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National Overseas Scholarship

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Kindly read the National Overseas Scholarship details here, a scheme provided by the Indian government for the higher education of reserved category students. Scroll up to read and learn more about the scholarship program.

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The best merit-based aid for a student can come through scholarships, especially for those who want to study abroad. The National Overseas Scholarship is a program available to all Scheduled Tribe students who are already studying or intend to pursue higher education overseas for various Master, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral research programs. It is one of the top scholarships for Indian students to study abroad. The National Overseas Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the Indian government, requires applicants to meet certain requirements.

The Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment offers the National Overseas Scholarship to Indian students. This program offers students from socially and economically disadvantaged groups the chance to study abroad at a reputable university.

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The Objective of the National Overseas Scholarship

The goal of the Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship is to make it easier for low-income students from the Denotified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Landless Agricultural Laborers, and Traditional Artisans categories to pursue higher education abroad, specifically Master's or Phd.-level programs, thereby enhancing their economic and social standing.

Some facts about the Scheme:

  • list items For female students, 30% of all National Overseas Scholarships are offered.
  • list items The National Overseas Scholarship can be used to enroll in master's and doctoral programs in the US, the UK, Germany, and other countries.
  • list items The program pays for attendance costs, health insurance, travel costs, and other ancillary costs.
  • list items In order to study abroad at universities like Boston University, Harvard University, University of Iowa, etc., students must receive scores on all of the exams they are needed to take.
  • list items Each year, the portal will be active from February 15 through March 31 to accept applications for the first round of selection for the next selection year.

Note: Although most universities in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, and other countries accept the National Overseas Scholarship, applicants are still encouraged to confirm this before beginning the application process.



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Eligibility Criteria for National Overseas Scholarship

The National Overseas Scholarship is accepted at numerous universities in Canada, Germany, the US, and other countries, as was already indicated. In addition to meeting the university's entrance requirements, applicants must also meet the requirements for the scholarship program in order to be eligible.

Candidates for the National Overseas Scholarship who are SC, ST, or OBC must meet the criteria listed below:


Educational Qualification for National Overseas Scholarship

For Masters: Minimum 60%, or the undergraduate equivalent.

For doctorate: Minimum 60%, or its equivalent at the master's level.

The percentage of marks earned in the Bachelor's degree will be taken into consideration if a student completed their Bachelor of Engineering after finishing their Diploma (Lateral Entry to 2nd year).

Candidates should be aware that those with relevant experience will be given preference.

Maximum Age Limit: Not more than 35 years, as on the first day of April for the selection year.

Maximum Permissible Income Limit: Total family income should not exceed 8,00,000 INR.

Children Criteria: The National Overseas Scholarship can only be used by two children of the same parent.

Along with meeting these criteria, it's important for applicants to achieve the minimum score requirements on exams like the IELTS, PTE, GMAT, GRE, etc. Each university has specific standards for minimum ELP and other test scores.


  • list items Courses leading to a bachelor's degree are ineligible for the award.
  • list items Candidates who have already moved in or are enrolled overseas will not be taken into consideration for the scholarship.
  • list items A single-family may submit a maximum of two candidates for this scholarship.


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Application Process

On the official website of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, the application form for the National Overseas Scholarship will be made accessible beginning in the first week of April.

Students must submit their full applications and all needed supporting documentation by the specified deadline. All students must produce self-attested copies of the following records, as per the Ministry's requirements:

  1. list items Certificate of Grade 10th
  2. list items Certificate of Caste
  3. list items Photo
  4. list items Digital Signature
  5. list items Proof of current address or permanent address in cases where it differs from current address
  6. list items Provisional Certificate/ Qualifying Degree
  7. list items Qualifying Examination Marksheet
  8. list items A valid application, registration, or admission-related document (*) is required for admission to a foreign university.
  9. list items Income tax returns for every family member.
  10. list items If an applicant is employed, the NOC certificate from the employer. If there is a gap of more than six months after earning the required degree, a gap certificate is required.
  11. list items Acceptance document for ITR.

Note: Mandatory Admission Offers from the chosen university in Canada, Germany, US.

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Selection Process for National Overseas Scholarship

All applications are given fair consideration by the National Overseas Scholarship Selection Committee. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are chosen to receive the scholarship grant.

The National Overseas Scholarship panel also emphasizes the following elements:

  • list items Only the applications that are received by the due date are considered.
  • list items Those who have previously been admitted to a university in the UK, Germany, Canada, etc. will be given preference.
  • list items Students who have not yet been accepted to an international university will also be given conditional consideration.

If there is a tie between two or more applications, the procedure described below shall be used:

  • list items First, the most qualified applicants will be offered the open positions reserved for female applicants.
  • list items The remaining spots will then be filled by the qualified applicants who are older than the age limit; that is, the oldest applicant will be given the first open spot, and so forth in declining order.

Note that there will be NO extra interviews or group discussions for applicants

Details related to Grants

The following expenses, which a student could incur while studying abroad, are covered by the National Overseas Scholarship.
 The listed expenses are those that the scholarship will pay:

  • list items Maintenance Allowance
  • list items Poll Tax
  • list items Contingency Allowance
  • list items Tuition Fees
  • list items Allowance for Incidental Travel and Equipment
  • list items Visa Fees
  • list items Local Travel
  • list items Medical Insurance Premium
  • list items Air Passage

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Period of the Award with Financial Aid

The required financial aid will be given up until the course/research is completed or the following time, whichever occurs first:

Ph.D. - Four years
Master’s Degree - Three years


  • list items The Scheme offers selected students financial aid to pursue Master’s and Ph.D.- level studies abroad at institutions and universities recognized by the government or other appropriate bodies of the country in any field of study.
  • list items Depending on funding, 125 new awards will be made under the Scheme in each selection year.
  • list items The allocation of slots per category for different groups eligible for scholarships under the scheme will be as follows:  
Category Numbers

Scheduled Castes


Nomadic, Denotified, and Semi-Nomadic Tribes


Traditional Artisans and Landless Agricultural Laborers


Total slots





What qualifies someone for eligibility?

  • list items Age under 35 as of the first day of April in each selection year.
  • list items A family's income must not exceed Rs. 8,00,000 per annum.

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