How Attractive is an MIS Degree ?

    Updated on: 11 Aug 2022

    The allure of studying abroad for higher studies has managed to retain its sheen which is why the brigade of aspiring Indian youth dare to step out in the unknown, take challenges head-on, face the world for all its odds and quirkiness and get themselves ready to be metamorphosed into young professionals for what is called the “Corporate World”. Coming straight out of the comforts of your home may give jitters to some but as long as you have your goals in sight, the fear of the unknown can be seized.

    With this article, we aim to discuss the pros and cons of Management Information System (MIS) Degree and whether it holds promise as a smart education investment over MBA – one of the more widely popular Master’s Program for young entrepreneurs and alike.

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    What is MIS?

    A booming Silicon Valley has helped bridge the gap between digitally aware Indian students and Ivy league universities in the technology-driven US via mediums such as professional courses and programs. Procuring a Masters in MIS is one such medium which has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years.

    Management Information System (MIS) has a curriculum designed to prepare students for the challenging world of computers catering to design & analysis, execution, and operation. As the name suggests, MIS teaches how to incorporate the use of computers and information technology into cross-functional domains of management to support and improve business processes. The organization-centric course is focused on using computer information systems as a tool to improve company operations.

    Top US Schools Offering Masters in MIS

    The table below is a holistic attempt at giving you an insight into the top educational institutions offering MIS courses across the US. It is important to note that not all universities require a mandatory undergraduate degree in MIS, however, some do pay emphasis on the intermediary knowledge of programming languages. The below-listed universities offer some of the best MIS programs in the US and are reputed to have good placement records.



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    Is It Worth Getting An MIS degree?

    The program serves as your passport to a career as a Business Systems Analyst or System Designer paving the way for a successful growth chart as Senior Organizational Manager or higher, earning reportedly handsome salaries. If you love resolving problems, if you are someone who cares about the business aspect as much as you care about Information Systems, then MIS is your go-to option.  

    Getting an MIS degree from a reputed institution may put you at crossroads with several prestigious companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. vying for your skillset. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), new jobs are being continually added to the technology sector and the sectors supported by technology, hence MIS is going places in the near future.

    MIS vs MBA: Which is Better

    While both are prestigious master’s programs, MIS & MBA can pose an eternal dilemma for students who are looking to get enrolled in management related courses. The below table provides a comparison between MIS & MBA to help you with your questions such as How to Choose and Why to Choose:

    1. Degree Program - 
      • MIS - Masters 
      • MBA  - Masters 
    2. Scope -
      • MIS- Narrow with focus on Management with Computers
      • MBA - Broader with focus on Management with Business Aspect
    3. Eligibility - 
      • MIS - Bachelors in a Comparable degree 
      • MBA  - Any Bachelor’s Degree
    4. Work Experience -
      • MIS - 0-4 Years
      • MBA - 4-5 years
    5. Pre Qualifying Exams - 
      • MIS - GMAT or GRE
      • MBA - Most preferably GMAT
    6. Area of Specialization -
      • MIS - Information Systems, Computer Design & Analysis, Information Technology and more...
      • MBA - Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, HR and more…
    7. Career - 
      • MIS - Technology-centric such as Systems Analyst, Project Management, Software Consulting, & others…
      • MBA - Cross-functional stretching to every dimension of a business
    8. Program Tuition - 
      • MIS - Averages around $50K annually
      • MBA - More expensive, normally averaging around $70K- 90K at top universities


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    Smart decision making can go a long way, especially when making crucial career choices. Investing in higher education needs comprehensive research to avoid pitfalls that you may regret later. Hence, taking an MIS/MBA route should be decided after you have extensively weighed the pros and cons of each specialization. Besides looking for good salaries, make sure your final choice is aligned with your long term goals and suits your purpose well.

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