Postgraduate Scholarships Scotland For Indian Students

Postgraduate Scholarships Scotland For Indian Students

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Explore postgraduate scholarships Scotland for Indian students with GyanDhan. Learn about eligibility criteria, the amount awarded, and more about postgraduate scholarships in Scotland.

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Scotland is globally recognized for its innovative research and top employment rates from its universities, making it an excellent place for a master's degree. Entry-level postgraduates can earn about 32,000 GBP annually in Scotland, representing a valuable investment in your future. However, international students need to budget their finances appropriately. Although studying in Scotland is not free for international students, there are generous postgraduate scholarships Scotland available to support students financially which are awarded based on academic excellence. In this blog, we will shed light on popular postgraduate scholarships Scotland awarded by various universities and the government including their eligibility criteria, value, tips for success, and more.


Cost of Postgraduate Studies in Scotland

The tuition fees for leading universities in Scotland are higher compared to other universities. International students are charged a higher rate than EU students. On average, the tuition fees for international students range between 15,000 GBP to 30,000 GBP per year. International students with a Tier 4 student visa must have at least 1,015 GBP for 9 months to live in Scotland. The average cost of living for Indian students is around 8,50,000 INR to 9,50,000 INR per year. Cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, etc. are costlier than the rest of Scotland.


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Top Postgraduate Scholarships in Scotland

International postgraduate students in Scotland can apply for various scholarships awarded by the Scottish government as well as distinguished universities. Here are the top postgraduate scholarships Scotland that international students can avail of:

  1. list items Saltire Scholarships
  2. list items Commonwealth Scholarships
  3. list items Chevening Scholarships
  4. list items GREAT Scholarships

Details of these postgraduate scholarships Scotland are discussed below:

Saltire Scholarships

  • list items The Saltire Scholarships are funded by the Scottish government and awarded to students from Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Hong Kong, and the USA.
  • list items The scholarship provides 8,000 GBP towards tuition fees, which are tenable for one academic year.
  • list items Scholarships are offered to students pursuing a one-year master’s degree in any subject related to science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, renewable and clean energy.
  • list items Selection of recipients is based on academic excellence and applicants must attain the international equivalent of a UK first class or 2:1 honours degree at the undergraduate level.
  • list items It must be noted that the scholarships are unavailable for 2024-2025.

Commonwealth Scholarships

  • list items Commonwealth Scholarships are given to talented individuals who demonstrate the ability to make a positive impact at a global level.
  • list items The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission annually selects over 700 recipients to pursue postgraduate degrees at UK universities.
  • list items The scholarship aims to support international students from Commonwealth nations who will otherwise not be able to afford education in the UK.
  • list items To be eligible for the scholarship, you need to have an undergraduate honors degree of at least upper second class (2:1).
  • list items Commonwealth Scholarships are fully funded covering complete tuition fees along with a living allowance and airfare.


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Chevening Scholarships

  • list items Chevening Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students pursuing master’s degrees at a UK university.
  • list items The scholarships are fully funded and cover all expenses including course fees, accommodation, and flights.
  • list items There is no set definition of a Chevening Scholar but recipients demonstrate leadership skills and ambition for bringing about a positive change in their home country.
  • list items Applicants usually have 2 years of prior work experience and have a completed bachelor’s degree equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK.
  • list items Scholarship applicants must apply to at least 3 different eligible courses and receive an unconditional offer from at least one of them.

GREAT Scholarships

  • list items GREAT Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a one-year taught postgraduate course at any UK university.
  • list items The University of Glasgow, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Stirling, and Robert Gordon University are a few Scottish universities offering programs eligible for the scholarship.
  • list items Students receive 10,000 GBP towards the tuition fees for eligible programs.
  • list items To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have an undergraduate degree, be motivated, and demonstrate an interest in the subject area.
  • list items The candidate must also fulfill the English language requirement of the university, be willing to attend networking events, and act as an ambassador and alumnus of the GREAT scholarships.

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University Specific Postgraduate Scholarships Scotland

The table below highlights the top university-provided postgraduate scholarships in Scotland for international students:

Name of the University/ Scholarship Details Amount Awarded

Aberdeen Global Scholarship (University of Aberdeen)

Available for self-funded Indian students pursuing a master’s degree;

No separate application is required.

8,000 GBP towards tuition fees

India Merit Scholarship (The University of Edinburgh)

Awarded to postgraduate master’s students based on academic excellence;

Students must score at least 90% at the undergraduate level;

No separate application is required.

5,000 GBP towards tuition fees

India Merit Scholarship (The University of Glasgow)

Awarded to highly qualified Indian students pursuing postgraduate taught programs;

Applicants must have grades equivalent to UK 1st class honors;

No separate application is required.

5,000 GBP towards tuition fees

Postgraduate India Scholarship (University of Stirling)

Full-time, self-funded students living in India are eligible for the award;

Students are automatically considered based on the admission process;

The scholarship cannot be combined with any other Stirling award.

4,000 GBP towards tuition fees

International Student Discount for Master’s Students (Robert Gordon University)

Applicants must be eligible for the standard entry requirements;

No separate application is required;

Only self-funded students are eligible.

2,000 GBP towards tuition fees


How to Secure Postgraduate Scholarships in Scotland?

To strengthen applications for postgraduate scholarships in Scotland, consider these key factors:

  • list items Academic Records: Secure an undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK upper second class and provide proof of English proficiency.
  • list items Letter of Motivation: Craft a detailed letter explaining your choice of university/program and how the scholarship will aid your success.
  • list items Recommendation Letters: Obtain letters from academics or professionals who can vouch for your academic and professional capabilities.
  • list items Resume: Showcase professional experience, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.
  • list items Work Experience: For scholarships like Chevening, a minimum of 2 years' work experience is essential; beneficial for other scholarships too.
  • list items Leadership Skills: Demonstrate leadership through active participation in roles that involve setting examples and networking.

Postgraduate scholarships Scotland for international students are competitive. It is important to demonstrate a genuine interest in studying your chosen program and a passion for contributing to the community combined with academic excellence. Consider taking GyanDhan’s advice to sort out your loan and financing needs for studying in Scotland. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back, explore financial assistance available for international students and take the first step to fulfill your academic pursuits. Apart from that if you want to explore more scholarships than visit GyanDhan’s scholarship portal


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get fully funded postgraduate scholarships in Scotland for international students?

Yes, there are various fully funded postgraduate scholarships in Scotland for international students offered by the government. The Commonwealth Scholarships and the Chevening Scholarships are examples of scholarships that cover the complete tuition fees, and all other expenses including accommodation, and airfare.

Can I study for free in Scotland?

Postgraduate studies are not free in Scotland The tuition fees for international students are comparatively higher than for EU students. However, all students irrespective of their nationality are required to pay tuition fees.

What is the minimum academic requirement to get scholarships in Scotland?

Most postgraduate scholarships in Scotland are awarded based on academic excellence. The minimum requirement to get scholarships in Scotland is a completed undergraduate honors degree of at least upper second class (2:1). On average, 70%-80% scores are recommended to secure merit-based scholarships.

Is work experience required for postgraduate scholarships in Scotland?

Not all postgraduate scholarships in Scotland require prior work experience. However, Chevening Scholarships require candidates with a minimum of 2 years of work experience. Other scholarship providers seek candidates who demonstrate leadership skills through work experience, extracurricular participation, or community service.

Are there program-specific scholarships in Scotland?

Yes, there are various program-specific scholarships in Scotland. International students can search for departmental scholarships for pursuing courses in business, law, medicine, engineering, technology, etc.

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