Brief Introduction

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is one of the largest public universities in Australia. RMIT is also the largest university in Australia offering a dual-based education program (the university offers a mix of vocational skill-based courses and higher education-based courses). RMIT’s main campus is located in the heart of the city of Melbourne. Most of its buildings are spread across six city blocks covering approximately 720,000 square metres. RMIT also has two other campuses in the northern suburbs of Brunswick and Bundoora and a training site, situated on the Williams base of the Royal Australian Air Force, in the western suburb of Point Cook. RMIT also has its reach outside Australia. It has two branch campuses in Vietnam too.

RMIT has courses which are spread across 17 schools. These schools are grouped under three colleges – The College of Business, College of Design and Social Context and the College of Science, Engineering and Health.


 RMIT Library is the central library network of the university. It has five locations across RMIT's three Australian campuses. 

The university also houses state-of-the-art and technologically equipped laboratories including:

  • Gas Sensors Laboratory
  • Novel Fabrication Laboratory
  • PC2 Mammalian Cell Laboratory
  • PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) and nanoparticle laboratory
  • Physical vapour deposition laboratory


 MIT offers plenty of accommodation options for its students. International students are advised to first choose a short stay accommodation. This will help you get used to the city and its way of life. Check with the RMIT Connect – which helps students find short stay accommodation.  RMITb and the city of Melbourne offer a plethora of long stay options. You can choose from staying in a homestay – where you can get a room with an Australian family. This option too is desirable because you will get a home-like atmosphere, and all the required facilities will be taken care of. You could rent an apartment to share it with fellow students.

The University will help you in finding an apartment which suits your budget. Check out these sites, and There are purpose-built student accommodations designed specifically for RMIT students. Check out these sites to find the one closest to the campus you are studying in. If budget is a constraint, you could check out these student hostels which offer you a room with shared bathroom and lounge.


RMIT offers a variety of research scholarships to support candidates and help them to pursue excellence in research while furthering their academic and career goals.There are two basic types of scholarship that are available:

  • Stipend scholarships
  • International tuition fee scholarships

Jobs and Placements

RMIT university is ranked 85th globally in QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019. As far as graduate employment rate goes, RMIT ranks 59th globally. 


 The RMIT’s main campus is bang in the heart of Melbourne and is easily accessible by bus, tram or taxi from the airport. The Bundoora campus is located 18 km from the City campus in the outer northern suburb of Bundoora. The campus is divided into 'East' and 'West' by Plenty Road. In contrast to the urban City campus, the Bundoora West campus is set amongst almost 400,000 square metres of parkland. Programs in aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical sciences and social sciences are offered at the Bundoora campus.

Melbourne International Airport and Avalon Airport are the closest airports to RMIT University Bundoora campus. Thomastown and Lalor Stations on the South Morang line, and Greensborough Station on the Hurstbridge line are the closest metro stations from where you can connect to trams and local buses.
 The Brunswick campus is located 6 km from the City campus in the inner northern suburb of Brunswick. Courses in fashion design, graphic design, printing, publishing and textiles are offered here.

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