Ranking the Best Business Schools in the World
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The Best Business Schools in the World

The Best Business Schools in the World

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Researching about business schools in the world? Check out the QS ranking of Business Schools along with what makes them stand out.

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While planning to study for either bachelor's or post-graduation, students often research the best graduate business schools in the world. All the business schools have a specific ranking on their website allotted by various ranking sites. Students often visit various websites and magazines to check the ranking of the school they plan to study. 

However, not all websites are reliable for facts and figures.

It is always advisable to check facts and figures from reliable sources. You can search for sources known for their transparency and in-depth details. 

The following are a few names you can trust:

  • list items Financial Times
  • list items QS World University ranking site
  • list items Forbes
  • list items Times Higher Education  

In addition to quality education, students should also feel certain that they will be able to earn a decent living and repay the massive college tuition debts they incur.

Apart from checking the ranking, you should also visit the university's official website for which you are willing to apply.

In this blog, we took references from top-notch university ranking websites like QS World University Rankings, Financial Times, etc.

To evaluate the top business schools in the world, we have segregated country-wise rankings.

In this blog, you will go through 7 countries with the best business schools and universities. We chose these countries according to the best education systems in the world ranking list.

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The Best Business Schools & Universities in the USA.

Best USA Business Schools

The USA stands at number 1 in the world's list of best education systems. The facts and figures for this table are from the QS World Ranking System.



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The Best Business Schools & Universities in the United Kingdom

UK Best Business Schools

In the United Kingdom, universities are ranked on several factors, like the quality of education, job opportunities, and practical work training. 

University Ranking

London Business School


University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


The London School of Economics & Political science


The University of Warwick


Imperial College London


The University of Manchester


City, University of London


Lancaster University


University of Leeds



The Best Business Schools & Universities in Australia

Australia Best Business Schools

Australia is an ideal country for students from around the globe.The education system provides a unique learning system, style, and experienced teachers.

Check out the following table for top universities:



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The Best Business Schools & Universities in the Netherlands

Netherlands  Best Business Schools

The Netherlands is known for its scenic environment. From cycling to studying books on the outskirts of the road, everything is magical about the Netherlands.

However, choosing the perfect university can be a hectic task and a bit confusing. We hope this table will help you out.


University Ranking

Erasmus University Rotterdam


Tilburg University


University of Amsterdam


University of Groningen


Eindhoven University of Technology


Maastricht University


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


University of Twente


Maastricht School of Management


Wageningen University & Research




The Best Business Schools & Universities in Singapore

Singapore Best Business Schools

Singapore is a growing economy with a lot of future opportunities and career options available.

The education system of the country focuses on preparing future leaders with unique, creative, and imaginative skills.

We hope this table will help you select your ideal university to study in Singapore.


University Ranking

National University of Singapore


Nanyang Technological University


Singapore Management University



The Best Business Schools & Universities in Germany

Germany Best Business Schools

The German education system is continuously growing around technology and practical learning. One unique thing about the German education system is that they hire teachers from around the globe, which ultimately helps students to gain in-depth knowledge of different cultures and learnings. 

University Ranking

Universität Mannheim


Technical University of Munich


WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Freie Universitaet Berlin



The Best Business Schools & Universities in France

France Best Business Schools

France has some of the highest ranked and leading institutes in the world.

Students learn amazing business and management skills from veteran teachers.

University Ranking



HEC Paris School of Management


ESSEC Business School


Emlyon Business School


Université PSL




What makes the Top Business Schools stand apart?

Due to the pandemic, many countries' business schools faced a slowdown in their admission numbers.

The countries mentioned above are best known for their business schools for the following reasons:

A better number of placements

According to various studies and research conducted by leading institutions, these business schools get a good number of recruits.

These countries made a name for themselves because the top recruiters preferred these schools and universities.


What differentiates a top university from the rest is what extra academic resources they provide to their students.

These top schools and universities have world-class writing centers, bookstores, and tutoring sessions for clearing students' doubts.


The best support any university can give to their students is financial help.The universities mentioned above in the tables help the students in scholarship and fundraising programs.

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