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Webster University follows an interdisciplinary approach and is committed to delivering a personalized learning path for every student across the globe. This institution acknowledges all individual differences while focusing on shared commonality. 

International students who are looking to start a transformative educational journey will find the University of Webster an apt place, to begin with. The vibrant community, amazing faculty, hands-on learning experience, and research facilities can help you to grow, learn, and excel in your life. With an acceptance rate of 56%, at Webster, there is a place for everyone. According to the institution, having a diverse population fosters greater innovation, better decision-making, and a greater understanding of other points of view. The university is dedicated to inclusive excellence and prioritizes collaborative initiatives, as seen by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council, working groups, and sponsored events. The entire programme is designed to bring about meaningful and long-lasting changes to the community.


Admission Highlights of Webster University

Below are some of the key admission highlights of Webster University.

Admission Portal


English Proficiency Tests  Accepted

TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo

Application Fee for International Students

Undergraduate: No Fee

Graduate: $50

Maximum number of units per academic period

Minimum GPA

Minimum of 2.5 GPA

Acceptance Rate


Webster University conducts regular 60-minute information sessions that are specifically designed to showcase the benefits and value of a Webster University degree. These sessions offer prospective applicants an overview of the various programs available, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the application process and speak with an advisor about tuition costs, financial aid, and transfer credits. Furthermore, students will have the chance to get all their questions answered during these sessions.


Admission to Top Programs at Webster University 

At Webster University, students can find an extensive selection of degree programs, certificate courses, and non-degree options to meet their needs at every stage of their academic journey. The University of Webster has over 160 undergraduate and graduate programs. Below is the list of top-ranked programs in Webster University;

Program  Format Average Time Taken to complete

Bachelor of Arts in English

In Person

4 years

BA in Animation

In Person

4 years

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

In Person

4 years

Master of Science in Marketing 

In Person, Webster University Online, Hybrid

18 to 24 months


Hybrid, Webster University Online (asynchronous), Live Virtual (synchronous) or In Person

2.5 years (part-time, depending on course load)


Webster University Application Deadline

The students eager to apply to Webster's University must note the deadlines. Students should also keep in mind that the deadlines for both Undergraduate and graduate are different. So make sure to apply accordingly: 

Undergraduate Applications:

Application Session Deadlines

Spring/January 2025 semester

October 15, 2024

Fall/August 2024 semester

June 2024

Graduate Applications:

Application Session Deadlines

Fall 1 - August 2024 term

June 2024

Fall 2 - October 2024 term

August 15, 2024

Spring 1 - January 2025 term

October 15, 2024

Spring 2 - March 2025 term

January 1, 2025

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Admission Details & Process at Webster University

When applying for admission to any university, the procedure can get rather hectic, and students may be unable to discover it through the website, causing them to miss one or more steps. To save students from the inconvenience, we have created a detailed explanation of the process:

Step 1: Apply online and fill out the form 

The first stage in the application process is for students to fill out an online form and choose the course they wish to apply for. Once the application form has been filled out, students will have to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Pay the application fee of 50$

This phase requires applicants to use the appropriate transaction method since, after completing the application form, they must pay an application fee in US dollars. It should be noted by applicants that application fees are only necessary for students applying for graduate degrees. Applicants need to check with their programmes. 

Step 3: Send a scanned copy of official transcripts

In this step, students should scan all their official transcripts and upload them to Webster's website. Applicants can upload their transcripts through the university portal. It is recommended that students confirm all the necessary documents with their respective programs beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

Step 4: Send a copy of the common application

This can be done via conventional mail or a secured vendor (DHL, FedEx, UPS). If required, students may also have to send in the physical official transcripts via mail.


Exams Accepted by Webster University

As per the official website, international students are required to take the ACT or SAT, and an English proficiency test is required. Students from a country where the native language is not English will have to take the following tests and submit them at the time of filling out the application.

Test Scores 

TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT)

80 (iBT)/550 (ITP)






ACT- 21 / SAT - 1050

Webster University is renowned for its commitment to diversity and educational excellence. The institution provides personalised learning experience for each student so that they can grow and succeed in their career effectively. The presence of several student organisations, cultural events, and many more support services in this university helps the students to grow a sense of belongingness and explore their talents. Are you ready to start your educational journey in Webster, where your voice is heard, respected, and celebrated for a better future? Visit the official site of Webster University to start your application journey today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application fee for Webster University?

Yes, Graduate applicants are required to pay an application fee of approximately $50, while there is no application fee for undergraduate students.

Are GRE scores required for all graduate programs at the University of Webster?

No GRE Scores are required for graduate admissions at Webster University.

Can I apply for many programs simultaneously at Webster University?

Webster University provides a Dual Degree program that enables students to pursue two degrees simultaneously. Students can apply for the Dual Degree program directly while submitting their application form. One of the university's most popular Dual Degree courses is the MBA/MS in Finance.

Is housing guaranteed for admitted students?

Yes, the university has a two-year residency requirement, which means all the students attending Webster will have to live in on-campus housing. 

What resources are available for students with disabilities?

Webster ensures that every student attending the institution should feel safe and equal. The university is equipped with special services to support students with disabilities. Some of the services include academic counselling, assistive technology, disability accommodations, a testing centre, a tutoring program, and writing services.