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Australian Work Permits And Visas : The Detailed Guide

Australian Work Permits And Visas : The Detailed Guide

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Australia is a dream country for skilled professionals and students and there are various visas such as Australian Family Program, Humanitarian program, and Australian Skilled Independent visa

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Australia is a dream country for skilled professionals and students. It is a land of opportunities as its economy is strong and Australia is in need of skilled immigrants as well. Depending upon the person and the need, there are various types of Australian visas. There are many programs from which a person can get a visa such as the Australian Family Program, Humanitarian program, and Australian Skilled Independent visa.



What Are The Different Types of Australian Visas?

  1. list items Australia Skilled Immigration
  2. list items Australian Temporary Work Visas
  3. list items Australian Business and Investment Visas
  4. list items Australian Student Visas
  5. list items Australian Family Visas
  6. list items Australian Visitor Visas

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What is the Australia Skilled Immigration?

Being a popular destination for immigrants the country has provided the General Skilled Immigration (Skill Select) program. Under this program, workers from around the world can get a permanent visa by using their qualifications, work experiences and language proficiency.

  • list items Basic Requirements:-The Applicant must be below 50 years of age, they should have sufficient knowledge of English, required qualification, a nominated occupation, relevant skills, health status, and character requirement.

Australia is an incredibly popular destination for immigrants and the generally skilled immigration consists of 5 subclasses and is point-based. The candidates need to get a score on a band with at least 60 points to be considered for the visa. The candidates need to be shortlisted for the skilled occupation to get into the job. The General Skilled immigration point calculator calculates the points of the applicants and then they can get the visa if they meet its criteria.

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What Are Australian Temporary Work Visas?

Australian temporary work visas allow skilled immigrants to get a temporary visa for some short duration course or job. Under this program, the immigrants can do the work for some specific time and after the completion of the work they can go back to their home country easily.

  • list items 457 Work Visa - Under this program, the Australians will sponsor an immigrant worker for a duration of 4 years in any skilled domain. This program also allows the worker’s family to gain entry into Australia. There is no limit on the number of times of entry and exit of that person from the country.
  • list items Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 - A large number of immigrants in Australia are quite young and hence, they need holidays to go back to their family, so under this program this particular visa allows them to have an extended holiday. They have arrangements with other countries such as Belgium, Canada, Denmark, etc.

What Are Australian Business And Investment Visas?

This Business Visa replaced all the other business visas in 2012. It is divided into 4 streams and each is meant for a different category of businessmen and Investors.

Eligibility Criteria - The Applicant must never be involved in any illegal business or any other criminal offense. The applicant must score at least 65 points under the skill select system.

There are 4 streams for the business innovation and investment visa consisting of their own eligibility criteria: -

  • list items Business Innovation Stream - It is for successful businessmen who want to establish a business in Australia.
  • list items Investor Stream - It is for the investors who want to invest at least AUD$5 Million in Australia and plan to run the business for at least 2 years.
  • list items Significant Investor Stream - Same as the Investor stream only that the investors are willing to run the business for their period of provisional visa.
  • list items Premium Investor Stream - It is for the investors who want to invest at least AUD$15 million and run the business for their period of provisional visa.

What Are Australian Student Visas?

International Students have a plethora of courses and top universities in Australia to choose from. It is no secret that Australia provides top-class education from primary to postgraduate study. International students need an Australian Education Visa to study in Australia. Read more about: Why Study in Australia?

The Australian Student Visas System currently has 8 subclasses:

  • list items Independent ELICOS Visa  - For the students who want to study English in the country.
  • list items School Sector Visa - For the students who want to pursue primary education.
  • list items Vocational Education and Training - For students who want to pursue vocational courses.
  • list items Higher Education Sector Visa - For the students going to pursue higher studies (Graduate, Diploma, etc.) in Australia.
  • list items Postgraduate Research Sector Visa  - For the students who want to pursue masters in Australia.
  • list items Non-award Sector Visa - For the students who want to study a non-award course.
  • list items Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector Visa - For the students who are sponsored by the Australian Department of Defence.
  • list items Student Guardian Visa - For the parents of students who are under the age of 18 years.

What Are Australian Family Visas?

When an international person is married to or is committed in a relationship with an Australian citizen then that person is eligible for this visa. The resident of the country will act as a sponsor for the international person.

There are a number of subclasses under this visa such as:-

  • list items Spouse Visa: - for them who are married to a citizen for 12 months.
  • list items Fiancé Visa: - for them who intend to marry a citizen.
  • list items Interdependent Partner Visa: - for them who are in an independent relationship with a citizen.
  • list items Parent Visa: - for them who are the parent to a citizen.
  • list items Contributory Visa: - for them who are the parent to a citizen and possess a shorter period of stay.
  • list items Family Relationship Visa: - for them who want to stay in the country to learn something with a family or friends.

What Are Australian Visitor Visas?

People who wish to visit Australia just for a Business or tourist visit can apply for the visa through this program. E-visitor visas are the special subclasses for European countries, which is valid up to 12 month period.

  • list items Business Visitor: - For the businessmen who want to stay for a limited time. They should be qualified enough to land a job. They can also undertake a formal course or training relevant to the job.
  • list items Tourist Visitor: - For the tourist who wants to work in Australia. They should be engaged in any studies or training longer than 3 months.

What Are The Points To Keep in Mind While Immigrants to Australia?

Here are some important points for immigrants who want to settle in Australia: -

  • list items IELTS - You can take the IELTS  exam in any country, which consists of 4 parts such as Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. To get into top colleges in Australia one has to pass the examination.
  • list items Regional Australia - There is low population growth which allows the immigrants to come in huge numbers. Under the Skill select system, it is possible for the candidate to score good points.
  • list items Australian immigration and Priority Visa  - The priority for the visa is as follows:  Under Regional Skilled Migration Scheme, Under Employer nominated Scheme, Nominated people by the state government and finally the Under Australia Skilled Occupation List.

Which Australian Visas Are No Longer in Use?

These Visas are no longer in use: -

  • list items Australia Designated Investment for the investor categories.
  • list items Australian Business owner Subclass 160.
  • list items Australian senior executive Subclass 161.
  • list items Australian Utilities and Communication.
  • list items Business entry Obligations for Australia.
  • list items Investor Subclass 162 in Australia.
  • list items Australian skilled Regional sponsored subclass 487.

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