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MPower Financing Education Loan: A Complete Guide

MPower Financing Education Loan: A Complete Guide

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Looking for an education loan from MPower Financing? Know all the relevant details and the process of applying for an MPower loan through GyanDhan.

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The soaring cost of education has every student on the edge. Especially when it comes to applying for higher education abroad, it is indeed an uphill task for students to finance the skyrocketing tuition fees and living expenses. This is where institutes like MPower Finance come into play.

Established in the year 2014, the US-based financing platform has become the savior for international students who wish to pursue their higher education from the US and Canada. Students from more than 190 countries have availed MPower Student Loans. There are many benefits of MPower loans for foreign education. Read further to know more about the application process and the added benefits of the MPower education loan


What are the eligibility criteria for the MPower Financing education Loan? 

The eligibility criteria for an MPower Finance education loan - 

  • list items An undergraduate or graduate student within 2 years of graduating or admitted to a 2-year or a 1-year program. 
  • list items An international student, DACA recipient, a US citizen, or refugee or asylum seeker. 
  • list items Admitted to one of the 350 approved schools and universities in the US or Canada.

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How to Apply for an MPower Education Loan? 

The steps to apply for an MPower education loan could not be more easy and simple. Here is a quick breakdown of the application process:

  • list items Check the loan eligibility on GyanDhan’s website. To start with the MPower application process, check your loan eligibility or request a callback. 
  • list items Once eligible, fill the online application form for MPower student loan. 
  • list items After filling the application form, students will get the conditional loan offer immediately.
  • list items Upload the documents on GyanDhan’s online portal for verification purposes. To familiarize themselves with the process, students can watch a short intro video by MPower and complete a short assessment form. 
  • list items After verifying the documents and application, MPower will sanction your loan. Students can also request a visa support document to obtain an I-20 from the university if required.
  • list items The loan is disbursed when the student receives an admission letter from the school. Upon receiving the confirmation of enrolment, the lender directly transfers the amount to the university. 


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However, for an Indian student, the process may be a bit confusing, primarily because the US student documents and the Indian student certification systems are different from each other. On top of it, the figures for the loan would be in USD. Therefore, calculating the numbers in INR and planning the finances accordingly will also be a cumbersome task. 

Therefore, to ease the process, you can apply for a loan via GyanDhan. With GyanDhan’s assistance, you can check your loan eligibility, apply for a loan, submit the relevant documents, get your loan sanctioned in no time, and also ensure timely disbursements - all this without shelling out a single penny. The entire process can be completed with a few clicks of the mouse from the comfort of your home. 


What are the Documents Required to Apply for an MPower Education Loan?

A student is required to submit all the required documents to complete the education loan application process. This step becomes hands-down easy if the loan is applied via GyanDhan as we provide a customized document checklist. However, some of the documents required at a higher level are - 


This is a generalized document checklist for students admitted to graduate programs. Students admitted to undergraduate programs may have to submit a few additional documents. 

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What are the Benefits of an MPower Education Loan?

With MPower Financing, you can avail a lot of benefits which makes the education loan application as well as repayment process a cakewalk. Some of these benefits are:

Flexible Loan Amount

Since for MPower financing, ensuring loan benefits for its students is its primary objective, it offers many flexible loan amount options. The volume of the funds can range anywhere from US$ 2,001 to US$ 50,000. This is especially beneficial if the student requires a low loan amount. 

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MPower Education Loan Rate of Interest 

The rate of interest charged by the company is fixed, that is, the rate of interest will not change during the loan, thus minimizing the financial burden on the student. International students can borrow at a fixed rate of interest which ranges between 12.99% (13.98% APR) to 15.99% (17.08% APR) as of January 2024. Additionally, the students will be eligible for an interest rate concession of 0.25% if they sign for autopay. If the students qualify for these interest discounts, the rate of interest will start from 12.74% (13.72% APR).

Margin Money

MPower Financing does not charge any margin money and covers 100 percent of the expenses incurred. The loan amount can be used to finance tuition fees, school supplies, and living expenses. 

Repayment period

The repayment period of a Mpower Financing loan is 10 years. The time period is ideal as it will not burden the student with high-value EMIs. Students can repay the amount early too as there are no prepayment penalty charges. There are interest-only payments during the study period and 6 months after graduation. The EMIs will be charged after the moratorium period ends (study period plus 6 months after graduation). 

MPower also has a Loan Payment Estimator which allows the students to calculate their estimated monthly payments along with the amount they will have to pay during their study period as simple interest. Furthermore, applicants can use GyanDhan’s EMI calculator for customized and specific results as the tool also takes into account the grace period, processing fees, disbursals, and different EMI options. 


Additional Benefits of Taking an MPower Education Loan

Here are some additional benefits you enjoy if you apply for an education loan from MPower:

  • list items Building US credit history - After the visa changes which provide students with an increased OPT period, many employment opportunities have opened up for the students allowing them to stay longer in the US and earn in the USD. Living in the States would require students to take rented accommodation or open a US bank account, and it will be easier for them to undertake these essential tasks if they have a good credit history. Every time you make a payment to the MPower, your payment record is shared with the US credit bureaus allowing you to build a US credit history. This payment record is used to assess how you manage your financial responsibilities. 
  • list items Easy loan payments - The students can set up auto payments from their US bank accounts. This can be done on the MPower Student Portal. This is helpful as the students will not default on their payments, further strengthening their credit history.
  • list items Repay in the currency you earn - It is preferable to stay back in the country to repay the loan, whether you take the loan from an Indian lender or a US-based lender. This helps in repaying a bigger chunk of the loan amount because the earnings in CAD or USD would be substantial. This plays a major role in reducing the financial burden of the student. Additionally, this will help you save a lot on expensive wire transfers and fluctuating currency rates as well. 
  • list items Path 2 Success - Along with education loans, MPower also provides career support through its program Path2Success. The students can get free feedback on their resumes and take up preparation sessions for interviews. Additionally, they offer internships and job opportunities to their customers. 

INR Loans vs USD Loans by MPOWER

Many students may perceive the risk-based pricing of MPOWER, at 13.72% APR, as high. A number of students might receive higher APRs due to factors such as low credit scores, program choices, or university selection, etc. This contributes to the development of a perception that INR loans are more favorable. However, to accurately compare INR loans with USD loans from MPOWER, one must consider the following factors:

  • list items The initial rates for unsecured loans with cosigners, offered by competitors and appearing to be low at greater than 11.5-12%, may have experienced an increase during the graduation period over the last few years.
  • list items An additional 2% to 6% is added for forex charges, covering expenses incurred during fund transfers to the university and at the time of repayment.
  • list items 4. A range of 1% to 8% is factored in for various insurance charges.
  • list items 5. An accounting of 0.5% to 2% is made for processing fees.

Considering all these things you will get that the APR of unsecured loans in INR with co-signer could exceed 16%.


Other Features

  • list items For taking this loan, international students do not require a co-signer, collateral, or collateral history. 
  • list items During the study period plus the additional 6-month grace period, the student will have to make interest-only payments. This helps decrease the future financial burden of the student. 
  • list items The loan amount can be used for the past, present, and future semesters, which means the student can apply for the education loan in any year of the study. 
  • list items MPower Financing covers a host of expenses, including but not limited to, tuition fees, housing, living expenses, insurance, and books. 
  • list items MPower Financing works with more than 350 universities in the US and Canada. Since MPower disburses the loan amount directly to the concerned university, everything goes without a hitch. 


With such numerous and lucrative features, MPower Finance is the most preferred lender for international student loans. So, if you are looking for an education loan for study abroad, look no further and contact GyanDhan right now to get an education loan from MPower. Right from helping you to fill the application form and submit the documents to getting your loan sanctioned immediately and ensuring hassle-free disbursement of loans, GyanDhan will assist you in every stage involved in loan application and disbursement. We also coordinate with the lender to initiate pre-visa disbursement of the loan so that students can get their visas easily. And all of these services are provided absolutely for free of cost.  

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