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    Updated on: 11 Sep 2023


    The University of Zurich was founded in the year 1833 with the distinction of becoming the first educational abode that was established by a democratic state and without ecclesiastical or royal patronage. The credentials of this university can be ascertained from the fact that none other than the greatest physicist ever born on the face of this planet, Albert Einstein, was a doctoral student at the UZH. Later on, Albert Einstein also taught at UZH. This goes on to prove the kind of education one can expect at this university. Switzerland has always been the torchbearer of most advanced research in science, technology, medicine, liberal arts, humanities, etc. 

    UZH has around 28,000 students on its campus, a considerable portion of which is international students. Swiss public universities are known for their cost-effective education and world-class amenities. The campus has some of the most renowned researchers and academicians that assure students of a world-class education. The employment opportunities post completion of the course is pretty good. It helps students focus on their studies without worrying about jobs. UZH has perhaps one of the most comprehensive networks for research and other strategic collaboration, which helps students access some of the best universities in the world while studying there and utilising university resources. As per the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) report,  the University of Zurich ranking jumped from 56th to 54th position in 2021. 

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    Courses Available at the University of Zurich

    UZH has a wide range of courses that are offered to international students that are available in the English language. The medium of instruction of most of the courses is in English. So, students don’t have to worry much about the medium of instruction. The university has seven faculties in which different courses are taught. 

    • Faculty Of Theology: It has a wide range of courses for those who are interested in theology. The courses that are offered include M.A. in ancient Judaism, M.A. in Study of Religions, Masters of Theology, etc. 
    • Faculty of Law: This faculty has some truly interesting courses for Indian law graduates if they wish to pursue LLM. Master of Law UZH (Double Degree from UC Berkeley) is one such course wherein one can get a double degree recognised Berkeley Law Degree. This opens the doorway for international law firms and big global corporate giants. Similarly, they have dual degree programs with other world recognised universities and colleges like King’s College London, University of Maastricht, University of Hong Kong, and several other institutions of worldwide reputation. The University of Zurich master's in law program is also regarded as one of the best in the world. 
    • Faculty Of Business, Economics, and Informatics: Master of Arts UZH Business and Economics is one such course at the Faculty, which has consistently been the top choice for international students. A wide range of majors and minors is available with the course that can be coupled with the parent course as per the field of interest and areas in trend (from employment perspectives). To make the student's industry ready, the minor subjects include Data Sciences, Behavioural Economics, Quantitative Finance. At the same time, the major subjects include Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Management and Economics, etc. The second course available at UZH is Masters of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Financing. 
    • Faculty Of Medicine: There are three courses available in this faculty, and all of them are equally good. The first one is the Master Human Medicine, then comes the Master Of Chiropractic Medicine, and the last is Master Of Dental Science. UZH has genuinely an excellent pool of faculty coupled with research opportunities. After completing the master’s course, one has to take the Swiss Federal Examination of Human Medicine to start the practice. Similarly, for Chiropractics, one needs to take the Swiss Federal Examination in Chiropractic Medicine. 
    • Vetsuisse-Faculty: This faculty is related to Veterinary Sciences. After completion of the course, there is a final federal examination leading to the award of the Federal Veterinary Diploma. Once a student qualifies for the test, they are eligible to practice all across Switzerland.  
    • Faculty Of Arts: The faculty has courses in M.A., M.A. in Film Studies, M.A. in social sciences, Masters in Psychology. Students equally seek all the courses, and one can expect a great deal of research opportunity post completion of the studies. 
    • Faculty Of Science: There are four courses that include Joint Degree Master of Science UZH ETH in Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences, Joint Degree Master of Science UZH ETH in Neural Systems and Computation, Master of Science Faculty of Science, and Master of Science Faculty of Science. All the details regarding the course are available on UZH’s official website. 


    Language for Different Courses and English Proficiency Test Requirement 

    There is no dearth of courses that are taught in the English language. In fact, most of the courses that international students usually prefer studying are taught in English. So, this isn’t something that is of any trouble. Still, we provide a list of courses taught in English, and international students can take these courses. 

    Courses offered at the Faculty of Law that include Master of Law UZH International and Comparative Law; Master of Law UZH Double Degree International and Comparative Law; Master’s minor study program Rechtswissenschaft are taught in English. All the courses offered at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics are taught in English, except Business Administration. The entire list of programs at the Faculty of Science is taught in English. So, this pretty much sums up all the different courses that most international students want to study. The ample availability of courses in the English language and a robust research ecosystem is the reason why the university of Zurich acceptance rate is only 19%. So, one must work hard to get into this prestigious university. 

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    As far as the language proficiency test requirement is concerned, one must take the IELTS Academic with a minimum score band of 7, TOEFL iBT / MyBestTM Scores to TOEFL iBT, and the score requirement is 100. If a student is sending the TOEFL scores, then they must be sent directly by the ETS; one must keep a note of it. C1 Advanced (Formerly Cambridge English: Advanced, CAE) and C2 Proficiency (Formerly Cambridge English: Proficiency, CPE) are also accepted, but these should also be sent from the Cambridge result portal. 

    University of Zurich Fees Structure 

    One of the reasons why students from different parts of the world choose UZH is its affordable cost of education. UZH is one such university wherein a student can complete his Masters in Law by taking around 900 CHF or INR 74000 per semester. If one chooses to do their masters from one of the NLUs in India, they have to pay up to INR 2,50,000 per annum. The fees at NLUs is one lakh more than UZHs fee for the entire year. Similarly, the cost of an MBA is also the same, while if one chooses to do MBA from an Indian college, the fees can be as high as 11 lakh per annum at IIMs. So, when it comes to affordable education, UZH is undoubtedly one of the best institutions in the world to enroll in a master or doctorate program. 

    Cost of Living in Zurich 


     Cost (in CHF) per month 

    Rent incl. heating


     Additional expenses (telephone, internet, radio and television fees*) 




    Health Insurance


    Clothing, laundry, personal items




    Miscellaneous Expenses


    Study Material



    This can be a little tricky, and Indian students coming from financially humble backgrounds might have to take an education loan to finance the cost of living in Zurich. The cost of living is pretty high in Switzerland, and one needs to spend a minimum of 2000CHF per month. However, there is no hard and fast rule about this, and students can manage their living expenses by cutting on miscellaneous expenses and using free study material or second-hand study material available at a lower cost. 

    Many students take up a part-time job to finance their cost of living, and this is something which is the most tenable way to cover the living expense. There is a contention too with the part-time job as students can take a part-time job only after completing six months of stay in Switzerland. However, this rule doesn’t apply to doctorate students, and they can start working right away. International students can work only 15 hours a week during the semester, and they can work full-time during holidays. 

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    Education Loan For Studying in Switzerland 

    Indian banks and other financial institutions readily lend to Swiss universities. There is no dearth of lending options as the University Of Zurich is one of the elite universities, and getting admission at such an institution is in itself a big feat. So, banks don’t usually have a problem. Given the low cost of education, the only contention is the cost of living, so even an unsecured loan can be of great financial help for students. And, as far as unsecured loans are concerned, most private banks will lend if the student has good academics and enrolled in a course that has good employability post completion of the course. So, this is something that the students shouldn’t worry about. To help in this regard, many fintech companies help students get the best loan at the most reasonable rate of interest and repayment terms. These fintech companies help students from the collection of documents to the issuance of international money cards. They also help parents in understanding the nitty-gritty of loans that a bank might not do. So, it’s advised to get help from these institutions and get the best deal on the abroad education loan to the University of Zurich. 

    First published date: 25 Sep 2020

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