Part-Time Job Options in France

Know the part-time work options & earn while you learn in France.

Ease your financial burden or save to repay your education loan by doing part-time jobs in France. It can be an alternate source of income that will allow you to enjoy life in a foreign land to the fullest. Part-time work options in France also let you build a social and professional network that will help you in your career growth as well.


Part-time Job Options in the France

On- Campus On- Campus

On- Campus


Off- Campus Off- Campus

Off- Campus


No. of Hours No. of Hours

No. of Hours

964 Hours Per Year

CA € Pay CA € Pay

CA € Pay

Minimum €8 / Hour

On-Campus Off-Campus
Barista Restaurants/Bars/Cafes
Teaching Assistant Tutoring
Administration Retail Stores
Research Assistant Waiter or Waitres
Peer Tutor Kitchen-Hand
Library Attendant Call Centre Operator
Campus Tour Guide Nanny Jobs

Regulations for International Students Doing Part-Time Jobs in the France

  • list items The college they are studying in should not have any objection.
  • list items The student should have a legal residence permit.
  • list items All aspirants in France, counting the pupils enrolled in the first year of the institution as well as those enrolled in a language course, are entitled to work.
  • Resources to Find Part-time Jobs in the France
    Job Openings in Local Newspapers
    Job Portals
    University Official Website
    Fellow Colleagues
    Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the France
    The minimum wage regulation applies to all employed students.
    After a reduction of taxes, a student makes somewhere around
    €8.00 per hour. On average, a student makes around €8000
    per year or above INR 6.5 lakhs a year.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the checklist for international students to find an internship in France?

    A student internship in France does not need to apply for any special permits. Here’s the checklist:
    • A contract needs to be signed between the intern and the company and the university before you commence the internship program. This contract shall clearly state the type of work, conditions, and the significance of the program with regard to the study.
    • In case the internship exceeds 2 months, the candidate qualifies to be remunerated for their time. The minimum wage cut-off is EUR 577 per month.
    • The placement agency might also take care of your conveyance, lodging, and mealtimes, conditional to the terms of your internship.
    • Almost all universities in France have a placement office that precisely deals with assisting students to navigate through the internship process.

    What is the benefit of working part-time in France?

    Working part-time while studying in France gives liberty to supplement your finances with another source of income. It builds up confidence for interview sessions for full-time job prospects in France.

    What type of special permit does one need to start working in France?

    As a student, no separate work permit under detailed conditions.

    What is the minimum salary an international student can earn in France?

    As per the rules, all international students in France are eligible for the minimum wage in the country which comes up to EUR 7.61/hour.

    What type of internship programs are available for international students in France?

    Popular universities have associations with companies in France that permit pupils to work in courses that provide them with real-world experiences in their chosen fields.

    What is the stay-back period for an international student in France?

    VLT-TS visa permits international candidates to stay back in France for 2 years after the conclusion of their program to find a job, provided they have completed their Master's degree or higher from a French institution.


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