Student Partners’ Program in Canada: What You Need to Know

Student Partners’ Program in Canada: What You Need to Know

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Student Partners’ Program in Canada helps students with the admission and the visa process for numerous colleges, which are in the SPP category thus making the whole admission process much simpler for them.

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Note - The SPP (Student Partners Program) has been replaced by the SDD (Student Direct Stream) program. The SDS offers more options to eligible students and further accelerates the VISA processing time.

For all those eyeing admissions in Canada, the Student Partners’ Program is something that can help you immensely. It is an initiative by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). These Canadian and Indian visa organizations want to ease the process of admissions and visas for Indian students at the Canadian colleges that fall under the SPP category. The colleges that fall under this category are Canadian Community Colleges and offer diploma and postgraduate diploma courses as well.

  1. list items What are the Benefits of SPP?
  2. list items What are the SPP Colleges in Canada?
  3. list items Who All Can Apply?
  4. list items How to Apply?
  5. list items What is the Visa Process?
  6. list items How Can GyanDhan Help you?


About the Canadian SPP Program

All graduates and postgraduate students who wish to secure admissions in the best colleges of Canada can take the advantage of the SPP. That is, the SPP program introduces students to the Canadian community colleges and eases the process of admissions.

For this over 40 Canadian Colleges have been shortlisted by the CIC and the ACCC. This initiative started back in the month of April in the year 2009.


What are the Benefits of SPP?

The benefits of the SPP program are:

  • list items Smooth application process
  • list items Document-based selection
  • list items Fair and Just process of selection, based on merit.
  • list items Higher chances of selection
  • list items Increase in number of visas allocated to Indian students for studies in Canada
  • list items Quality Education
  • list items Work opportunities

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What are the SPP Colleges in Canada?

Here is the long list of Canadian Community Colleges,(in alphabetical order) from all provinces of Canada, that fall under the SPP Program category.

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Who All Can Apply?

All those who wish to study in Canada can apply for this program, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the same. This includes all diploma and postgraduate diploma course that are offered by various Canadian community colleges.


Requirements and Eligibility - 

1. First, listing the requirements for the intended SPP program, you need:

  • list items Valid Passport
  • list items Photographs
  • list items Admission Offer Letter from the SPP College
  • list items An IELTS score
  • list items Proof of Funds
  • list items Degrees and Transcripts
  • list items Leaving Certificate
  • list items Family Information Form (IMM 5645)
  • list items A Guaranteed Investment Certificate or GIC, issued from the Scotia Bank of Canada, worth CAD$10,000. This should cover the living expenses of your first year’s stay in Canada.
  • list items Medical examination-IMM 1017 Document
  • list items Note- Students with an already rejected visa application are not eligible to apply under this SPP Category.

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2. The Eligibility stated for the SPP Programs is as follows-


How to Apply?

Firstly, make sure your application process starts well in time, at least three to four months before your course starts or the time you intend to fly to Canada.The deadlines for the Fall intake or the September semester is, the 1st of August and the 1st of December for the Winter or January-semester intake.

Then, the first step of application is choosing the right course and college, for that it is better you research your interested subjects and fields. Next, prepare all the documents required for the application such as Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendations, etc. If needed, prepare an e-portfolio of your works, generally for artistic courses.In addition, prepare an impressive resume that goes along with your application. Once you have all the documents ready, apply online.

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What is the Visa Process?

The visa process for SPP is easy and smooth, that’s the beauty of it. If you submit a completed application form, then you will surely get your visa in as quick as 5 to 10 days, counting from the day of application. For application, contact the nearest VFS or the Visa Facilitation Services near you.

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Work Permit Under SPP

The working permissions under the SPP program is the same as the regular or non-SPP programs. To get a work permit, you first have to have studied in Canada and graduate in a course with minimum one year tenure. That is, if you study a one-year long course, you get one year of work permit and if you study a two year course, you get three years of work permit. Upon completion of the work permit term, it can be renewed for a few more years, if your employers takes the guarantee.


How Can GyanDhan Help you? 

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Q. If I am not eligible under the SDS/SPP program, will I still be eligible to get a Canada student visa?
Ans. Yes. Even if you are not eligible to get your visa through the SDS program, you will still be eligible to get your visa through the standard procedure. However, you will get your visa after 60 days if you apply through the normal procedure. Also, the additional benefits offered under the SDS program will not be applicable to you if you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

Q. Can we get a refund on the college tuition fee and GIC account money if our student visa application gets rejected?
Ans. Yes, definitely. If your visa application is rejected, but you have already paid the tuition fees, you can contact the college informing them that you want a refund. For the GIC, you need to contact the bank where you have made your GIC account

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