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France to Attract Indian Talents, Targeting 20,000 Students by 2025

France to Attract Indian Talents, Targeting 20,000 Students by 2025

France is aiming to attract the Indian talent pool with a target of 20000 students by 2025. Expects a huge influx of Indian students coming for higher education. Read the full news.

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In an event at the French Embassy, the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that the French government is all set to have a big chunk of Indian students coming to France for higher education. The present count of students from India going to France is at 10,000. With growing ties between the French and the Indian government, the student inflow is set to increase. As we all know that Paris is most popularly known as the “fashion capital of the world”, there will be an immense opportunity for students planning to study fashion designing.

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Students from subjects like liberal arts, humanities, and STEM are also set to see an increment in the number of applications received by French universities. France has some of the world’s best universities with the most advanced teaching. France has traditionally been a favored location for Indian students, and even in the pre-Independence era, many people used to go to France for higher education. The recent efforts by the Indian government have resulted in an increment in acceptance by the French government. 

The French Foreign Minister was speaking at the appointment of 15 Alumni Ambassadors chosen from the prestigious France Alumni Network. Here, he emphasized that the process of bringing more Indian students to France has been in the pipeline, and now it is expected to get materialized by 2025. This is something that will bring the Indian and French students more closely. It also means that more research collaborations will take place between the two countries. So students wanting to access French technology and state-of-the-art laboratories are more likely to secure admission at French universities

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One of the moot parts of the whole discussion was pivoted around the mobility issues between French and Indian students. It’s mainly because of stricter visa norms, even for students going for short-term courses or short-term research stints at French universities. This has led to a knowledge transition gap between the two countries and denied students from both countries access to technological advancement and other fields. However, the French Foreign Minister emphasized the need to fill these gaps and give unabated access to the academia of both the countries, short term to long term visas for higher education and other academic collaborations.

There were long discussions between the Indian and the French Foreign Ministers on the point of contentions about the roadmap of having more students from India. Doubling the number of students from India will need a clear roadmap, and both sides have agreed to speed up the discussions and materialize this idea. Once materialized, Indians will be one of France’s biggest pools of students after the European Union.

Campus France, the national agency for the promotion of French higher education abroad, will be helping the Indian students. Campus France will help students in sorting out the finances with the help of government scholarships and corporate backings. This will open up the avenue for more Indian and French leaders to help students get easy access to loans at reasonable repayment terms. There will be structural changes to make the entire process more comprehensive and feasible for a more extensive section of the Indian students who want to go to France for higher education. 

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There are several benefits for Indian students studying in France. One of the most significant advantages is the job market since it gives the students an option to work across the European Union. The mobility within the EU helps students in broadening the scope of work to many countries. If everything goes right, we can see an increased number of acceptance at French universities from next year itself or by 2023 for sure. Since the negotiations have been going for a long, the announcement is made to inform the academia to gear up for collaborations. 

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With the growing strategic relationship between India and France, the changes will be reflected much sooner. Of late, we have seen cooperation between France and India on several fronts. These are all strategic moves to bring the two countries closer in terms of education, people-to-person contact, cultural intermingling, and a shared vision of the world’s future.

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