PG Diploma in Canada: A Detailed Overview

PG Diploma in Canada: A Detailed Overview

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Read the blog to know in detail about PG Diploma in Canada. Know why to choose PG Diploma Courses in Canada and top colleges to do your post-graduate diploma.

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Want to go to Canada for your higher education but confused about whether to go for a PG Diploma in Canada or not? Well, read on and know everything about a PG Diploma in Canada and how it might fit your study abroad plan. 

Canada, the land of Maples, is one of the top foreign study destinations for international students. The country has a diverse student population, around 642,000 students, from 186 countries and it ranks third in attracting international students. A large number of Indian students too head to Canada for their higher education. In fact, Indian students account for more than one-third of the international student populace in the land of the rising sun. In the year 2019, 219,855 Indian students were studying in Canada. 

In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of doing a PG Diploma from Canada along with the best courses and colleges for a PG Diploma from Canada too. So, let us begin. 

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  • list items Academic Excellence - Canada is home to some excellent universities that are known to offer excellent quality of education. In 2019 alone, 29 Canadian Universities ranked in the top QS World University Rankings 2019  while 27 universities ranked in the top in THE World University Rankings 2019. Employers view a Canadian degree at par with degrees from the US, UK, or other top international study destinations. 
  • list items Affordable education - Education In Canada is cheaper than at other popular study destinations such as The US and The UK. International students enrolled in an undergraduate program had to pay an average tuition fee of CA$29714 in 2019 while those who enrolled for a post-graduate program had to pay a tuition fee of CA$17,744 in the academic year 2019-2020. It should be remembered here that Canadian Universities set their tuition fee and the fee depends on a lot of factors such as level of study, the program, etc. International students are also eligible to apply for a large number of scholarships that help bring down their total cost of study in Canada. 
  • list items Job opportunity - International students are allowed to work both on-campus and off-campus for 20 hours a week during their studies. Post their study, international students can find competitive jobs in their domain in Canada. Students who have obtained a degree from a Designation learning institute can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). 
  • list items Student-friendly and cultural diversity - Canada has a multicultural environment and is welcoming to foreigners. The country is one of the safest in the world for foreigners and international students have the same rights as any other Canadian residents. 
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    Why study for a PG Diploma in Canada?

    Academically, a Post Graduate Diploma or a PG Diploma degree is considered to be higher than an undergraduate degree but lesser than a Master’s degree. Students who have finished their undergraduate or equivalent education can enroll for a PG Diploma, also called a Graduate Diploma, in Canada instead of a Master’s program. Let us compare a Master’s degree and a PG Diploma Degree from a Canadian University below. 


      Master’s program PG Diploma

     Duration of  the program  

     A Master’s program takes 1.5-2 years and sometimes even 3 years for a few courses.

    A PG Diploma takes 1 to 2 years to complete.

    Number of  credits required 

    A Master’s program in Canada would require 180 credits.

    A PG Diploma program requires 120 credits.

    Aim of the program

    The aim of a Master’s program is to make the student proficient in one particular subject.

     A PG Diploma program is an additional qualification that helps provide industry exposure -  through co-op programs - and help students get a job quickly.

    Tuition Fees

    The average tuition fee for a Master’s program in Canada is $30,000.

    A PG Diploma has an average tuition fee of $20,000.

    Scope for Ph.D 

    Students who complete their Master’s program are eligible to enroll for a Ph.D

     Students who have done PG Diploma might have to give an entrance if they wish to do a    Ph.D.

    Work Visa after study

    International students who complete a 2 years Master’s degree from a Canadian University are eligible for a 3-year work visa post their program.

      International students who complete a one-year PG Diploma from Canada are eligible for  a  1-year work visa after their program.


    As we can see, a PG Diploma takes less time than a Master’s degree and costs considerably less too. Students who do a PG Diploma can later enroll for a Master’s degree too. 


    Some of the popular PG Diploma programs in Canada are as follows:

  • list items Engineering and Science
  • list items Health Science
  • list items Information Technology
  • list items Business Management
  • list items Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • list items Data science and data analytics
  • list items Nursing and Pharmacy
  • list items Psychology
  • list items Biomedical engineering and biosciences


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    Top colleges that offer a PG Diploma in Canada 

    Most Canadian colleges and a select few community colleges offer PG Diploma to international students. However, some of the top ones are as follows:

  • list items Algonquin College
  • list items Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • list items Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • list items Durham College
  • list items Fanshawe College
  • list items Fleming College
  • list items George Brown College
  • list items Humber College
  • list items Niagara College
  • list items North Island College
  • list items Seneca College
  • list items Sheridan College
  • list items St. Lawrence College
  • list items University of Alberta
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    Eligibility for a PG Diploma in Canada 

    The eligibility requirement will vary from University to University. However, a  few common eligibility requirements are as follows:

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    Employment opportunity after PG Diploma in Canada

    A PG Diploma program in Canada has a practical focus and many programs include internships or co-ops programs that provide hands-on industry experience during the course of study. Post completing the program, international students get a one-year work visa during which they can search for a job in Canada. 

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