Admission Chronicles: My Journey from Hyderabad to UTA in Pursuit of MS in CS

Admission Chronicles: My Journey from Hyderabad to UTA in Pursuit of MS in CS

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Gyandhan brings you the story of Abhishek from Hyderabad who went to pursue Master's in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Writen by Abhishek, MS in CS student at University of Texas Arlington

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! I'm Abhishek Nagaraja, and I'm here to take you on a rollercoaster ride through my pursuit of a Master's in Computer Science, all the way from the vibrant streets of Hyderabad to the buzzing corridors of the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).


Unveiling Early Passions

The story begins in Karnataka, my birthplace, and unfolds as my family moved to Hyderabad when I was young. From the third grade onward, my education journey took root in this bustling city. My tryst with technology started early—I still remember the excitement of my first mobile phone in 7th grade, followed by a tablet and a PSP. The real game-changer (quite literally) was when I got my hands on my first laptop during 10th grade. This marked the beginning of my foray into the captivating world of Game Development.

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High school was a thrilling ride. Fueled by my passion, I formed a team, and together we ventured into game development. The pinnacle of this adventure was winning a prestigious Game Development Competition. Little did I know that this was just the start of an incredible journey.


From Gaming Enthusiast to Web Developer

My journey took an exciting turn from gaming to web development. The transition was seamless, and I found myself immersed in HTML projects. This was the moment when my fascination with development technologies and computers deepened, setting the stage for what lay ahead.


The Decision to Pursue MS in US

Fast forward to my undergraduate years in computer science. My focus expanded to application development, business analytics, and project management. However, securing an entry-level job as a project manager posed its own set of challenges. It was then that I contemplated further education—a decision that would propel me toward my Master's.


Overcoming Challenges

Preparing for the GRE and IELTS became my next challenge. These standardized tests were the gatekeepers to my dreams. I meticulously crafted my applications, considering my scores and the rankings of the universities. Out of the five universities I applied to, I received admission offers from three. After careful consideration, I chose the University of Texas at Arlington—a decision that I can confidently say was the right one.

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Academic Transition: India to the United States

The transition from the Indian education system to the American one was eye-opening. The professors at UTA are unparalleled in their expertise, and the course curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire. The grading system in US, though competitive, pushes students to strive for excellence. It's a different world—one that encourages practical learning and real-world application.


Practical Learning and Career Opportunities

One of the distinctive features of UTA's courses is the integration of practical project implementation into the grading system. This not only enhances our understanding but also provides tangible experiences to enrich our resumes and portfolios. The university's affiliation with companies opens doors to exciting opportunities for summer internships and jobs, adding a practical dimension to our academic journey.


Choosing the Right Course and University

Choosing the right course is paramount. It's not just about academic pursuits; it's about aligning your studies with your career goals. The projects undertaken during the course become stepping stones to coveted internships and jobs. When considering universities, factors such as location, industry proximity, diversity, accommodations, fees, rankings, alumni network, and even the weather should all play a role in your decision-making process.

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Words of Wisdom

As I reflect on my journey, I'd like to offer some advice to those treading a similar path. Focus on achieving a good GRE score, consider publishing research papers in your desired field, and explore opportunities for Graduate Assistantships. These positions not only assist with tuition fees but also provide invaluable work experience.

So, here I am, in the heart of UTA, living a dream that once seemed distant. My journey from Hyderabad to UTA is not just a personal victory—it's an invitation for you to navigate your dreams and transform aspirations into reality.

Here's to each one of you, charting your course and turning your dreams into a reality that's uniquely yours!

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