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    Updated on: 11 Sep 2023

    all Details about TOEIC Exam 


    TOEIC Full Form

    Test of English for International Communication


    US $125-$200


    120 minutes (receptive) or 80 minutes (productive)

    Result Report

    3 to 15 days

    Test Location

    Authorized test centers

    Score Validity

    2 years


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    What is the TOEIC examination?

    The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) examination is recognized among non-native speakers as it assesses their English language skills for professional and corporate life. The managing body of the TOEIC is the Educational Testing Services (ETS).


    The exam format is based on the following two skills:

    • Receptive English skills (reading and listening) 
    • Productive English skills (speaking and writing)

    The TOEIC Test comprises four subdivisions:

    1. Reading Test
    2. Listening Test
    3. Writing Test
    4. Speaking Test

    There are only two parts to the examination. Writing and speaking parts come under one section while listening and reading parts under another. Also, candidates for the beginners and intermediate levels have the option to take TOEIC Bridge Test as well. 

    1. Listening and Reading Part
    2. Writing and Speaking Part
    3. Bridge Test (Optional)

    TOEIC Listening & Reading

    A TOEIC Listening and Reading test assesses your ability to listen and read in English at work. A global workplace is simulated by test questions that are relevant to real-life situations. 

    One of the most popular TOEIC tests is the reading and listening test. Taking this test on paper in a test center gives you a score between 10 and 990. Taking this test, you must score equally well on English reading and listening skills.

    Test content and format 

    The TOEIC Listening and Reading test consist of multiple-choice questions. Each section has 100 questions with a time limit. 

    Test length 

    2.5 hours is the total time limit to take the exam: 

    • 45 minutes for Section I: Listening
    • 75 minutes for Section II: Reading
    • About 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

    Section I: Listening

    The following questions and short conversations are recorded in English, which you must listen to, then answer based on what you have heard (100 items total). 

    • Part 1: Photographs
    • Part 2: Question-Response
    • Part 3: Conversations
    • Part 4: Talks

    Section II: Reading

    Take your time to read and respond to a variety of materials(100 items total).

    • Part 5: Incomplete Sentences
    • Part 6: Text Completion
    • Part 7: Reading Comprehension

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    TOEIC Speaking & Writing

    The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests measure assesses your speaking and writing skills used in the workplace. You’ll respond to real-world questions and scenarios in spoken and written English. The tests use common everyday vocabulary, phrases, and key expressions used in a workplace environment.

    You can take the Speaking and Writing tests together or separately. If you take them together with the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, you’ll get a complete measurement of all four English-language communication skills. This version of the TOEIC does not involve an examiner, rather, the student records his spoken answers to recorded or written prompts, and types his written answers for the written portion. 

    TOEIC Speaking Test format

    • Content: 11 questions
    • Time: about 20 minutes
    • Score scale: 0–200




     1–2 Ques

    Read a text aloud

    • 45 seconds to prepare.
    • 45 seconds to read the text out loud.

     3–4 Ques

    Describe a picture

    • Describe the picture on the screen in as much detail as possible.
    • 45 seconds to prepare a response.
    • 30 seconds to speak about the picture.

     5–7 Ques

    Respond to questions

    • 3 seconds per question to prepare a response.
    • 15 seconds to respond to questions 5 and 6.
    • 30 seconds to respond to question 7.

    8–10 Ques

    Respond to questions using the information provided

    • 45 seconds to read the information before the questions begin.
    • 3 seconds per question to prepare their response.
    • 15 seconds to respond to questions 8 and 9.
    • Question 10 will be asked twice.
    • 30 seconds to respond to question 10.

    11 Ques

    Express an opinion

    • 45 seconds to prepare a response.
    • 60 seconds to speak.

    TOEIC Writing Test format

    • Content: 8 questions
    • Time: about 60 minutes
    • Score scale: 0–200




     1–5 Ques

    Write a sentence based on a picture

    • With each picture, you’ll be given two words or phrases that you need to use in a sentence.
    • You can change the forms of the words and use the words in any order.
     6–7 Ques

    Respond to a written request

    • Show how well you can write email responses.
    • 10 minutes to read and answer each email.
    8 Ques

    Write an opinion essay

    • Write an essay in response to a question that asks you to state, explain and support your opinion on an issue.
    • Typically, an effective essay will contain a minimum of 300 words.

    TOEIC Bridge

    Designed for beginner to intermediate learners, the TOEIC Bridge® tests measure all four English-communication skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You can use TOEIC Bridge scores to

    • show instructors or employers, you have the English-communication skills needed for the next academic or workplace level
    • establish goals for English-language learning and monitor your progress
    • learn which areas you need to improve

    Test content and format

    The TOEIC Bridge tests focus on communication tasks in everyday life and common workplace scenarios that reflect modern language uses and communication methods.

    TOEIC Bridge Listening test

    You’ll respond to descriptions, questions, conversations, and talks in English.

    Test time: about 25 minutes

    Test format: 50 multiple-choice questions grouped into 4 parts:

    • Part 1: Four Pictures (6 questions)
    • Part 2: Question-Response (20 questions)
    • Part 3: Conversations (10 questions)
    • Part 4: Talks (14 questions)
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    TOEIC Bridge Reading test

    Complete sentences in written English and answer questions about short informational texts.

    Test time: 35 minutes

    Test format: 50 multiple-choice questions grouped into 3 parts:

    • Part 1: Sentence Completion (15 questions)
    • Part 2: Text Completion (15 questions)
    • Part 3: Reading Comprehension (20 questions)

    TOEIC Bridge Speaking test

    Read texts aloud, ask for and provide information, describe events, and give your opinion.

    Test time: about 15 minutes

    Test format: 8 questions grouped into 6 task types:

    • Read a Short Text Aloud (2 questions)
    • Describe a Photograph (2 questions)
    • Listen and Retell (1 question)
    • Short Interaction (1 question)
    • Tell a Story (1 question)
    • Make and Support a Recommendation (1 question)

    TOEIC Bridge Writing test

    Complete and write sentences, ask for and provide information, describe events, and give opinions.

    Test time: about 37 minutes

    Test format: 9 questions grouped into 5 task types:

    • Build a Sentence (3 questions)
    • Write a Sentence (3 questions)
    • Respond to a Brief Message (1 question)
    • Write a Narrative (1 question)
    • Respond to an Extended Message (1 question)


    The TOEIC is a product of ETS, an American non-profit organization, which also makes the TOEFL, another standardized English test geared towards a more academic audience.

    So this is all about the TOEIC examination. If you need more suggestions, please do comment below. 

    First published date: 25 Oct 2022

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