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ICICI Bank Education Loan Disbursement Process

ICICI Bank Education Loan Disbursement Process

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Read about the ICICI Bank education loan to help finance your abroad education dreams! Search for education loans that provide full coverage and various other benefits.

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Taking an abroad education loan from ICICI Bank can be a good decision especially if you are looking for a non-collateral / unsecured loan. ICICI Bank is considered to be one of the best banks to take education loans from. There are several features that you should know before taking a loan from ICICI Bank. These features are -

Feature Details

Loan Amount

Up to 50 Lakhs INR (depending on your university/college category)

Rate of Interest

10.85% - 12.50%

Loan Tenure

Up to 10 years

Processing Fees

0.5% - 1% of the loan amount + GST

Margin Money

0% - 15% (depending on your university/college category)

Moratorium Period

Course + 6 months

Processing Time

Up to 7 Days


Now that you have understood the ICICI Bank education loan features it is time to understand the disbursement process. It is important to understand the disbursement process because there are many sources from which you can get the loan process information but there are very few that have given knowledge on the disbursement process.

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ICICI Bank abroad education loan disbursement process

The disbursement process is the phase that starts once your loan has been sanctioned. Loan sanction signifies the lender's agreement to grant the requested loan amount to the borrower, indicating loan approval. It does not, however, imply that the funds have been released to the borrower. Further verifications and checks may be performed by the lender before disbursing the loan amount. It is important to note that loan sanction and loan disbursement are two distinct phases of the loan process. Thus, it makes understanding the loan disbursement process equally important.


Steps for ICICI Bank abroad education loan disbursement process

As the process for ICICI Bank’s education loan is digital therefore you do not have to undergo many additional steps in order to get your loan disbursed. The simple steps that you would need to follow in order to take the disbursement are as follows -

  1. The first step you would need to do is to read and sign the loan agreement. In this agreement, you can find the list of documents that are required to be submitted during the disbursement process. 
  2. After reading the agreement letter, you would have to perform 2 tasks. First, you would be required to collect all the documents that are mentioned in the loan agreement. The second would be to sign the agreement and also get the co-applicant to sign the agreement. 
  3. Afterward, you have to contact the ICICI Bank personnel with an application request to disburse the required amount. The amount mentioned in the application will be disbursed accordingly. There is no special disbursement request form. You need to ensure that you ask for disbursement approximately 15 days before tuition fee submission.


The disbursement takes place in the following manner - 

  1. Tuition fees - The tuition fee is directly transferred to the university account or the student’s account as per the requirement. 
  2. Living expenses - Expenses for accommodation, hostel, travel, and more are transferred to the student’s account for ease of processing the same further.
  3. Other expenses - All expenses incurred during studies abroad are covered under the ICICI Bank education loan. The loan amount for the same is transferred to the student’s account. 

Documents required for ICICI Bank education disbursement process

Just like the list of documents during the application process for an education loan, there are some documents that you may need to submit in order to get the disbursement process initiated. The document list is shown below - 

  • list items Applicant’s KYC documents
  • list items Address proof
  • list items University’s admit letter
  • list items Fees structure of the target university
  • list items Financial proof of co-applicant
  • list items NACH form
  • list items The co-applicant will also have to submit 9 - 12 post-dated cheques, in case s/he is unable to make an interest payment in a particular month.

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    How does GyanDhan help in ICICI Bank loan disbursement process?

    There are several benefits that you may get when getting your loan disbursed from Axis Bank through GyanDhan. GyanDhan offers assistance throughout the entire process of getting a loan, from the initial stages to the disbursement process. They are available to help with any difficulties that may arise during the disbursement process and have the necessary knowledge to overcome any challenges that may occur, ensuring that they are resolved quickly.

    To begin the process of securing funding for your international education, start by checking your loan eligibility for an education loan with GyanDhan. By doing so, you can be confident in utilizing their expertise in the disbursement process to ensure a smooth application process and successful loan disbursement.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I see my ICICI education loan status?

    You will be getting regular updates over email and other suitable communication mediums. Apart from it, you can also see your loan status on GyanDhan’s online dashboard as this has real-time information.

    What is the education loan processing time with ICICI Bank?

    It takes around 5 - 7 days to get the loan sanctioned once all the necessary documents are submitted. The disbursement process however can take upto 15 days once the request and documents have been submitted.

    Is there an option for pre-visa disbursement with ICICI Bank? 

    The bank offers the option to get the loan amount disbursed as a way to show proof of funds during the visa interview. The bank also has preferential forex rates for international disbursements.

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