Best MBA Scholarships in Canada in 2024

Best MBA Scholarships in Canada in 2024

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Discover MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students with GyanDhan. Find top scholarships, eligibility criteria, application strategies, and more.

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Pursuing an MBA abroad comes with a hefty price tag. If you are planning to pursue an MBA abroad but find the cost of studying in the USA or UK overwhelming, Canada can be your best alternative. Canada has emerged as a prominent study-abroad destination for Indian students for various reasons that include renowned universities, top-notch education quality, post-study work opportunities, and a welcoming environment among others. This blog will cover complete details of MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students, offering invaluable resources for aspirants. Join us as we uncover, details of the application process to study MBA with scholarships, types of scholarships, and more to kickstart your educational journey.


Cost to Study MBA in Canada

The average tuition fee for an MBA in Canada is around 30,000 CAD - 40,000 CAD per year. The cost of an MBA for Indian students is 30,00,000 INR - 40,00,000 INR per year. However, the exact cost may vary depending on various factors such as choice of university, type of program, etc. Public universities in Canada have more affordable tuition fees compared to private B-schools. Moreover, the tuition fee for a part-time MBA is less due to its longer duration while it is higher for an executive MBA program as it is designed for working professionals. International students must consider the cost of living in Canada which is around 10,000 CAD to 12,000 CAD annually depending on individual preferences. 


Types of MBA Scholarships in Canada

Now that you know the cost of an MBA in Canada, let's discuss financial assistance for international students. MBA scholarships in Canada, especially for Indian students, are popular and widely available, helping you graduate without heavy financial burdens. Here are the types of MBA scholarships:

  • list items Merit-based scholarships: Awarded based on academic records, leadership skills, work experience, and other factors.
  • list items Need-based scholarships: Granted based on financial need to support and encourage meritorious students.
  • list items Government/private organization scholarships: Offered by the Canadian government and private organizations to attract talented international students.
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    Top MBA Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students 

    There are multiple MBA scholarships in Canada awaiting international scholarships. Most scholarships apply toward tuition fees for pursuing an MBA. Highly qualified candidates may be eligible for full tuition scholarships that cover the complete cost of an MBA. Take a look at some of the top MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students funded by private organizations:

    Go Global MBA Scholarship

  • list items The Go Global MBA scholarships provide 7,000 USD towards tuition fees for students enrolled in an MBA degree abroad.
  • list items To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet the entry requirements for the chosen B-school.
  • list items Applicants must demonstrate academic achievements, English language proficiency, and up to 5 years of professional work experience.
  • list items Students are also required to submit an elevator pitch and a short essay to support their application.
  • list items The scholarship committee seeks candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills, and the potential to make a difference in the industry and make the world more sustainable.
  • FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship

  • list items Female candidates pursuing postgraduate studies in finance at an accredited institution can benefit from the FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship.
  • list items The Women in Finance scholarships are awarded by FINCAD. This Numerix company is committed to supporting talented women in building careers in financial asset management, market risk management, and derivatives finance.
  • list items The scholarship is valued at 20,000 USD with 50% paid directly to the recipient and the remaining 50% paid directly to the educational institution towards tuition fees.
  • list items The scholarship has a rigorous selection process and only one recipient is chosen for the award.
  • list items The holder must not have more than 10 years of work experience in total and up to 5 years of work experience in finance.

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    Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • list items The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is awarded to students pursuing graduate studies at a publicly-assisted university in Ontario.
  • list items OGS are merit-based scholarships open to graduate students in all fields of study.
  • list items To apply for the scholarships, students will have to submit an online OGS application form along with transcripts from post-secondary institutions, records of previous awards, publications, conferences, a plan of study, and two academic references.
  • list items Applications are usually available in October.
  • list items Some of the participating Ontario schools include the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, University of Ottawa, etc.
  • list items Recipients of the scholarship receive 5,000 CAD per session tenable for one year.
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    University-Specific MBA Scholarships in Canada

    Scholarships provided by B-schools in Canada are the most convenient funding option for international students. Most universities provide entrance scholarships to admitted students based on the strength of their application. Here are the details of MBA scholarships in Canada provided by popular B-schools:

    Rotman School of Management Scholarships

  • list items International students at the Rotman School of Management are eligible for several scholarships.
  • list items The Joseph L. Rotman scholarships are full tuition value MBA scholarships and the most prestigious award at the university. The scholarships are annually awarded to two outperforming students.
  • list items Approximately one-third of the students receive entrance scholarships ranging from 10,000 CAD to 90,000 CAD based on the admission application.
  • list items The Rotman School also provides a scholarship for Women in Business that covers half-tuition for females who demonstrate a record of strong academic and professional achievements.
  • UBC Sauder School of Business Scholarships

  • list items The Dean’s Entrance Scholarship offered by UBC Sauder School of Business is highly competitive and awarded to students with exceptional academic records, community involvement, and leadership skills.
  • list items The scholarship provides 20,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD for international students.
  • list items Sauder School of Business rewards top-talent international MBA students with scholarships ranging between 10,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD. 
  • list items Various other scholarships such as Women in Business Leadership Scholarships, Responsible Business and Community Spirit Scholarship, Global Leadership Awards, etc. are also available for international students at UBC.
  • list items All international students who apply by the early application deadline with all necessary supporting documents are eligible for the Early Entrance Award worth 1,500 CAD.
  • University of Alberta MBA Scholarships

  • list items The University of Alberta offers various entrance awards and scholarships to MBA students.
  • list items All admitted students are automatically considered for entrance awards up to 15,000 CAD based on fulfilling the admission criteria.
  • list items Most UAlberta MBA Scholarships are awarded during the program following a separate application.
  • list items The Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship worth 12,000 CAD is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and have earned a GPA of 3.3 or above in the current program.
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    Other Popular MBA Scholarships in Canada 

    Name of Scholarship Details Amount

    Ivey Global Leader Award (Ivey Business School)

    One of the highest-valued scholarships for international students, the Ivey Global Leader Award is given to 10 students who demonstrate leadership skills through past experiences and add a global perspective to the classroom.

    50,000 CAD

    International MBA Internship Scholarship (Schulich School of Business)

    Internship support is provided to selected students by individual companies;

    The value of the scholarship varies according to the placement opportunity depending on the country of placement.


    Master of Management Entrance Scholarship (Haskayne School of Business)

    All students admitted to the full-time Master of Management program are eligible.;

    Candidates are selected based on academic merit and potential to contribute to the program.

    10,000 CAD, 5,000 CAD, 3,000 CAD, 1,000 CAD


    How to Apply for MBA Scholarships in Canada?

    Applying for MBA scholarships in Canada involves thorough preparation. Here’s a brief outline:

  • list items Research: Identify available scholarships through resources like GyanDhan.
  • list items Shortlist: Choose scholarships that align with your academic and career goals.
  • list items Details: Gather information on eligibility, application processes, and deadlines.
  • list items Apply Early: Increase your chances by applying early.
  • list items Prepare Documents: Common requirements include:
    • Academic transcripts
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • GMAT scorecard (if required)
    • Recommendation letters
    • Personal statement
    • Updated resume
  • list items Proofread: Review all materials and seek feedback.
  • list items Track: Monitor your application status and respond to offers.
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  • An MBA in Canada is a completely transitional experience for international students preparing them for dynamic careers in the ever-changing market. MBA graduates in Canada have commanding salaries starting from 40,000 CAD per year. Pursuing an MBA in Canada is a great investment in the future made accessible through scholarships for international students. For guided assistance, you can contact GyanDhan experts and sort out your loan and financing needs to study in Canada. Apart from that if you want to explore more scholarships than visit GyanDhan’s scholarship portal.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students?

    To get MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students, you must start by researching available opportunities thoroughly. You must check the eligibility criteria, documents required, application process, and deadlines by visiting the official website of the scholarship provider.

    Can I get 100% MBA scholarships in Canada?

    Yes, there are various fully-funded MBA scholarships in Canada that are highly competitive. You have to work hard to secure such scholarships as they are limited and awarded only to top-performing candidates. A well-rounded application with good academic standing, high GMAT scores, recommendations, work experience, and leadership skills is recommended for securing 100% MBA scholarships in Canada.

    Is work experience required for MBA scholarships in Canada?

    Work experience is recommended for MBA scholarships in Canada. Scholarships provided by private organizations in Canada prefer candidates with prior work experience who demonstrate leadership qualities. Some university-provided scholarships may accept students without work experience based on the assessment of academic records and GMAT scores.

    Which universities provide affordable MBA programs in Canada?

    The tuition fees for public universities in Canada are more affordable compared to private universities. International students looking for affordable MBA programs in Canada can apply to universities such as Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Ottawa, University of Saskatchewan, University of Waterloo, Concordia University, etc.

    Can international students work part-time while studying in Canada? 

    Yes, international students with a valid study permit can work for 20 hours per week during academic sessions. Part-time work can be a great opportunity for international students to learn new skills, get acquainted with Canadian culture, and earn some money to fulfill personal expenses.

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