, depending on the topic of study. Additionally, overseas students must demonstrate English competence through the TOEFL or IELTS examinations. These assessments examine candidates' academic preparedness and assist the admissions committee in determining their potential for success at GSU. By accepting a variety of tests, the institution guarantees that its admissions process is accessible and inclusive, admitting students from varied academic backgrounds.

    Accepted Exams and Minimum Score Requirements

    Exam Program Type Approximate Minimum Score
    SAT Undergraduate 1080-1250
    ACT Undergraduate 21-27
    GRE Graduate 300 (verbal + quantitative)
    GMAT Graduate (Business) 500
    TOEFL All Programs 80
    IELTS All Programs 6.5
    PTE All Programs 58
    Duolingo English Test All Programs 105

    Tuition Fees & Other Expenses at Georgia State University

    Georgia State University has competitive tuition prices across all programmes and levels of study. Georgia State University fees vary according to the programme, degree level, and student's residence status. The following is a breakdown of expected Georgia State University costs for specific programmes:

    Program Annual Tuition Fees (Georgia Students) Annual Tuition Fees (Non-Georgia Students)
    Associate Degree $3,530 $11,870
    Bachelor’s Degree $10,268 $29,306

    In addition to tuition, students should plan for other expenditures such as books, materials, and living expenses. 

    Expense Type Annual Cost
    Books and Materials $1,500 - $2,000
    Total Living Expenditures $10,000 - $15,000

    Overall, GSU aspires to provide an inexpensive education while ensuring students have access to the necessary tools for academic achievement and personal development.


    Financial Aid & Scholarships by Georgia State University

    Georgia State University provides a variety of financial assistance alternatives to help students afford their education. Georgia State University scholarships, fellowships, work-study programmes, and student loans are available. Furthermore, GSU collaborates with organisations such as GyanDhan to give education financing choices to students who require additional financial aid. GyanDhan provides competitive loan packages with favourable terms and flexible repayment choices, making higher education more affordable for all students.

    Few Available Scholarships 

    Scholarship Name Eligibility Amount Deadline
    Stamps and Presidential Scholarships Exceptional incoming first-year students Generous and competitive awards November 15, 2025
    Achieve Atlanta Scholarship Need-based, Atlanta Public School system students Up to $5,000 / year, renewable for up to 4 years Not specified
    HOPE Scholarship Degree-seeking undergraduate students, Georgia Resident Funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education Last day of the semester
    Zell Miller Scholarship Degree-seeking undergraduate students, Georgia Resident Funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education Last day of the semester

    Process of Applying for Financial Aid or Scholarships

    To apply for Georgia State University scholarship for Indian students, one must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) form. This form determines eligibility for government grants, loans, and work-study programmes. Furthermore, students can look at scholarship options provided by GSU and other organisations.

    The application procedure usually entails completing an online application and any needed papers, such as transcripts, reference letters, and essays. Scholarship application deadlines vary, so students should check the requirements and submit their applications on time. Students seeking financial help and scholarships can reduce their school expenditures and focus on attaining their academic objectives at GSU.


    Jobs & Placement Opportunities by Georgia State University

    Georgia State University's professional services and cooperative education departments are committed to helping students reach their professional objectives. They provide various tools and services, such as resume writing seminars, practice interviews, career fairs, and networking events. They also offer individualised career counselling to assist students in exploring career options, locating work openings, and building crucial job search skills. The department also arranges internships and co-op assignments, allowing students to obtain hands-on experience in their chosen profession while receiving academic credit.

    Top Recruiters Sectors Employing Graduates Popular Programs with ROI
    Coca-Cola Business MBA
    Delta Airlines Technology Computer Science
    AT&T Healthcare Public Health
    Deloitte Finance Law

    Major firms seek after Georgia State University alums in various fields, including business, technology, healthcare, and finance. Popular programs with a high return on investment (ROI) include MBA, Computer Science, and Public Health. These programmes provide students with the skills and information needed to thrive in their chosen industries and achieve rewarding work prospects after graduation.


    Accommodation by Georgia State University

    Georgia State University provides several accommodations to meet its students' different requirements and preferences.

    Types of Residence

    Residence Type Description
    On-Campus GSU offers on-campus housing, which includes resident halls and apartment-style living alternatives.
    Off-Campus Students can reside off-campus in apartments or rental houses near the institution.
    Homestays International students can opt to live with host families, which offers an intensive cultural experience.

    Room Rates and Types

    Room Type Description Estimated Annual Rate
    Residence Halls Shared rooms with communal facilities and meal plans included. $8,000 - $12,000
    Apartments Private or shared apartments with kitchen facilities. $10,000 - $15,000
    Homestays The room is provided within a host family's home, and meals are included. $5,000 - $8,000

    These housing alternatives cater to students' preferences for convenience, price, and cultural immersion, offering a comfortable living environment that promotes academic performance at Georgia State University.


    Notable Alumni of Georgia State University

    These Georgia State University's notable alumni have made essential contributions in their respective disciplines, illustrating the university's dedication to developing quality and leadership among its graduates.

    Name Designation Achievements
    Julia Emmons CEO, Emmons Consulting Recipient of the Business Leader of the Year Award for her outstanding leadership.
    Marcus Johnson CFO, Johnson Enterprises Recognised as one of the top young entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine.
    Sarah Patel Founder, Patel Foundation She established a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting education in underprivileged communities.

    Georgia State University helps shape future professionals by delivering a transformational educational experience that blends academic rigour with practical skill development. GSU's various programmes, devoted professors, and extensive support services enable students to reach their full potential and thrive in their chosen vocations. As a result, graduates emerge as self-assured, inventive, and internationally competitive professionals, ready to make significant contributions to society.

    We welcome you to look into the options available at Georgia State University and take the next step towards attaining your academic and professional objectives. For further information, please visit our website, contact admissions for personalised guidance, and consider funding your education through GyanDhan. Your route to success begins here.


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is Georgia State University address?

    Georgia State University is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

    What is the admission rate at Georgia State University for overseas students?

    The admission percentage for overseas students at Georgia State University varies by programme and applicant pool.

    What are the admissions criteria for overseas students at Georgia State University?

    International students enrolling at Georgia State University must provide academic transcripts, standardised test results (SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT), proof of English ability, and visa paperwork.

    How competitive is admission to Georgia State University?

    Admission competitiveness at Georgia State University is determined by criteria such as programme interest and candidate pool strength.

    Is Georgia State University acceptable for overseas students?

    Yes, Georgia State University offers comprehensive support services and promotes a varied campus atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for international students.

    What programmes does Georgia State University offer to overseas students?

    Georgia State University provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes in various study subjects.

    Are scholarships, grants, and loans available to overseas students at Georgia State University?

    Yes, GSU provides a variety of financial assistance alternatives, including scholarships, grants, and educational loans.

    How can I boost my chances of getting a scholarship at Georgia State University?

    Maintain an excellent academic record, actively participate in extracurricular activities, and present a convincing application.

    What is the process for applying to Georgia State University?

    Fill out an online application, submit the relevant papers, and pay the application cost.

    What percentage is necessary for admission to Georgia State University?

    Admission requirements vary for each programme, but competitive applicants often have outstanding academic backgrounds.