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GyanDhan’s education loan EMI calculator is an online tool designed to help students calculate education loan EMI easily. It not only helps in determining the monthly payment amount after taking an abroad education loan but also provides an amortization schedule. This schedule breaks down the EMI into the monthly interest paid and the principal repaid. Moreover, it details the amount of the loan you have repaid to date and how much remains outstanding. The amortization schedule also offers insights into the total cost of an education loan, assisting in calculating the total interest amount to be paid over the loan's tenure.

Offering an unparalleled level of customization, GyanDhan’s education loan EMI Calculator, acting as an advanced education loan calculator, allows you to account for variables such as your grace period, flexible disbursals, and processing fees. It offers various EMI options based on full interest, partial interest, and full EMI. This education loan calculator also enables you to view and download the complete loan repayment schedule. Such detailed planning aids significantly in organizing your finances systematically and efficiently.

Education Loan Payment Calculation

You just need to input the education loan amount (Principal), the interest rate, and the loan tenure (number of months) in the student loan calculator, and it immediately calculates the education loan EMI using the mathematical equation:
EMI = [P x R x (1 + R)n]/[(1 + R)n - 1]
where P = Principal, R = Rate of Interest, and n = Tenure/duration in number of months

The same online study loan calculator can be used as an education loan interest calculator to find out the interest payouts. By trying out different variable combinations, you can also arrive at a figure that you are comfortable repaying thus also acting as a student loan repayment calculator.

The education loan interest offered by all the banks and financial institutions are comparatively similar. However, since it is a long-term loan, hence even a slight difference in the interest, will help you to save a substantial amount of money.

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Anam Shams
Anam Shams

Reviewed By:   Aman

Several top banks and financial institutions offer different types of education loan calculators to students. However, we found that key features were missing. For example:

The SBI Education Loan EMI calculator, also known as the SBI education loan calculator, computes the repayment schedule by offering two distinct types of calculations. The first type, often referred to as the SBI education loan interest calculator, is based on the interest being paid during the course duration. The second type of computation assumes that the interest is not paid during the study period. This tool is quite flexible, allowing for the consideration of prepayment. However, it does not accommodate partial payments during the study period, nor does it allow customization of the loan disbursement timing—assuming that you'll disburse 100% of the loan at once. In contrast to the GyanDhan Student Loan EMI Calculator, the SBI Education Loan EMI Calculator does not provide the option to view and download the loan repayment schedule report.

AXIS Bank Education Loan EMI calculator helps you calculate the monthly EMI of the education loan by taking into account the education loan amount, the interest rate per annum, loan tenure in months, and the processing fees. Besides the EMI, the AXIS bank education loan EMI calculator also checks your education loan eligibility. However, despite these options, the Axis Education Loan EMI calculator lacks on several fronts. Customization options pertaining to the grace period, partial disbursal, repayment schedules are not allowed at all. Apart from these cons, it also does not show the complete payment schedule at one glance.

The BOB Education Loan EMI Calculator, also known as the BOB education loan calculator, calculates the monthly loan payment by requiring inputs like the principal amount, rate of interest, and the loan term. Additionally, it provides a graphical representation of the loan repayment in Rupees over the years, detailing both the total interest and the total amount paid. This tool serves not only as the BOB education loan EMI calculator but also acts as an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculator, incorporating functions akin to a Bank of Baroda education loan interest rate calculator. Despite its comprehensive capabilities, like others, this calculator is inflexible with no options for customization. The disbursal schedule is fixed, not allowing adjustments as per the applicant's needs; partial payments are not permitted, and a detailed repayment schedule is also missing.

Avanse Education Loan EMI Calculator calculates EMI by using the loan amount, loan tenure in months, and the annual rate of interest. The Avanse Education Loan EMI calculator does have a few customization options pertaining to repayment - extra payout, larger EMIs and decreased tenures. Despite these advantages, the tool does not factor in partial payments, grace period and does not offer the facility of seeing the repayment schedule report.

Auxilo Education Loan EMI Calculator is a swift and simple way to calculate student loan EMI. All you need to do is enter the annual rate of interest in percentage, loan tenure in years, and education loan amount in Rupees into the online Auxilo education loan EMI calculator to calculate your EMI. The Auxilo Education Loan EMI calculator fares slightly better than the other EMI Calculators out there as it does have a few customization options pertaining to repayment - extra payout, larger EMIs and decreased tenures. On the other hand, the tool still lacks in a few departments as it does not factor in partial payments, grace period and does not offer the facility of viewing the repayment schedule report.

Incred Education Loan EMI Calculator is an easy to use online student loan EMI computation tool. You just need to input your loan amount in Rupees, with interest rate in percentage, and loan tenure in years to compute your EMI. Even though the Incred education loan is very customer-friendly, yet the EMI Calculator is very basic. It completely lacks any customization features and just provides the bare-bones abilities. Partial payments, grace period, flexible disbursal and loan repayment schedule report for planning repayment of education loan are totally missing from the Incred Education Loan EMI Calculator

GyanDhan’s online education loan EMI calculator, a user-friendly education EMI calculator, is quite easy to use, delivers quick results, and accommodates various combinations at no cost. What’s more, utilize the several customization options to determine your precise EMI instantly. Plus, gain the added advantage of viewing and downloading the loan repayment schedule report, allowing you to plan your finances for the coming years in a very efficient and methodical manner. It stands out as the most flexible and customizable education loan EMI calculator, and its feature-rich design makes it the most comprehensive EMI Calculator available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for an education loan??

Students who wish to pursue their education, be it in an Indian institute or a foreign one can avail an education loan. Students can avail loans for both undergraduate and post graduate courses.
An education loan is offered to students pursuing professional courses such as law, medicine, engineering, management, science, economics, etc. However in certain instances financial institutes may also provide loans towards vocational and diploma courses. The primary concern for a course is that it must be job oriented, i.e. the course must prepare the student for a job in a particular industry.

Who offers education loans?

Almost every public sector bank in India, and a few private sector banks, offer education loans. Examples would be Axis Bank, SBI Bank, Bank of Baroda and HDFC. However, the terms and conditions regarding the loans vary between banks. Apart from banks, there are several NBFCs (Non-banking financial corporation) that specialize in offering education loan products, for example Avanse, Incred and Credila.

How does the loan work?

The education loan can be availed by a student along with a parent/guardian who acts as the guarantor for the loan. Apart from this, in case of secured loans, a collateral (eg: a house) must be pledged as security to avail the loan. Once the loan is approved, students can submit the approval letter to their institute / visa authorities. Each time a demand is being made by the institute, the bank / NBFC makes the disbursement directly to the institute. However, living expenses can be disbursed directly to the student. While you study, you don’t make any payments to the lender (note: in some cases full or partial interest may be demanded). After your finish your course and start working, you’ll repay the loan in a defined time period (called the repayment period). You can choose to pay the loan earlier as well.

What does the education loan cover?

The loan covers everything from the tuition fees to examination fees to the cost of books and accommodation. Some financial institutes even offer to cover the cost of buying a two wheeler (for domestic loans) and one way air ticket (for international loans).

What is an EMI and what does it have to do with my loan?

An EMI is short for Equated Monthly Instalments. Once a loan is secured from a lender, your repayments are calculated by applying the interest payable to it and apportioning it into equal instalments that have to be repaid every month to the bank. As the name suggests the EMI will be fixed every month. It will contains a portion of the principal amount payable and also a portion of interest due.
The EMI amount, as evident from the word Equated, will stay the same throughout the course of the loan, except in case of interest rate revisions or part payment of the loan amount. You can calculate your EMI using our customized and accurate most accurate EMI calculator for education loans.

How to calculate EMI for education loans using the education loan calculator?

This EMI calculator for education loans is simple to use. Users must input Loan Amount required, Number of Months / Tenure of Loan, Interest Rate and Course Duration. This will display the EMI Payable by you every month.
Apart from this, the calculator has features that display the total amount of interest that you will be paying throughout the loan tenure and so, you can also compare this to the Principal amount due. This will give you a clear picture of how much interest you will be paying in comparison to the principal amount. As an output, you can also see and download your monthly repayment schedule.
There are other cool customizations that you can make in our EMI calculator to get a more accurate picture of your education loan EMI. We discuss these customizations in other questions.

How is EMI calculated for education loan? Can I calculate the EMI on my own?

Yes, but this is going to take you a while. The formula for EMI is [P x R x (1+R) n] / [(1+R) n – 1].

- P stands for the Principal Loan Amount
- R stands for the rate of interest
- n stands for the loan tenure in months

The answer to this will give you the quantum of EMI to be paid every month. However, this formula cannot show you the interest and principal amount breakup like in our calculator.

What is so different about this EMI calculator for education loan?

This education loan EMI calculator is very flexible as users can set their own set of parameter.It is not hardwired to pre-determined inputs specific to a particular institute or bank. Users can use their input such as interest rate, tenure, course duration and loan quantum to calculate payments on hypothetical scenarios as well.
Our education loan EMI calculator also shows you the monthly breakup schedule for your EMI payments, i.e. the breakup between Principal Amount and Interest Amount in each and every EMI instalment that you make. The EMI calculator also helps you plan your finances better with disbursement planning.
Importantly, ours is the only EMI calculator that is specifically designed for education loans. A key factor effecting the repayment schedule is your disbursement pattern, i.e. how much amount you will disburse in which month of your education. Further, if you need to make repayments during your study period, our EMI calculator can take that into account as well.

How can I customize my disbursal schedule?

Check “Disbursal Option” radio button, and select “Custom - tell us how you plan to disburse”. Here you can enter the amounts you plan to disburse from your loan

How can I account for repayments I make during the study period?

Check the “Need to repay while studying?” radio button. Then you can tell us whether you’ll be paying Partial Interest, Full Interest or Full EMI right away. You can also input the amount you are required to pay every month.

Why would I need to calculate my Principal and Interest Amount break-up every month? Isn’t that just too much information that is unnecessary?

When a person secures a loan from a bank, he or she is charged an EMI to repay the loan. While the EMI amount is the same every month, the principal and interest component varies every month. The Interest Component of the EMI is higher towards the start of the repayment and this keeps reducing towards the end of the tenure. In effect, the bank is looking to collect the interest amounts in the initial stages of the repayments.
Why do banks do so? By doing so, the bank can effectively ensure that it recollects as much of interest as possible, in case the student decides to pre-close the loan ahead of its schedule. In such an instance, the bank will suffer a loss of interest that it could have collected had the loan been paid as per schedule.

Why is this important to me?

In case you wish to pre-close a loan or are planning to pre-close your education loan, this information would be essential. Say for example, you plan to close your loan in the 12th month of its tenure, i.e. after one year of its repayment, this breakup schedule will provide you with an accurate picture as to what is the exact loan amount due from you. As discussed above the bank will look to recover higher amount of interest during the initial months.
So if you are looking to close the loan, the common assumption is to reduce the EMIs paid till now (i.e. 12 EMIs) from the outstanding loan amount and the balance need to settled. However, this is far from the reality, as the bank would have charged more interest than principal amount in the initial stages of the loan. This education loan EMI calculator gives you a clear picture of what you outstanding loan balance would be at any given month and this will help you plan your finances for the future.

In case I wish to pre-close a part of the loan during the tenure, can the calculator help me understand what will be my revised EMI?

Certainly. As the EMI will vary after a portion of the loan is paid, this can also be calculated. The user must just simply enter the new Outstanding Loan Amount in the Loan Amount column along with the pending number of months in the Tenure. It is likely that the interest rate won’t vary so this factor can remain constant. The new EMI will be calculated in this manner.

How to calculate education loan?

To calculate an education loan, follow these steps:
- Determine the Loan Amount: Include tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, travel, and other educational expenses.
- Interest Rate: Find out the annual interest rate offered by the lender.
- Loan Tenure: Decide the repayment period in years.
- Repayment Method: Understand if the interest is compounded monthly or annually.

What is an Education Loan EMI Calculator?

An Education Loan EMI Calculator is an online tool that helps borrowers estimate the monthly payments they will need to make towards their education loan. It requires inputs such as the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure to calculate the EMI. This calculator simplifies financial planning for students by providing a clear picture of the loan repayment schedule, helping them manage their finances effectively during and after their studies.

Is the education loan interest rate calculator and study loan EMI calculator the same?

No, they are not the same. An education loan interest rate calculator estimates the interest rate for a loan, while a study loan EMI calculator calculates the monthly repayment amount.

What are the benefits of GyanDhan's student loan EMI calculator?

GyanDhan's student loan EMI calculator is celebrated for its ease of use, rapid results, and ability to handle a variety of scenarios at no cost. Its exceptional customization options allow users to accurately calculate their EMIs quickly. An additional benefit is the feature that enables viewing and downloading the loan repayment schedule, facilitating meticulous financial planning for the future. Its adaptability and comprehensive features rank it as a highly flexible and all-inclusive tool for managing education loan repayments.

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