MBA in Italy for Indian Students with Scholarship in 2024

MBA in Italy for Indian Students with Scholarship in 2024

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Learn about MBA in Italy for Indian students with scholarship from GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide. Explore top MBA scholarships in Italy with their benefits, eligibility, and more.

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Italy is well-known for its quality of education and affordable cost of living and tuition fees compared to similar programs in other countries like the USA or UK. The duration of MBA programs in Italy is usually 1 year which brings down the cost of studying significantly. For students facing difficulty in financing their MBA in Italy, applying for scholarships is a great option. Pursuing an MBA in Italy for Indian students with scholarship not only alleviates financial burden but also signifies recognition of merit and potential. In this guide, we will uncover MBA scholarships in Italy designed for Indian students with eligibility criteria, the application process, the amount awarded, and more.


Cost of an MBA in Italy for Indian Students

Affordable tuition is a major reason why Indian students choose an MBA in Italy. Public universities typically charge lower fees than private ones, with average tuition costs ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 EUR, though top-ranked B-schools may go up to 50,000 EUR. Additionally, living expenses in Italy are economical, costing international students about 8,000 to 10,000 EUR annually. Overall, for Indian students, pursuing an MBA in Italy represents an investment of approximately 50,00,000 INR.

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Top MBA Scholarships in Italy

There are various financial aid options for international students seeking an MBA in Italy. The most common form of financial assistance available for international students in Italy is merit-based scholarships. An MBA in Italy for Indian students with a scholarship is no less than a golden chance. Here are some of the top MBA scholarships in Italy:

  • list items Bologna Business School Global MBA Scholarship
  • list items Politecnico Milano School of Management Scholarships
  • list items LUISS University GMAT/GRE Scholarship
  • list items Rome Business School Scholarships
  • list items SDA Bocconi School of Management Scholarships

Details of these MBA scholarships in Italy awarded by top B-schools are discussed below.


Bologna Business School Global MBA Scholarship

  • list items Bologna Business School is one of the most remarkable Italian B-schools offering a full-time 12-month global MBA program taught in English.
  • list items The B-school offers 5 scholarships to students regardless of their nationality based on academic and professional merit.
  • list items The scholarships cover full or partial tuition fees only.
  • list items The value of scholarships is 35,000 EUR, 20,000 EUR, 15,000 EUR, and 10,000 EUR respectively.

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Politecnico Milano School of Management Scholarship

  • list items MIP offers several types of financial aid that make an MBA in Italy affordable for international students.
  • list items Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic excellence, and personal and professional achievements. Students with leadership potential and interpersonal skills are likely to be chosen for scholarships.
  • list items There are various awards categories such as the Early Bird Waiver that contributes 1,500 EUR towards tuition fees, MIP4 Women valued at 6,000 EUR for female candidates, and more.
  • list items A 30% tuition fee contribution goes to the highest GMAT score achievers and those who possess outstanding leadership potential.
  • list items Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be receive a 20% tuition fee waiver.

LUISS University GMAT/ GRE Scholarship

  • list items Luiss University awards 8 scholarships to students who have applied for direct admission to the first year of a master’s degree program with a GMAT or GRE certificate.
  • list items The scholarships offer full tuition fee waivers or partial fee waivers.
  • list items Students who score equal to or above 710 receive a full tuition waiver.
  • list items If the number of winners with GMAT scores of 710 or above is less than the planned scholarships, students with lower scores will be considered until funds are exhausted.
  • list items Early applications are recommended to avail of these scholarships as preference will be given in the order of receipt of application.

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Rome Business School Scholarships

  • list items Rome Business School offers scholarships based on the evaluation and motivation of students applying for admission.
  • list items You must first qualify for admission to the Rome Business School for scholarship consideration.
  • list items To apply for the scholarship, students must submit a motivational letter addressed to the Academic Committee.
  • list items Scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis considering the merit, vigor, skills, and academic excellence of each applicant.
  • list items The maximum amount of scholarship that can be received by an applicant is up to 30% of the tuition costs.

SDA Bocconi School of Management Scholarships

  • list items The SDA Bocconi School of Management offers various scholarships ranging between 10% and 25% of the cost of the program.
  • list items To be considered for the scholarships, you must select Partial Merit-Based Tuition Waiver while applying for admission to MBA.
  • list items You are encouraged to apply early to be considered for the scholarships.
  • list items To be eligible for full tuition waivers, you must score above 700 on the GMAT.
  • list items Scholarships covering up to 60% of the tuition amount are awarded to candidates with a GMAT score of 670 or above.

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How to Apply for MBA in Italy with Scholarship?

Applying for an MBA with a scholarship in Italy involves a few key steps, especially for Indian students. Begin by identifying suitable MBA programs and their admission requirements, deadlines, and scholarship options. The essential documents needed for application include:

  • list items A completed bachelor’s degree
  • list items Academic transcripts
  • list items English proficiency test scores
  • list items Recommendation letters
  • list items Motivation letter
  • list items Work experience details
  • list items Admission letter
  • list items Passport copy

Some programs might require an additional entrance test. Post-application, keep track of your status and respond promptly to any communications from scholarship providers. Once admitted, you can apply for scholarships, with many universities automatically considering admitted students for funding opportunities.


Tips for Successful MBA Scholarships in Italy

Discussed below are tips for a successful application to secure admission to an MBA in Italy with scholarship:

  • list items Explore various university websites and scholarship databases to look for MBA scholarships in Italy.
  • list items Shortlist options that match your academic profile and are likely to help you achieve your career goals.
  • list items Take note of the documents required to apply for the scholarship and the deadlines for submission.
  • list items You are encouraged to apply for admission and scholarships as early as possible to maximize your chances of selection. Late applications are not considered.
  • list items Having a basic knowledge of the Italian language is recommended to get an edge over other applicants.
  • list items You must also work on tailoring your essays and statement of purpose according to the application guidelines.
  • list items Scholarship providers are keen on knowing your career goals and how the scholarship will help you achieve them.
  • list items Avoid making any spelling or grammatical errors in your application.

Pursuing an MBA in Italy is definitely a fascinating opportunity for international students. However, the financial consideration becomes a burden for students. Therefore, taking advantage of the MBA scholarships in Italy presents a great financial prospect for Indian students. Get in touch with GyanDhan experts today for guidance to help you take the big career leap. Sort your financial needs by exploring various options and navigating the application process with GyanDhan’s advice. You can also look for more scholarships as per your needs on GyanDhan’s scholarship portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Indian students get scholarships for MBA in Italy?

Yes, B-schools in Italy offer various scholarships to Indian students for MBA in Italy. Some of the top universities that award scholarships for Indian students include Bologna Business School, Politecnico Milano School of Management, and LUISS University among others.

Can I get a full scholarship for MBA in Italy?

Securing a full scholarship for MBA in Italy is highly competitive. International students with outstanding academic records, GMAT scores above 650-700, leadership potential, and professional experience are likely to get a full tuition waiver.

How to get MBA scholarships in Italy for Indian students?

To get MBA scholarships in Italy for Indian students, you must start by applying for admission. Several universities automatically consider all admitted students for scholarships while others may require separate applications. Therefore, visit the official website of the university or scholarship provider to find details about the application process and requirements. It is recommended that you apply early to be considered for maximum scholarship opportunities.

What are the factors considered for MBA scholarships in Italy?

MBA scholarships in Italy for international students are awarded based on a holistic overview of the application. Selection committees commonly consider academic merit, rigor, GMAT scores, work experience, motivation letters, and leadership skills for awarding scholarships.

Can I work part-time while studying MBA in Italy?

Yes, international students can work part-time while studying MBA in Italy. Students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week. However, basic knowledge of the Italian language is recommended.

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