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Brief Background:

Every student aspiring to study in The U.S must surely have heard about New York University! Considered amongst the best in the world, it was established in 1831. It is the largest independent research university and offers 230 areas of study through schools such as the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, the School of Medicine, the School of Law, the Tandon School of Engineering, the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and the Rory Meyers College of Nursing. The fact that 36 Nobel Prize winners have passed out of its hallowed portals speaks a lot about the University! It ranks amongst the top Universities across the world in Accounting and Finance, Law and legal studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Its engineering school, The Tandon School of Engineering is 158 years old and offers a variety of programmes such as Applied Physics, Mathematics, Urban Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and others.


New York University campus is spread across 230 acres. The campus is dotted with several historical buildings which speak about the rich heritage of this University. Though some of the buildings are ancient, most of the facilities offered here are world class. The campus also has 9 libraries, Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and Wasserman Center for Career Development.

Residing Options:

New York University offers on-campus accommodation to its students and has 20 residence halls for this purpose. Students can choose from semi-private, private, and dormitory style rooms.

Faculty and pedagogy:

The faculty at New York University is outstanding and known the world over in their field. Every single teacher here is amongst the world’s leading scholars! Numerous faculty members have been awarded here with the world’s most prestigious awards such as  Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prizes, Crafoord Prize, MacArthur Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Fellowship, Oscar Awards, and Emmy Awards.

Financial aid:

$133 million is given annually, as scholarship, by New York University. However, the student should be meritorious and deserving to get one of these scholarships. The University also gives loans to students who want to study here and are meritorious.

Jobs and placements:

NYU is placed amongst the top 14% universities in terms of Return on investment (ROI) according to Payscale. Its annual ROI is 5.1%. Software Engineers earn about $95k annually on an average according to Payscale. Project Managers from the university make about $69k annually on an average. Male graduates earn more than female graduates as is the norm. They earn about $80k annually on an average, while females make $15k less than them according to Payscale. The male salary range is $49,222 - $118,344, while the female salary range is $42,087 - $91,994. MS graduates from the NYU earn in the range of $48,923 - $105,041annually according to Payscale.
The top recruiters include New York University (NYU) $54,141 - $84,357; J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC) $61,825 - $135,972; NYU Medical Center $44,814 - $117,027, International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.$68,500 - $144,881; Inc $41,922 - $130,388. Around 2382 NYU pass outs have rated their job experience 4 out of 5 on Payscale.


New York University has some of the world’s who’s who as its alumni. Some recent names include Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Tony Kushner, and many others.


New York University is certainly one of the finest universities in the world and if you do get admission here, lap up at the chance and make the most of it.


New York University (NYU) is located in New York City in the state of New York. Within the city, the university has two campuses, one at Manhattan and the other at Brooklyn.
The main campus of the university at Manhattan is based around the Washington Square Park lying north of Houston Street, West of Broadway, east of the Sixth Avenue and south of 14th Street. It is located amidst the bustle of one of the busiest cities on globe yet it retains an academic calm, partly due to the sustained greening efforts.
The Brooklyn Campus is located at 6 MetroTech Center, which is the largest university-corporate park in any US city lying south of Downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard runs on its west and Flatbush Avenue on its east. This campus houses the Tandon School (which includes the engineering departments) and the Langone Medical Center.
The campuses are easily accessible by road and rail. For Brooklyn campus, the train stations are MetroTech (A C F train), Borough Hall (2 3 4 5 train), Lawrence Street-MetroTech (M R train) and Dekalb Avenue (Q B train). Manhattan Campus is easily accessible by its adjoining roads. The nearest train station is West 4-Street Washington Square Station. The nearest airport from NYU is the LaGuardia Airport which lies about 10 miles north-east of the university.

Acceptance Rate for Indians 63%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 957
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 28
TA Appointments 50
RA appointments 163
Research funding $47,551,133
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Mechanical and Aerospace

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Tandon School of Engineering) is reaching new heights in aerospace technology education and research by concentrating its focus on the mechanical aspects of aerospace science. It offers BS, MS and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, besides an MS in Mechatronics and Robotics oriented towards Aerospace Engineering and Technology.  The faculty of the department is committed to creating smart technology through cutting-edge research in rocket engines, satellites, etc. Their efforts have borne fruit in the form of a successful rocketry project that was a part of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program. Faculty member Nikhil Gupta won the Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship in 2009. Agile Robotics and Perception lab is helping the department break new grounds in aerospace science research.
The specializations available are Energy Engineering and Policy, Controls and Dynamic Systems, Mechanics and Structural Systems and Fluids. Ph.D. students can opt to specialize in controls and dynamic systems, fluid dynamics and thermal systems, materials engineering or mechanics and structural systems.
The faculty has a proven track record of nurturing talent and channelizing it for innovative solutions in the most challenging fields of mechanical engineering. The department has an overall faculty strength of 35. Each faculty member possesses a rich research experience in the most demanding fields. This experience is translated into making the classrooms and laboratories sessions the spaces where innovation is born. Professor Weiqiang Chen was awarded Chroma Young Investigator Award in 2019 and Professor Vikram Kapila was awarded the Outstanding Project Award by the National Science Foundation in 2011.

Areas of Expertise: Automated Manufacturing; Energy Systems; Production Planning & Control; Materials Engineering; Fluidic Systems & Devices; Robotic Systems
List of Labs (Aerospace): Offensive Security, Incident Response and Internet Security (OSIRIS) Laboratory
List of Labs (Mechanical): Applied Micro Bioengineering Laboratory; Laboratory for Agile and Resilient Complex Systems; Particles, Interface & Fluids Laboratory; Laboratory for Mechanobiology & Regenerative Medicine; Applied Dynamics & Optimization Laboratory; Composite Materials & Mechanics Laboratory; Mechatronics Laboratory

Chemical and Biomolecular

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering brings the in-vogue biotechnology programs backed by an innovative curriculum and pedagogy. It offers BS in Biomolecular Science, BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, MS in Biotechnology, MS in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, MS in Chemical Engineering, MS in Bioinformatics (Online) programs, MS in Chemistry and PhDs in Materials Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
The faculty of the department aims to develop a critical mindset amongst the students so that they become the producers of the most urgent life-saving biotech solutions required by society. Professor John McDevitt was awarded the Gates Grant for HIV monitoring. Jin Kim Montclare was inducted into the prestigious American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.
A research team led by Andre Taylor has recently created organic solar cells that are resistant to air, light, and water. Professor David Pine from the department was awarded a fellowship to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Professor Eray Aydil has been awarded the Camille-Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.
The main research areas of the department are biopolymers at interfaces, bio-sensors, protein engineering, and biomolecular diagnostics. The main research areas of the department include dynamics of complex fluids, nanotechnology, nanomaterials, and process-systems engineering.
Langone Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offer students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the professional world.

Areas of Expertise: Systems biology; Process System Engineering; Microphotonics; Drug Delivery; Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials; Dynamics of Complex Fluids

Civil and Urban

The Department of Civil and Urban Engineering aims to tackle the challenge of rapid urbanization by promoting research and education for a smart, resilient and sustainable urban space. It offers BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Construction Management, BS (minor) in Construction Management, Transportation, Urban Informatics and Environmental Engineering. The master’s programs offered by the department are Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural and Material Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Urban Systems, and Urban Analytics and Construction Management and Engineering. The dual degrees offered by the department are 5-year BS/MS in Civil Engineering or Construction Management, (BS)/ MS in Urban Planning, BS in Mathematics and Civil Engineering and BS in Physics and Civil Engineering. Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering and Transportation Planning and Engineering are also offered.
Most of the faculty members are active researchers and bring their research experience to teaching so that the students can have an edge over their peers. A. Silverman; J. Chow, C. Kontokosta, K. Ozbay and M. Iskander from the department have been awarded National Science Foundation CAREER Award, while L. Chiarelli, F. Griffis, M. Iskander, and C. Kontokosta have been awarded fellowship of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
The main research areas of the department are Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Science, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials, Resiliency, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Urban Informatics, and Urban Infrastructure Systems.

Areas of Expertise: Management of Urban Utilities Networks; Construction Management; Transportation Systems; Environmental Analysis
List of Labs: NYS RISE (New York State Resiliency Institute for Storms and Emergencies); International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (INTERCEP); Urban Infrastructure Institute; Center for Construction Management Innovation; Urban ITS Center; Resiliency Resource Center; C2Smart

Computer Science

The Computer Science Department (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences) at NYU has been at the forefront of CS research, teaching, and innovation. It offers BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering; MS in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy; MS in Cybersecurity; MS in Computer Science; BS in Computer Science; BS in Computer Engineering; Bioinformatics, M.S. Online; Ph.D. in Computer Science
The department’s Yann LeCun was awarded the 2018 Turing Award. Professor Chee Yap was elected to the Academia Europaea. Ted Rappaport will receive the Eric. E Summer Award for 2020, while Margaret E Wright from the department has been awarded the John Von Neumann Award for 2019.
The department concentrates its research efforts in Algorithms and Theory, Computational Biology, Formal Methods and Verification, Graphics, Vision and User, Interfaces, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Scientific Computing, Systems, and Networking.

Areas of Expertise: High-Performance Networks; Data Mining; Internet Search Engines; Distributed Systems; Advanced Algorithms; Large Database Systems; Game Design; Cyber Security
List of Labs: Visualization and Data Analytics (ViDA); CRISSP; Media and Games Network (MAGNET); Mobile Augmented Reality Lab; Future Building Informatics and Visualization Lab; Game Innovation Lab, MAGNET; Center for Cyber Security System

Electrical and Computer 

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a leader in creating new technologies for computer hardware security, medical diagnostics, cellular communication, and nanoelectronics. It offers BS in Electrical Engineering, BS in Computer Engineering, MS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.
They focus on training the students with excellent classroom interactions coupled with rigorous lab-work so that they can lead the creation of technologies that can go on to solve the pressing problems of the times. Amongst them are highly revered professors and various award winners. David Goodman, Leslie Greengard, Yann LeCun and Dante Youla, for instance, have been awarded membership to the National Academy of Engineering. Likewise, Jonathan Chao and Theodore Rappaport were awarded a fellowship to the National Academy of Inventors.
The key research areas of the department are Communications, Networking and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, System, Control and Robotics, Energy Systems, Smart Grids and Power Electronics, Electromagnetics, Analog, RF and Biomedical Circuits, and Computer Engineering and VLSI. It is taking rapid strides in each area with the help of its 13 dedicated research laboratories and centers.

Areas of Expertise: Robotics; Automatic Control; Multimedia Signal Processing; Electric Power Generation; Wireless Communications; Telecommunications Networking
List of labs: Systems and Control Group (SCG); Integrated Information Systems Laboratory; Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications; Organic Electronics Laboratory; High-Speed Networking Lab; Shahrjerdi Nanoelectronics Research Lab; Power and Power Electronics lab; NYU Wireless

Technology Management and Innovation

The Department of Technology Management and Innovation is dedicated to tackling the challenges of a knowledge-driven world by emphasizing the importance of strategies for behavioral, organizational and social management of companies. The Department offers a BS in Business and Technology Management; MS in Industrial Engineering; MS in Management of Technology. Dr. Kaufmann from the department founded the American Society for Engineering Management. Professor Oded Nov was awarded the National Science Foundation CAREER award. MakerSpace and NYU Tandon Future Labs drive research at the department.

Areas of Expertise: Impacts of Information Technology; Global Innovation and R&D Strategy; Sociological Aspects of Technology and Work
List of Labs: (Industrial Engineering): Dynamical Systems Laboratory

Pure Sciences

The Department of Applied Physics offers BS in Applied Physics; BS in Physics and Mathematics; MS in Applied Physics. Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences offers BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. It also offers MS in Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science, Scientific Computing, Information Systems, Math Finance, and Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (MS-CEI).

List of Labs: MicroParticle PhotoPhysics Laboratory for BioPhotonics

Annual fees for Indians $26,000
Annual off-campus living $10,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

Scholarships (coming soon)

Education loan

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ICICI Bank Education Loan Disbursement Process | GyanDhan
<p> Published date: 25 Nov 2020 Updated on: 25 Nov 2020 &nbsp; Education loans are a boon to students who find personal funds to be less than adequate at most times. With several benefits, they are the best choice for funding abroad education. You should search and explore various education loan options so that you can settle on the best-suited loan product that helps you with your overseas journey.&nbsp; There are many lenders in the market, each with a different loan product. We have a whole series of blogs on different loan products and disbursement processes to help you.&nbsp; In this blog, we are exploring the disbursement process, features, and benefits of the ICICI Bank education loan.&nbsp; What steps are to be taken before the ICICI Bank Education Loan disbursement process?&nbsp; The ICICI Bank education loan process is plain and simple. All you need to do is as follows -&nbsp; Apply for the loan - You can apply for the loan online on the GyanDhan portal after understanding the features and benefits of the ICICI Bank education loan. The entire loan application can be completed online, including submission of the required documents.&nbsp; Submit the required documents - The loan application form requires various documents such as the admission letter, fee structure, KYC documents, collateral documents (if applicable), course-specific documents, etc. GyanDhan will send your case-based document checklist to the registered email of the student, which can be easily uploaded on the portal. ICICI Sanction letter - Once the documents are submitted and verified, the ICICI Bank education loan sanction letter will be sent to the registered email of the applicant. Students are advised to read this letter carefully. Final Loan agreement - On accepting the terms and conditions mentioned in the sanction letter, applicants are required to submit further documents. After which, the bank sends the final loan agreement to be signed by the applicant and the co-applicant(s). The loan amount is disbursed as per the student’s request.&nbsp; What are the ICICI Bank Education loan documents required?&nbsp; The documents required for the ICICI Bank education loan process are as follows -&nbsp; Applicant’s KYC documents - Aadhar card PAN card Valid passport&nbsp; Driver’s license Applicant’s proof of address Tax paid receipt&nbsp; Telephone bill/Electricity bill/Water bill of not more than 3 months old Ration card Academic transcripts - 10th, 12th, and undergraduate mark sheets&nbsp; Test scorecards of GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE, if required.&nbsp; Admission letter&nbsp; Fee structure&nbsp; Applicant’s signature proof - Banker’s signature verification Passport copy PAN card Documents required from co-applicant(s) 3 months payslips and proof of any other additional source of income 6 months updated bank statement of salary account Latest Form 16 and ITR Relationship proof (with the applicant) The co-applicant will also have to submit 9-12 post-dated cheques, in case s/he is unable to make an interest payment in a particular month.&nbsp; NACH form There may be additional case-based documents that the applicant will have to submit to complete the application process and to initiate the disbursement process. The documents have to be notarized on stamp paper.&nbsp; Want To Apply For An ICICI Bank Abroad Education Loan? Fill this form and get in touch with an expert What is the ICICI Bank education loan disbursement process?&nbsp; The ICICI Bank education loan disbursement process does not require any additional steps. Once the bank has presented the sanction letter, the applicant has to submit all the above-mentioned documents, as well as any other mentioned in the letter. The applicant can request disbursement of the loan amount after the documents are submitted and verified by the bank. The time taken for disbursal is 15 working days. The process is quick and hassle-free for timely disbursement of loans.&nbsp; Tuition fees - The tuition fee is directly transferred to the university account or the student’s account.&nbsp; Living expenses - Expenses for accommodation, hostel, travel, etc, are transferred to the student’s account for ease of processing. Other expenses - All expenses incurred during studies abroad are covered under the ICICI Bank education loan. The loan amount for the same is transferred to the student’s account.&nbsp; Students should remember to request disbursement at least 2 to 3 weeks before the deadline for fee submission to provide ample time for the bank to process it and to avoid any delays in submitting the fee.&nbsp; What are the features of the ICICI Bank education loan?&nbsp; The ICICI Bank education loans are student-friendly with various features that aid students to pursue abroad education without breaking into a sweat. Some of them are as follows -&nbsp; Loan amount - ICICI Bank offers education loans up to INR 1 crore (with collateral) for overseas education. For education loans without collateral, the bank offer loans up to INR 40 lakhs for postgraduate courses and up to INR 20 lakhs for undergraduate courses.&nbsp; Interest rate - The ICICI Bank education loan interest rate for international studies starts at 11.25% for postgraduate courses. For undergraduate courses, the interest rate starts at 11.75%. The interest rate, however, can differ based on the course and the institute. If the student has secured admission in a top-ranking college, the interest rate can be negotiated. Simple interest is calculated on education loans.&nbsp; Margin Money - The bank does not charge any margin money on loan amounts up to INR 20 lakhs. Margin money for loans above INR 20 lakhs ranges from 5% to 15%. Any scholarship amount or initial fee paid to the university can be included in the margin money.&nbsp; Eligibility - The ICICI Bank education loan eligibility criteria is rather simple - &nbsp; The student should be an Indian national.&nbsp; The student should have secured admission in a recognized university to a degree or diploma course.&nbsp; The student should have successfully completed 10+2 education.&nbsp; Processing fee - The ICICI Bank processing fee is 1% of the loan amount plus applicable taxes.&nbsp; Repayment tenure - The bank offers up to 8 years after the moratorium period ends to repay the loan amount. If the student has pledged collateral, the loan tenure is 10 years post the holiday period.&nbsp; Moratorium period - The loan repayment starts after the completion of the course + 6 months.&nbsp; What are the benefits of the ICICI Bank education loan?&nbsp; The benefits of an ICICI education loan are as follows -&nbsp; Loan coverage - The education loans by the bank will cover any and every expense that is incurred in overseas education. Students can also pledge collateral to get a higher loan amount limit.&nbsp; Wider course and college coverage - Most lenders keep a list of eligible courses and colleges for abroad education. ICICI Bank, on the other hand, gives education loans to practically every course and college provided it is a recognized institute. Instant Education loan - The bank facilitates instant education loans that enable students to get an instant Sanction letter. The ICICI Bank Abroad loan Sanction letter is accepted as a source of funds for student’s admission confirmation. The student can avail of the Instant Education Loan by pledging Fixed Deposit with the bank. The instant loans are pre-approved, and therefore, the sanction letter is sent on the registered email ID of the customer.&nbsp; Interest rates - The ICICI Bank education loan interest rate is dynamic. On securing admission to a reputed and top-ranked college, the rate of interest can be negotiated to a lower figure.&nbsp; Pre-Visa disbursal - The bank offers the option to get the loan amount disbursed as a way to show proof of funds during the visa interview. The bank also has preferential forex rates for international disbursements.&nbsp; Margin money - There is no margin money on loan amounts up to INR 20 lakhs.&nbsp; Tax benefits - Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act of India, the interest paid on an education loan is tax-deductible. Students can avail of this benefit by taking a loan from the ICICI Bank, as well as any other scheduled bank in India.&nbsp; In addition to this long list of benefits, the bank accepts non-financial co-applicants if the applicant has 3+years of experience and is going for a postgraduate course. There is also no penalty on prepayment of loans.&nbsp; What are the advantages of opting for the GyanDhan Gateway for your education loan?&nbsp; GyanDhan is a one-stop-shop for education loans and abroad studies. We provide services to students that we know would not only benefit the students but also make their abroad journey easy and hassle-free at zero cost to the students. Our Education Loan Counselors (ELC) will discuss the loan options with you before initiating the loan application. After a thorough discussion, the loan process is started with the lender that suits your profile and needs.&nbsp; We have partnered with ICICI Bank and several other major lenders in the market. 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With the surge in the popularity of Big Data related jobs in the world, the Analytics roles are also gaining huge traction. Almost every industry such as technology, financial services, retail, healthcare, travel, FMCG, media, etc. leverage business analytics to gain a competitive edge over the competitors. Because of this astronomical rise in demand for trained business analytics professionals, the job prospects in the field have also augmented manifolds. To explain to you in detail about the MS in Business Analytics- best colleges abroad, eligibility, job prospects, and prerequisites, GyanDhan, in partnership with Galvanize Test Prep, is organizing a webinar "Big Data, Big Paycheck! All about an MS in Business Analytics!". The webinar will be organized on Saturday, 28th Nov 2020 at 11 AM IST. The speaker of the webinar will be Pavithra Srinivasan (Stanford University Alumna). **Highlights for the Session:** * Is my background/profile suitable for an MS in Business Analytics? * Which countries and universities should I apply to? * What kind of jobs will I get after the course? * What prerequisites and courses will be a part of this program? ... Read more

All About Auxilo Education Loan Disbursement Process | GyanDhan
<p> Published date: 21 Nov 2020 Updated on: 21 Nov 2020 &nbsp; There are several Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) offering education loans to students. The most highlighted benefit of these lenders is that the eligibility for an education loan is reasonably relaxed, helping students secure funds for their choice of course and country comfortably.&nbsp; Auxilo is one such lender in the market that offers education loans for abroad studies. Founded in 2017, Auxilo is a pro-education NBFC that believes in the right to education for every student. They offer complete loan coverage, competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and several other benefits.&nbsp; In this blog, we are looking at the disbursement process of the Auxilo education loan in detail to help students understand the process.&nbsp; Without further ado, let’s get into it - &nbsp; What are the steps taken before the Auxilo Education Loan disbursement process? The Auxilo education loan process is straightforward and hassle-free for the students. The process is further simplified on applying for the same through GyanDhan. Let’s read about the Auxilo education loan process -&nbsp; Apply for the loan - The simplest way to apply for the Auxilo education loan is to get in touch with GyanDhan. You can apply for the loan after a thorough discussion with our education loan counselor to understand the loan product offered by Auxilo.&nbsp; Submit documents required - The loan application requires students to submit certain documents. Documents and details regarding the institution such as admission date, fee structure, course-specific information, and admission related documents are mandatory for the Auxilo education loan process.&nbsp; Loan Structuring - Auxilo will verify the documents submitted, as well as the enrollment documents. At this point, you will have to get your co-applicant’s signature. Once the documents are verified and your application is analyzed, Auxilo will offer an education loan that is structured and customized exclusively for you.&nbsp; Final loan agreement - On accepting the initial loan offer, you will receive a final loan agreement, which has to be signed by the applicant and all the co-applicants. The loan amount can be disbursed after accepting the final loan agreement. The money can be disbursed as per the student’s convenience.&nbsp; What are the Auxilo Education loan documents required?&nbsp; To complete the loan application and process, the applicant must submit all the mandatory documents. Though the list of documents differ from case to case, some of the commonly asked documents are as follows - Applicant’s KYC documents -&nbsp; Aadhar Card&nbsp; Valid Passport PAN Card Voter Card&nbsp; Driver’s License Applicant’s Proof of Residence -&nbsp; Tax Paid receipt Telephone bill/Electricity bill/Water Bill of not more than 3 months old Ration Card Academic Transcripts - 10th, 12th, and undergraduate mark sheets Test Scorecards of GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL, if applicable. Applicant’s Signature Proof - Banker’s Signature verification Passport Copy&nbsp; PAN Card&nbsp; Driving License with photograph and individual signature Clearance of Processing Fees cheques - the concerned officer will verify the signature on the application form with the processing fee cheque.&nbsp; Notarized Affidavit&nbsp; Documents Required from Co-Applicant(s) 3 months payslips and proof of any other additional source of income 6 months updated bank statement of salary account Latest Form 16 and ITR Relationship proof (with the applicant) The co-applicant will also have to submit 9-12 post-dated cheques, in case s/he is unable to make an interest payment in a particular month.&nbsp; NACH form Financial documents of the co-applicants vary depending on the type of employment - Private company, Partnership Firm, Trust/Foundations, Proprietorship Firm.&nbsp; For example, for a Partnership, the documents required are -&nbsp; Registration Certificate, if registered Updated and latest Partnership Deed Telephone Bill in the name of the firm Certificate/Registration document issued under GST/Professional Tax or any other authorities.&nbsp; Certificate/License issued by the Municipal Authorities under Shop and Establishment Act.&nbsp; Any other case-based document required by the lender would be informed to the applicant during the loan process, which they will have to get notarized on a stamp paper. What is the Auxilo Education loan Disbursement process?&nbsp; Auxilo disbursement process is easy and effortless. Once the loan formalities, such as submitting additional documents or post-dated cheques, etc. are completed, the loan amount can be disbursed as per the applicant’s request.&nbsp; Tuition Fees - the tuition fees can be either directly transferred to the university or to the student’s account.&nbsp; Living Expenses - the living expenses are transferred to the student’s account.&nbsp; Other Expenses - The Auxilo education loan covers a plethora of expenses. The loan amount can be disbursed to the student’s account for these additional expenses, such as travel expenses, pre-admission costs, etc.&nbsp; Want To Apply For Auxilo Education Loan For Abroad Studies? Fill this form and get in touch with an expert What are the features of the Auxilo education loan?&nbsp; Auxilo education loan is preferred by students to finance their abroad studies on account of the various features. The loans offered by Auxilo are holistic and customized. Let’s look at some of the features of the education loans by Auxilo -&nbsp; Loan amount - There is no cap on the maximum amount you can borrow from Auxilo. If the student and co-applicant profiles are outstanding, the lender will fund the entire cost of education. However, with an average profile, the student can expect to borrow up to INR 40 lakhs.&nbsp; Interest Rate - The Auxilo education loan interest rate is calculated as = Auxilo Base Rate + Spread. The current base rate is 12.70%. The spread is determined based on the student’s profile and the course selected.&nbsp; Eligibility - To be eligible for the Auxilo education loan, students must fulfill the following criteria -&nbsp; The student must be an Indian citizen and 18 years and above.&nbsp; The student must have confirmed admission to a recognized university before the loan amount is disbursed.&nbsp; The loan must be co-signed by an earning co-applicant in India.&nbsp; Processing Fees - The Auxilo loan processing fee can be 2% of the sanction loan amount or as per the Sanction letter.&nbsp; Repayment tenure - The lender offers up to 10 years to repay the loan.&nbsp; What are the benefits of the Auxilo education loan?&nbsp; There are a great many benefits of choosing Auxilo to fund your education. Some of them are as follows -&nbsp; Loan Coverage - Auxilo has your back. Whatever may be the expenses, your loan amount will cover it. Expenses like tuition fees, living expenses, examination fees, travel expenses, etc. are all covered by the loan, meaning zero margin money.&nbsp; No-limit loans - Auxilo has not set an upper limit on the amount that can be borrowed, meaning if the student profile is good, any amount can be sanctioned.&nbsp; Customized loan options - Auxilo studies the profile and needs of the student before presenting a loan offer. There is no fixed loan product as the needs of every student are dynamically different, which the lender takes into account. And therefore, offers customized loan products.&nbsp; Pre-admission loan - Auxilo offers education loans to students who have not yet received an unconditional admission offer. This loan offers the benefit of ‘proof of funds’ to help students receive Confirmation of admission.&nbsp; Pre-Visa Disbursement - Students can opt for pre-visa disbursement to show adequate funds as a testimony as well as ‘proof of funds’ during their visa interview.&nbsp; Wider course and country coverage - There’s a wider coverage in terms of the courses and countries that Auxilo supports. For example, Auxilo provides funds for almost all the courses like undergraduate, postgraduate, professional degrees, diploma courses, technical or professional courses, vocational training, or executive programs. There is also no limit on the number of countries supported.&nbsp; Multiple co-applicants - Many students face the problem of co-applicants in the case of unsecured education loans. To tackle this issue, Auxilo allows multiple co-applicants as well as multi-city co-applicants.&nbsp; What’s the advantage of GyanDhan Gateway for the education loan?&nbsp; GyanDhan knows the value of the right loan and lender to fund abroad education. And to help you get the best services to finance your education, we discuss all the possible options available to you, taking into account your needs and requirements. Further, we have partnered with Auxilo to assist you to get the education loan without any hitch. The entire loan application process can be completed online on GyanDhan’s portal and the Auxilo loan application status can be tracked on the dashboard of your GyanDhan account.&nbsp; GyanDhan assures a swift and hassle-free education loan journey for the students at zero cost to them. Check your Auxilo education loan eligibility here and start your Auxilo education loan process right away! </p> <hr> <small>This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at <a href=""></a></small> ... Read more

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What Biden presidency means for Indian students
With Joe Biden securing a win in US presidential elections 2020, there are lots of airs around the world about what will his policy be regarding international students, particularly about Indian students. Will it be different from that of the outgoing president Donal Trump? Biden will take over the White House in January 2021 and the questions about his policies for Indians/Indian students are largely debated. Like elsewhere, GyanDhan and its partner Galvanize Test Prep also have views and predictions on the vital questions. To discuss what a Biden presidency means for international/Indian students, GyanDhan is organizing a webinar 'WIN-WIN: What a Biden presidency means for Indian/International students!'. The webinar will be held on Saturday, 21st November at 11:00 AM IST. The speaker of the webinar will be Pavithra Srinivasan (Stanford University Alumna). **Highlights for the Session:** * Likely to be implemented employment and green card policies for graduates. * How Biden will take a focused, science-based approach to the Coronavirus. * How Ph.D. hopefuls in STEM fields are likely to benefit from a Biden administration. ... Read more

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