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Beyond an Education Loan: Vital Services for International Students

Beyond an Education Loan: Vital Services for International Students

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Discover crucial services beyond education loans for international students, including visa assistance, financial services, and career support. Ensure a smooth study abroad experience.

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When discussing studying abroad, the most common topic is often education loans. However, you might be surprised to learn there are other essential services to consider as an international student. These services can ensure that your study abroad journey, both before you start your course and after you complete it, goes smoothly. There are short-term services such as visa assistance, which can help you with your interview or visa process, and financial services like opening a bank account abroad or getting a credit card. Additionally, there are long-term services like career support, which can assist you in finding and preparing for a job. In this blog, we will discuss all these services and their importance. We will also explore whether there is a single place where you can find them all.


Visa services

Visa services provide professional assistance to individuals applying for student visas to study abroad. These services include guidance on visa applications, interview preparation, document verification, and ensuring compliance with immigration laws. Visa service providers help students navigate the complex visa process, increasing the likelihood of a successful application and allowing students to focus on other aspects of their preparation. Visa services for international students include: 


  • list items Expert guidance: Ensuring correct completion and submission of applications
  • list items Document verification: Checking for completeness and accuracy
  • list items Interview preparation: Offering mock interviews and tips
  • list items Regulation compliance: Adhering to immigration laws
  • list items Time efficiency: Streamlining the application process
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    Financial services

    Financial services for international students encompass a range of support options designed to manage their finances effectively while studying abroad. These services include assistance with opening foreign bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, managing currency exchange, setting up money transfers, providing financial planning advice, and obtaining health, travel, and personal insurance. By using these services, students can ensure their financial stability and security in a new country. The importance of financial services for students abroad are - 


  • list items Financial stability: Ensures access to banking and economic resources in the host country
  • list items Convenience: Simplifies transactions and everyday financial management
  • list items Cost savings: Provides better exchange rates and reduces transaction fees
  • list items Security: Protects against fraud and financial loss
  • list items Budget management: Helps in planning and controlling expenses
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    Career services

    Career services for international students provide support and resources to help them find and prepare for job opportunities during and after their studies. These services include career counseling, resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, job search resources, networking opportunities, and workshops on career development. By leveraging these services, students can enhance their employability and successfully navigate the job market in a new country. The importance of career services for students abroad are: 


  • list items Career guidance: Provides personalized advice on career paths and job opportunities.
  • list items Interview preparation: Offers mock interviews and tips to improve performance.
  • list items Job search resources: Access to internship and full-time job listings, databases, and recruitment events tailored for F-1 students and OPT graduates.
  • list items Networking opportunities: Connect students with industry professionals and alumni.
  • list items Career development: Offers workshops and training to enhance skills and employability.


    MPOWER Financing Path2Success program

    As mentioned earlier, we set out to find a one-stop solution for all these services. Have we found it? Yes, we have! The solution is MPOWER Financing’s Path2Success program. If you are planning to study in the USA or Canada, MPOWER’s Path2Success will be very helpful. With this program, you can get support for your transition to university, living abroad, and building your career, in addition to helping you finance your education. Those who take an education loan from MPOWER Financing can enjoy the benefits of the Path2Success program as complementary/additional services. Let’s explore each of these services in detail.

    Path2Success: Visa services

    In 2023, MPOWER-approved students were 25% more likely than the average visa-seeker to obtain a visa. Today, MPOWER's Path2Success visa services also provide students with a free, F-1 visa preparation course through an MPOWER trusted partner, featuring proprietary content that gives students a significant advantage in securing their F-1 visas. 


    The course includes 8 units covering F-1 visa topics with helpful links, FAQs, and sample visa documents to help with visa interview prep. Additionally, students have access to exclusive offers for customized visa interview preparation, including two practice visa interviews. The program also provides coaching on aspects of the visa interview specific to MPOWER’s student loans. Personalized one-on-one mock interview preparation is available for an additional, discounted fee. Furthermore, international students can receive a free visa support letter. By leveraging these comprehensive resources, students can confidently navigate the visa application process and increase their chances of success.

    Path2Success: Financial services

    When considering financial services, MPOWER goes beyond providing education loans. Under the Path2Success program, they offer additional financial services for students once they reach the USA. All students are prequalified for a US bank account with no minimum balance and an unsecured US credit card through MPOWER’s trusted partner, Zolve. The U.S. credit card has limits ranging between $500 and $5,000. The program ensures a seamless US bank account onboarding experience, and timely repayment of MPOWER Financing loans has helped students improve their credit scores.

    Path2Success: Career services

    MPOWER Financing works with students throughout their education to help them achieve their postsecondary career goals via these career services under the Path2Success program. MPOWER offers every student free access to job search tools to find jobs/employers with F-1 visa sponsorship. The job search tool empowers students in the following ways:


  • list items Tailored to the needs of F-1 international students and H-1B job seekers to find job/internship opportunities in the U.S.
  • list items Provides information on a company’s H-1B history, e-verify participation, job description sponsorship availability, and a candidate's skill match to the job posting.
  • list items Includes a directory of F-1 eligible job roles for students with STEM and non-STEM degrees.
  • list items Uses query strategies to systematically search across job titles, locations, levels, etc.
  • list items Tracks previously viewed and applied for job openings across five major job boards: LinkedIn, Indeed, Handshake, Glassdoor, and Google Jobs.



    Studying abroad involves more than just securing an education loan; it requires comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful experience. From visa services and financial assistance to career support, MPOWER’s Path2Success program offers a one-stop solution for all international students. By leveraging these services, students can maximize your chances of success in their academic and professional endeavors in the USA or Canada. If you want to learn how to secure an education loan from MPOWER Financing, check your eligibility with GyanDhan.


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