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Rice University

Global Rank: 151

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
56 49% $45,000 24%
Popularly known as Rice University, William Marsh Rice University is a private research university in Houston, Texas. The Rice Institute opened on Sept. 23, 1912, with 77 students and a dozen faculty. It has a 6:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio and is the 2nd Most International University in the USA.  the university has been active in research in the fields of tumors, pollutants, coral reef... Read more
Ohio State University

Global Rank: 116

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
39 69% $32,000 28%
Brief background: Ohio State University came into existence in 1873 and since then it is growing at an accelerated speed. John Newton Templeton, Margaret Boyd, and Saki Taro Murayama are some of the well known and early graduates of Ohio University. Nestled in the city of Colombus, this university embraces students from various cultures and is known for its vibrant art along with high... Read more
Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
61 NA $28,000 15%
Brief background: The University of California was established in 1905. A public research university, it is considered amongst the best Universities in the world. The University, also called UC Davis, offers graduate and postgraduate programs in law, medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, education, and business management along with 90 research programs. Its Engineering school, The... Read more
Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
26 44% $31,000 51%
About University Of Colorado, Boulder, CO Established in 1876, the University of Colorado, Boulder helps in the growth of the country with various new challenges by working on visionary projects. This university is dedicated to solving the humanitarian and technological challenges of everyday life. Ranking University of Colorado, Boulder ranking is #230 in the QS Global World Rankings... Read more
Vanderbilt University

Global Rank: RNP

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
69 NA $22,000 15%
Brief background: Established in 1873, Vanderbilt University is a private research university which offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Fondly called Vandy, the University has been able to establish itself as an internationally recognized research university. The University has four undergraduate schools which offer 70 majors. It also has 6 graduate and professional... Read more
Yale University

Global Rank: 65

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
67 81% $41,000 18%
Brief background: Established in 1701, Yale University is a private Ivy league research University. The University was ranked 3rd among National Universities by U.S. News and Reports in 2016 and the University has consistently maintained this position since the last 16 years. The Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked it 11th among world Universities in 2016 while Times Higher... Read more
Boston University

Global Rank: 159

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
46 29% $49,000 75%
Brief background:  Started in 1869, Boston University is a private research university that is the fourth-largest private university in The United States of America. In its 2018 survey, U.S. News & World Report ranked Boston University 37th in the country and 39th amongst world universities. This University is a member of the Association of American Universities. It offers numerous... Read more
Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
51 0% $30,000 31%
Brief background:  The University of California Irvine was started in 1965. A public research University, it is amongst the Tier 1 Universities in the United States. This University is considered amongst the Public Ivy League Universities of the country and has excellent research programs that attract students from all across the world. It offers various Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral... Read more
Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
60 90% $50,000 48%
Brief background:  Founded in 1884, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a private research university. It is one of the oldest technological universities in The United States and offers over 100 programs and 1,000 courses. The University has been ranked among the top 50 colleges in the country since the last decade. U.S. News & World Report ranked the University 42nd in 2017 among... Read more
University of Rochester

Global Rank: RNP

Rank TA/RA Annual Tuition Fees Acceptance Rate
64 25% $23,000 38%
Brief background: Rochester Institute of Technology is a technical university that was established in 1829. A private research University, it is a world leader in Experiential education. The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, an integral part of RIT, is a global name when it comes to institutes providing technical education to the deaf. The University offers graduate and... Read more
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The United States of America, the knowledge capital of the world and the poster boy of the salad bowl concept, is home to the world’s top universities. In spite of the high cost of education for international students while Studying in the USA education, itthe US remains the favorite destination for higher studies among Indian students. About 211703 Indian students were reported to be studying in the US as on July 18, 2018, according to GOI (Ministry of External Affairs). Approximately 28% of the world’s top 100 universities (QS ranking) are located in the U.S.

When compared to most of the higher education systems of the world, the American Higher education system is largely decentralized and free from federal government regulations. Small class sizes, highly accredited professors, and advanced technology and research capabilities in the US universities are the added advantages of studying in the country.

However, in our journey till now, we felt that there was no central source of accurate and comprehensive information about US universities available to the students who aspire to study in the country. As a result, while surfing through the study options available in the US, students end up spending a major chunk of their time in just gathering information, that too, from unreliable sources. To solve this, GyanDhan has launched University Pages for all the top universities in the USA which elaborate on their background, infrastructure, accommodation, faculty and pedagogy, financial aid, employment prospects, alumni, and location. Along with some quick facts about the universities, the pages also dwell upon the popular departments of the respective universities ranging from Engineering to Pure Sciences and cover important information such as the degrees offered, areas of research and expertise, costs involved and scholarship options available for popular subjects. Moreover, to ensure that not only you avail the information meticulously collated by our research team but also get the perspectives of other students on university application procedures and admissions, we have integrated different whatsapp groups and discussions pages of the respective universities with these pages.

Using the above search functionality, you can reach the pages of the universities of your choice & explore them. So far, we have covered 75 universities, and we will keep adding more to the list with time.

A little more about us: GyanDhan came into existence intending to make higher education accessible to all, irrespective of the financial situation of the student. In this endeavor, we have hitherto helped thousands of students in realizing their study abroad dreams. As a data-driven company, we have built various tools and services to help students during their application process. Our tools and their functions are:-

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