Making Friends Abroad: My University of Florida Story

Making Friends Abroad: My University of Florida Story

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Discover the journey of forming unexpected friendships at the University of Florida. From cultural shifts to shared experiences, explore how diverse connections enrich a student's education beyond textbooks.


Anam Shams

Updated on: 31 Jan 2024

Excerpt by Manas, an Information Systems and Operation Management Student at the University of Florida

Come along as I share my experiences at the University of Florida, where education went beyond lectures to the heartwarming realm of friendships. Stepping onto the campus with dreams of mastering Information Systems and Operations Management, little did I know that the real lessons would come from the people I met.


A new beginning

Gainesville welcomed me with a mix of nerves and excitement. The cultural shift was undeniable, and the fear of feeling isolated was real. However, every interaction, whether with classmates at University of Florida or at the international students' office, held the potential for something special.


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Diversity at its best

One of the remarkable aspects of being at a renowned institution like the University of Florida was its incredible diversity. Bonds formed effortlessly, crossing borders from Brazil to South Korea. Ana, with her love for Samba, became a cultural companion, while Jun, a fellow data enthusiast, turned into a friend for countless discussions.


Beyond classrooms

Friendship, I discovered, flourished outside the classroom. Exploring beaches, enjoying BBQs, and organizing cultural nights became threads weaving a tapestry of memories that I'll forever hold dear.

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Friendship tips

  • list items Embrace novel experiences: Dive into university events, join clubs, and initiate conversations – magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone.
  • list items Celebrate diversity: Your campus is a melting pot of cultures; immerse yourself, broaden your perspective, and deepen your friendships.
  • list items Unite through study groups: Beyond academics, study groups are a gateway to lasting connections.
  • list items Cultural exchange magic: Share your cultural treasures and wholeheartedly embrace the learning journey from others.
  • list items Stay connected: Leverage social media and messaging apps to nurture connections, ensuring they endure even beyond graduation.

As you journey through university life abroad, think of each friendship as a compass guiding you through new experiences. Embrace diversity, cherish these connections, and let the echoes of camaraderie be a timeless melody in your life's grand stage.