MBA Scholarships In France for Indian Students 2024

MBA Scholarships In France for Indian Students 2024

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Discover MBA scholarships in France with GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide. Explore popular MBA scholarships, eligibility criteria, the amount awarded, and more.

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Pursuing an MBA in France offers Indian students a multicultural environment, renowned institutions, and diverse networking opportunities, enhancing their career prospects. Scholarships from French universities and government bodies help overcome financial barriers, making study more accessible. This guide explores MBA scholarships in France for Indian students, detailing eligibility and factors for a successful application.


Cost of an MBA in France for Indian Students

Studying for an MBA in France as an international student involves considering various costs including tuition fees, living expenses, and personal expenses. On average, tuition fees for MBA programs at French institutions range from 20,000 EUR to 60,000 EUR per year. Additionally, students need to budget for accommodation, transportation, food, study materials, etc. which can amount to 10,000 EUR to 15,000 EUR per year. Some of the top student cities in France that are home to excellent B-schools include Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, etc.


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Top 5 MBA Scholarships in France

France offers a range of MBA scholarships for international students that provide financial support for tuition fees and living expenses. MBA scholarships in France can take various forms including merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, diversity scholarships, etc. The French Government provides scholarships for students in the form of living allowances while universities may offer tuition fee waivers. Below is a list of some popular MBA scholarships in France for Indian students:

  1. list items INSEAD MBA Scholarships
  2. list items HEC Paris MBA Scholarships
  3. list items EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships
  4. list items France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship Program
  5. list items France Excellence Charpak Master Scholarship

Discussed below are the details of MBA scholarships in France for Indian students including selection criteria, amount awarded, and application process:


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INSEAD MBA Scholarships

  • list items INSEAD awards various MBA scholarships ranging between 10,000 EUR to 30,000 EUR.
  • list items Scholarships are grouped into 3 categories specifically merit-based, need-based, and spot scholarships that do not require a separate application.
  • list items To be considered for merit and need-based scholarships, interested candidates must submit the Financial Aid Application.
  • list items International students who demonstrate diversity along with excellent academic records, work experience, financial need, and a well-rounded personal profile can be awarded INSEAD Diversity Fund Scholarships.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarships

  • list items Students admitted to the MBA program at HEC Paris will be automatically considered for the Excellence and Diversity scholarships.
  • list items The scholarship committee determines the value of the scholarship based on the holistic evaluation of the application including essays, GMAT scores, background, and work history.
  • list items The maximum amount of scholarship can cover up to 50% of the tuition fees.
  • list items Shortlisted candidates must undergo two rounds of interviews with HEC Paris MBA alumni.
  • list items The scholarship application deadlines run parallel to the program deadline.

EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

  • list items EDHEC Global scholarships are awarded in 4 categories including excellence, women in leadership, make an impact scholarship, and cultural diversity scholarship.
  • list items Recipients will receive a 20% to 40% discount on their tuition.
  • list items Excellence scholarships are highly competitive and awarded to candidates with a GMAT score of 650+.
  • list items International students can be eligible for up to 20% fee reduction in tuition through cultural diversity scholarships.
  • list items Students who pay their first tuition installment within 2 weeks of acceptance also get a 5% prompt payment reduction.


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France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship Program

  • list items The Eiffel Scholarships are awarded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French institutions to attract talented international students to enroll in their master’s programs.
  • list items The scholarship is awarded for a duration of 6 to 36 months from September 1 of the year in which scholarships are awarded.
  • list items Scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance of 1,181 EUR along with services that include transportation, insurance, housing search assistance, and cultural activities.
  • list items The Eiffel Scholarship program does not cover tuition fees.
  • list items To apply for the scholarship, students must contact the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Department or Campus France to learn about scholarship procedures.

France Excellence Charpak Master Scholarship

  • list items Indian students are offered a monthly living allowance of 860 EUR along with a student visa fee waiver, social security, and accommodation assistance.
  • list items Students with a knowledge of French get an advantage in the application process.
  • list items Candidates must submit a separate online application along with supporting documents.
  • list items The selection of recipients is based on the evaluation of academic records, consistency, statement of purpose, and quality of application.
  • list items Students whose current Indian institution and future French institution have a tie-up can easily avail of this scholarship.

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Eligibility Criteria for MBA Scholarships in France

The eligibility criteria for MBA scholarships in France for Indian students can vary depending on the scholarship provider and university. The general requirements may include:

  • list items Academic excellence: Scholarship committees prioritize candidates with a strong academic background. Applicants must fulfill the minimum GPA requirements in the previous study program.
  • list items Admission to a recognized university: Scholarships are awarded to students who have secured admission to an accredited MBA program in France. Candidates will have to provide proof of acceptance along with the scholarship application.
  • list items Work experience: Prior work experience in managerial or leadership roles can strengthen your application.
  • list items Demonstrated leadership potential: Competitive MBA scholarships seek candidates who exhibit strong leadership qualities that can be demonstrated through extracurricular activities, community involvement, and other professional achievements.
  • list items Language proficiency: Since MBA programs in France are offered in French or English, applicants must demonstrate language proficiency as required by their institution. Proof of language proficiency can be demonstrated through standardized test scores such as TOEFL/ IELTS for English and DELF/DALF for French.
  • list items Other requirements: Some scholarship providers may have specific requirements related to nationality, field of study, financial need, or career goals. Before applying for scholarships, you must carefully review the requirements of each scholarship.

How to Find MBA Scholarships in France for Indian Students?

To find MBA scholarships in France for Indian students, you can follow these simple steps:

  • list items Research universities: Firstly, gather insights about universities in France that offer MBA scholarships for international students.
  • list items Browse scholarship databases: You can utilize scholarship databases and search engines tailored for international students. Browse all important informational resources along with insightful blogs related to scholarships on GyanDhan’s official website.
  • list items Check Government and institution websites: Explore scholarship opportunities offered by the French government or private organizations. You can visit official websites such as Campus France, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.
  • list items Contact admission offices: Reach out to admission offices of French institutions offering MBA programs to find detailed information on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the value of various scholarship opportunities.
  • list items Network: You can also network with current or former MBA students in France through social media platforms to get advice and guidance along the application process.

Embarking on an MBA journey in France offers Indian students an enriching experience with a vibrant academic setting. Despite the potential financial hurdles, numerous avenues for scholarships are open to provide support for Indian students in France. For tailored guidance in managing the intricacies of funding your MBA in France, consider leveraging the expertise offered by GyanDhan. Empower yourself to pursue your academic aspirations without financial constraints, and explore more scholarships at GyanDhan’s scholarship portal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get MBA scholarships in France for Indian students?

You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission to a recognized French institution to be eligible for MBA scholarships in France. After admission to an MBA program in France, you must prepare the application along with supporting documents, including academic transcripts, standardized test scores, LORs, SOP, etc.

Can I get full scholarships in France?

Full scholarships in France for programs such as MBA are relatively rare. With thorough research, exceptional candidates with outstanding academic records, high standardized test scores, participation in extracurricular activities, and leadership potential, may secure a full tuition waiver for pursuing an MBA at the scholarship committee’s discretion.

How much does it cost to get an MBA in France for Indian students?

The cost of getting an MBA in France may vary depending on factors such as the university, program duration, and location. The tuition fees for an MBA in France for Indian students range from 15,00,000 INR to 40,00,000 INR.

Is studying in France for international students?

Studying in France is not entirely free for international students but it offers relatively low tuition fees compared to many other study-abroad destinations. Compared to private universities, public universities in France charge low tuition fees while some programs are even tuition-free for all students. Even for universities with no tuition fees, there are still costs associated with living expenses, transportation, and other personal costs.

Is work experience required for MBA scholarships in France?

Work experience is not compulsory for MBA scholarships in France. Some scholarships may require applicants to have certain years of work experience while others may be open to candidates with varying levels of professional background. However, professional experience is recommended to demonstrate readiness for the program and increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

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