Indian Embassy Guidelines on Delays in Canadian Visas

The Indian Embassy Issues Guidelines Due to Long Delays in Canadian Visas

The Indian Embassy Issues Guidelines Due to Long Delays in Canadian Visas

Due to lengthy visa processing, the Indian embassy has issued guidelines for students enrolled in Canadian Universities. Read the important points about the new guidelines.

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The Indian Embassy Issues Guidelines Due to Long Delays in Canadian Visas

The Indian High Commission in Ottawa has urged the authorities to take immediate steps to resolve the problem of long delays in processing visas and student permits for Indian students.

According to the high commission, the officials in Ottawa and diplomats in Toronto and Vancouver are continuously in contact with Canadian academic authorities to resolve this issue of visa delay.

As per the advisory, Indian students have already submitted the fees for their courses at Canadian universities. They are in talks with federal authorities to speed up the process of visa applications.

Here are some of the updates that can be helpful for the students affected by the visa delays:

  • list items Canadian universities are assisting students with updated information regarding their applications.
  • list items For incoming students who have not received their study permits in time for the term to start in September, universities have already planned some alternative options to help students.
  • list items A few institutions will provide a remote option if a student does not yet have a visa. If some courses do not have a remote option, students can contact the university/institute to discuss their options.
  • list items Deferring admission to a later term or considering exceptional circumstances are among the options available to students who wish to defer their admission.
  • list items Through an IRCC web form, affected students are encouraged to request information and urgent processing for study permit applications that have been submitted and completed but have exceeded the current processing time.  

More than 230,000 Indians have registered with Canadian universities to pursue their post-academic studies.

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