MBA Scholarships In New Zealand For Indian Students

MBA Scholarships In New Zealand For Indian Students

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Find MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students in 2024. Discover eligibility criteria, benefits, application process & more about MBA Scholarships for New Zealand.

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New Zealand is globally recognized for its academic prestige and innovation which makes it a hub for startups. Pursuing an MBA in New Zealand can provide you with international exposure. English being the primary language of instruction in New Zealand, makes it an ideal destination for international students. However, international students have to be mindful of their expenses to live and study in New Zealand. If you are a student seeking financial assistance, MBA scholarships in New Zealand can help you fulfill your academic aspirations and take your career to new heights. In this blog, we will uncover MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students and provide you with a complete roadmap for a successful scholarship application.


Top 5 MBA Scholarships in New Zealand

There are various merit-based and need-based MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students that can significantly help offset the financial burden. Scholarships are provided by B-schools, government, and private organizations. Find yourself a scholarship that matches your academic profile and financial needs. Here are the top 5 MBA scholarships in New Zealand:

  1. list items New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships
  2. list items Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships
  3. list items University of Waikato Scholarships
  4. list items Victoria University of Wellington Business School Scholarships
  5. list items The University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarships

Discussed below are the key details of MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students:

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New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

  • list items Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded to international students from Commonwealth countries including India.
  • list items The scholarship value covers tuition fees, travel expenses, and other living expenses for studying in New Zealand.
  • list items Various universities in New Zealand that offer these scholarships include Auckland University of Technology, University of Otago, Lincoln University, Massey University, and University of Waikato. 
  • list items Applicants are required to maintain high academic standards, submit proof of English language proficiency, and demonstrate commitment to their country's economic and social advancement.

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Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships

  • list items The Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships are fully funded awards designed to support international students from developing countries to pursue higher education in New Zealand.
  • list items Students must be determined to contribute to the social and economic development of the country.
  • list items The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and provides an allowance for living expenses, health insurance, and airfare.
  • list items Your application must highlight your academic achievements, leadership skills, extracurricular participation, and career goals.
  • list items Candidates can apply for this scholarship before receiving an admission offer but it is to be noted that students must meet the admission requirements for their chosen program and university.


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University of Waikato Scholarships

  • list items The University of Waikato awards the Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship for India to students pursuing various undergraduate or postgraduate programs.
  • list items Management and business programs are eligible for awards ranging between 2,500 NZD to 15,000 NZD towards tuition fees.
  • list items Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements and potential to become global ambassadors for the university.
  • list items To get access to the scholarships and awards, you must complete an enrollment application.
  • list items A minimum GPA of B+ and an unconditional offer for admission are required to be eligible for the scholarship.

Victoria University of Wellington Business School Scholarships

  • list items The scholarship value ranges between 5,000 NZD to 10,000 NZD for students entering the first year of a postgraduate degree.
  • list items Selection decisions will be based on the academic excellence of the candidates.
  • list items Scholarship applicants must submit a personal statement of up to 500 words outlining reasons to study at Victoria University of Wellington, their academic goals, and details of leadership positions and involvement in their previous institution or community.
  • list items Submission of full transcripts along with supporting documents for admission and an offer from the university is required.

University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarships

  • list items Incoming international students at the University of Auckland can receive up to 10,000 NZD towards tuition fees for pursuing postgraduate programs.
  • list items Up to 50 scholarships are on offer each year, usually around 6 weeks before the closing date.
  • list items The university seeks high-caliber students with a grade point equivalent of 6.0 or above holding an offer for admission.
  • list items Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on academic excellence, quality of the letter of application, and endorsement by the referee.

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Factors Considered for MBA Scholarships in New Zealand

Scholarship review committees consider a holistic overview of the application and prefer well-rounded candidates who can contribute to the development of the business community. Here are factors that affect scholarship selection for MBA candidates:

  • list items Academic merit: Scholarships are primarily awarded based on academic performance, including GPA, test scores, and English proficiency.
  • list items Work experience: For MBA programs, relevant work experience demonstrating leadership and management skills is crucial.
  • list items Leadership potential: Candidates with evident leadership abilities and managerial potential are favored.
  • list items Career goals: Applicants must outline their career objectives and how the scholarship will aid in achieving them.
  • list items Personal essay: Essays allow candidates to highlight their qualifications and personal strengths; topics may be provided by the B-school.
  • list items Extracurricular activities: Participation in extracurriculars, community service, and volunteering is valued for its positive impact.
  • list items Letters of recommendation: Recommendations should come from educators or professionals who can vouch for the applicant’s capabilities.
  • list items Financial need: Need-based scholarships require proof of finances, such as family income and bank statements.

Now that you know about MBA scholarships in New Zealand, start searching for suitable options without wasting any time. You are encouraged to apply early to be considered for maximum financial aid opportunities. Planning and preparing for scholarships all by yourself can be overwhelming. Therefore, get in touch with GyanDhan to sort out your loan and financial needs. Also, this blog only lists down the top 5 scholarships for MBA in New Zealand but if you want to find other scholarships in New Zealand or for any other abroad destination you can do so by just visiting GyanDhan’s scholarship portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students?

Yes, there are numerous MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship and Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships are a few examples. Various universities such as the University of Waikato, University of Auckland, and Victoria University of Wellington offer scholarships to pursue postgraduate degrees in New Zealand.

Can I get a full scholarship for an MBA in New Zealand?

Yes, B-schools in New Zealand offer full scholarships for MBA in New Zealand to students with outstanding academic records and a well-rounded application. Full scholarships are highly competitive and provide financial support for tuition fees, living expenses, and airfare for students.

How do I find MBA scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students?

You can find MBA scholarships in New Zealand by visiting the official websites of universities, getting in touch with the financial aid offices of various universities, and searching scholarship databases. You can also seek help from GyanDhan experts.

How much does an MBA cost in New Zealand for Indian students?

An MBA in New Zealand costs 20,000 NZD to 40,000 NZD for international students. The cost for Indian students is around 10,00,000 INR to 20,00,000 INR per year. International students must also account for living expenses that are around 8,000 NZD to 10,000 NZD.

What GPA is required for MBA scholarships in New Zealand?

A minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 is required for MBA scholarships in New Zealand. A higher GPA is recommended to boost your chances of scholarship selection.

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