Vocational Courses in Canada for International Students

Vocational Courses in Canada for International Students

Vocational Courses in Canada for International Students

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Read all about vocational courses in Canada for international students. Know the loan options and major lenders offering Canada vocational loans.

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Studying abroad opens up an ocean of opportunities for students. Every year thousands of students choose Canada as their preferred destination for higher studies. The universities and colleges in Canada are considered one of the best in the world. Earlier mostly students pursuing master’s or higher degree programs used to go to Canada. The situation changed once the education loans became cheaper, an increase in the number of lenders, less stringent terms and conditions for loans, and several other factors that widened the ambit of borrowers taking abroad education loans. In the last decade, the students wanting to pursue bachelor’s degree programs also started moving to Canada. Now that the abroad education loan ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds, banks readily give loans for more courses than before. 


All the leading lenders including Public Sector Banks give abroad education loans for vocational courses in Canada. Taking a vocational course in Canada can bring a substantial change in your professional outlook and career possibilities. Not everyone has the financial capability to pursue higher education in Canada but a vocational course can also bring a substantial difference in your CV. It is a boon for professionals as they will have a foreign university on their CV without taking a toll on the finances. A vocational course from a Canadian university is an investment for a bright future. 

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Best Vocational Courses in Canada for International Students


1. Agriculture Sciences

If there is one sector wherein there is very little research, and utmost potential, it is certainly agriculture. India’s reliance on agriculture is known to all of us but we also know that there is a huge talent gap in agricultural sciences. There are many vocational courses in Canadian universities on Agriculture that can bring a substantial change in your outlook. If you have a degree in agriculture then a vocational course from Canada will increase your prospects multiple folds. There is a growing need for diversification in agriculture. So, if you pursue a course in Horticulture, Plant and Crop Sciences then they can also bring a substantial change in your professional career. 


2. Applied and Pure Sciences 

In the last seven years, the concern for a sustainable growth model has taken a center stage in our discourses. With the signing of the Paris convention on climate change the field of applied sciences has become a new favorite among international students coming to Canada. The vocational courses in subjects like Biomedical Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, etc have witnessed a steep rise in the number of applicants. Short term courses from top Canadian universities give a much-needed impetus to brighten your prospects. Similarly, the demand for vocational courses on subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography, Food Science and Technology has also increased in the last five years. 


3. Architecture and Construction 

India is in dire need of the overall infrastructure, and there will be an acute shortage of skilled force in this sector. To bridge the gap companies and government organizations would need professionals who are well versed with the latest construction technology. Taking a vocational course in specific areas can be a game-changer for people looking to propel their career to new heights. You can choose courses on construction, planning, maintenance services, architecture, etc to get expertise on the global best practices. 


4. Education and Training 

As the COVID-19 pandemic began the entire education system witnessed a sudden wave of change that wasn’t anticipated. The education system has changed completely, and new avenues of imparting education have surfaced. So, it becomes important for the teachers to adapt to new ways of teaching since there is a considerable lack of qualified teachers in India. Canadian universities offer a ton of vocational courses for professionals in the education sector. The courses on Career advice, Education management, Specialized teaching, Adult education, etc. 


5. Computer Science and IT

If there is one field of study that has changed at a lightning pace, it is computer science. Just a decade back it was all about coding, computer language, etc., and there was barely any talk about present-day technology. In a matter of a decade, now the whole world is talking about AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science, etc. If you are a professional working in the IT sector, Canadian universities have an incredible range of vocational courses to offer which will help you scale up in your professional career. There are courses on AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, and a ton of other fields of study within computer science and IT. 

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6. Business and Management 

Business and management is an evergreen field wherein you always have the opportunity to learn more. The universities in Canada offer a wide range of vocational courses that helps professionals in opening up new avenues. Vocational courses on Marketing, Finance, Human resource management, transportation and logistics, Quality management, etc. There are courses on e-commerce, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, etc that are going to play a pivotal role in running businesses in the coming years. 


7. Health and Medicine

In the midst of the health crisis, the importance of the healthcare sector was realised by governments across the globe. In India, there is a lack of professionals in the healthcare sector. Now is the best time to take a vocational course in Canada, and be among the most skilled workforce in the country, and even abroad. Vocational courses can be taken in Physiotherapy, counselling, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Public health, Nutrition, Fitness, etc. 

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8. Engineering 

Technology is changing every day and those who wish to excel need to keep themselves up to date with the global best practices. It helps students and professionals in getting better job opportunities. Short term courses from universities in Canada aren’t expensive as masters or doctoral programs. However, the cost-benefit is pretty great, and one can learn quite a lot in just a brief time span. Universities in Canada offer vocational courses for almost all branches of engineering. Vocational courses in Biomedical engineering, Structural engineering, Vehicle engineering, Mining and Oil and Gas exploration, General engineering and technology, Industrial Production engineering, Environmental engineering, etc. 


9. Creative Arts and Design

Creative Arts and Design have gained traction in recent years with the growth of the aspiring middle class in India. Earlier the use of creative arts and design was limited to a few people but now leading companies in India and globally are investing into the field. In contemporary times, people have more to spend, and they love to spend on things that make them look unique. Canadian universities have a complete range of vocational courses on Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Art Administration, Dance, Theatre and Drama Studios, Music, etc. There is a very big market for the next generation of creative artists, and a course from a Canadian university on your CV can make an instrumental difference when the employers would compare it with other job applicants. 


10. Personal Care and Fitness

When the pandemic started we got overly invested in our personal health. It is very much likely that this might be the first time you would have given serious thought to your health. It’s the case for all of us, and it warrants the need for getting into touch with experts in personal care. A vocational course from a Canadian university can be a big differentiator. For instance, if you were to choose a personal care specialist, the chances are very likely that you will choose someone who is trained abroad. So, if you are planning to take a vocational course, why think any differently? The courses on Therapeutic, Health and Fitness, Beauty therapy, and other courses on Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Facial treatments, etc. 


11. Media and Cinema

It is yet another field wherein there is no dearth of opportunities for talented professionals. As the media is evolving, the largest media conglomerates of the world hire those who are well versed with the latest technology. Also, in cinema, the use of technology warranted the need for professionals who have the know-how of the latest technology. Many vocational courses train professionals and make them industry-ready. The courses on Filming, Photography, Content management, media management, language, Digital media, Animation, Advertising, etc. 


12. Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has faced a severe blow, and now the industry is seeking a revamp. The travel and hospitality industry has to reshape itself in order to adjust to the new normal. Professionals already working are also facing a job crunch, and the best way to protect yourself from any adverse situation is to make yourself industry ready. There is a wide range of vocational courses that are available in Canadian universities. One can choose courses in catering, aviation, leisure management, travel management, food and drink production, hospitality, etc. 

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    Benefits of Pursuing a Vocational Course in Canada

    There are a lot of benefits to pursuing a vocational course in Canada. It can take your career in an entirely new direction without spending a ton of money. These are the benefits of pursuing a vocational course in Canada:

  • list items The cost of education is very less when compared with any other course abroad. 
  • list items Since the course duration is short, it helps professionals and students in completing the course and starting the job without taking long leave.
  • list items All the lenders readily give loans for vocational courses. PSB loans are the best choice since the rate of interest is very low. 
  • list items A vocational degree from a university in Canada increases your prospects of getting hired at the world’s top organisations. 
  • list items You can also get exposure for abroad education, and build connections with students, professionals, and employers. 
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