Law Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students in 2024

Law Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students in 2024

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Discover the latest LLM scholarships in Canada with GyanDhan. Learn about benefits, eligibility criteria, application process for top law scholarships in Canada.

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In 2023, over 300,000 Indian students enrolled in Canadian universities, many in law programs. Students are drawn to Canada for its quality education, easy visa process, and excellent placement opportunities in a student-friendly environment. An LLM degree allows graduates to practice law in Canada, adhering to local regulations. Financing this degree, however, can be a challenge. Students with strong academic records and a keen interest in law have options for financial assistance, including LLM scholarships in Canada. To maximize these opportunities, it's essential to actively seek out law scholarships in Canada tailored for international students. Our blog offers comprehensive guidance on finding and securing these scholarships, helping aspiring legal professionals achieve their academic and career goals.


Cost of LLM in Canada

Being one of the top study-abroad destinations, the cost of studying in Canada is significantly high. The tuition fees at public universities are lower compared to private law schools. LLM tuition fees in Canada range between 20,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD for international students. For Indian students, the cost comes to about 12,00,000 INR to 40,00,000 INR. Additionally, international students must budget their living expenses roughly around 1,200 CAD to 1,500 CAD per month. The cost of living can vary significantly depending on where your university is based. Vancouver, Toronto, and Victoria are among the most expensive cities in Canada.

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Types of LLM Scholarships in Canada

If you're considering an LLM in Canada, explore the various scholarship opportunities available for international students. This brief guide will discuss the types of law scholarships in Canada, helping you find the right one for you.

  • list items Merit-based scholarships: Awarded for academic excellence, leadership, extracurricular activities, and other achievements, these scholarships do not require financial need. Universities often automatically consider admitted law students for these awards, based on a holistic review of their applications.
  • list items Need-based scholarships: These are for students who demonstrate financial hardship and cannot afford program fees. Applicants must provide proof of finances, including family income and expenses.
  • list items Program-based scholarships: Specifically for law students, these are offered by law schools, governments, and private organizations, alongside general merit and need-based options.

Top 5 LLM Scholarships in Canada

Canadian law schools, government bodies, private organizations, and foundations offer numerous law scholarships in Canada for international students. Here are 5 top LLM scholarships in Canada:

  1. list items Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program
  2. list items Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarship
  3. list items McGill University O’Brien Fellowships
  4. list items UBC Peter A. Allard School of Law Scholarships
  5. list items Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law Scholarships

Details of these LLM scholarships in Canada are discussed below:


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Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • list items The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a merit-based program that is awarded to students enrolled at participating schools in Ontario.
  • list items The awards are based on the number of terms of your consecutive studies.
  • list items Eligible students receive 10,000 CAD for 2 consecutive study terms and 15,000 CAD for 3 consecutive study terms.
  • list items The selection is based on the suitability of your application for the school that you are planning to attend.
  • list items To apply for the scholarship, students can use the OGS application provided by their law school.
  • list items A few participating universities include Brock University, Carleton University, the University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, and University of Ontario’s Institute of Technology among others.

Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarship

  • list items The Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarship is awarded to newly admitted students who are in their first year of study in a post-secondary program at George Brown College.
  • list items The scholarship is valued at 5,000 CAD and awarded to 2 recipients yearly.
  • list items Students from partner institutions in the Caribbean, China, India, and Central/South America are encouraged to apply.
  • list items International students with a valid Canadian study permit with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above demonstrating leadership in activities contributing to the development of the learning environment and academic activities related to the area of study are eligible for the scholarship.

McGill University O'Brien Fellowships

  • list items The McGill University O’Brien Fellowships are highly competitive and awarded to outstanding graduate students pursuing a law program related to human rights and legal pluralism.
  • list items Candidates registered in the LLM or DCL program in the Faculty of Law are considered for these entrance fellowships irrespective of their citizenship.
  • list items The maximum value of scholarships for LLM students is 25,000 CAD tenable for 1 year.
  • list items Selection is based on academic standing, originality of the research proposal related to human rights and legal pluralism, availability of supervision, and diversity of candidates and topics.

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UBC Peter A. Allard School of Law Scholarship

  • list items The Peter A. Allard School of Law offers an array of entrance scholarships and awards.
  • list items Students admitted to the LLM program are considered for scholarships ranging between 2,500 CAD to 30,000 CAD.
  • list items It must be noted that the law school does not provide any financial need-based scholarships.
  • list items Recipients are selected based on academic merit, and accomplishments such as leadership and community service.

Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law Scholarship

  • list items The Schulich School of Law awards 2 scholarships to LLM students.
  • list items You must hold a first degree in law equivalent to the Schulich School of Law's JD for admission and scholarship consideration.
  • list items The basis for evaluation includes academic merit, community service, and financial need.
  • list items The Graduate Studies Committee decides the recipients of the scholarship.
  • list items Part-time LLM students are ineligible for the awards.
  • list items Students who demonstrate superior academic performance may also receive a fellowship worth 20,000 CAD.

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Eligibility Criteria for LLM in Canada

It is important to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria for LLM in Canada before applying for scholarships. Here is a list of requirements to be satisfied for admission and scholarship consideration:

  • list items A completed bachelor’s degree in Law is a prerequisite for LLM in Canada.
  • list items A score of 80% or above is recommended for securing merit-based scholarships.
  • list items Proof of English language proficiency in the form of TOEFL/IELTS score must be provided.
  • list items A well-crafted statement of purpose (SOP) highlighting your career goals and how studying at the university will help you achieve them is required.
  • list items Letters of recommendation from teachers or employers who can speak about your potential must be submitted along with the application.
  • list items An impressive resume outlining your personal and professional achievements must be included with your application.
  • list items It is best to highlight your participation in extracurricular activities, volunteering services, or community involvement.

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Successful Application Tips for LLM Scholarships in Canada

Discussed below are points that will help you submit a successful scholarship application:

  • list items Visit university websites and scholarship databases to discover LLM scholarships in Canada.
  • list items Check each scholarship's eligibility criteria and note the application deadlines and required documents.
  • list items Apply early for both admission and scholarships to increase your chances of selection.
  • list items Tailor your essays and statement of purpose to meet the scholarship provider's requirements, emphasizing how your goals align with their vision.
  • list items Carefully proofread your application to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.

This blog outlines various scholarship opportunities for international students in Canada. You are encouraged to visit the official websites of law schools and find scholarships offered and review the eligibility criteria and other application requirements carefully for any changes. Taking advantage of the law scholarships in Canada holds great promise for aspiring students. To navigate your way to LLM scholarships in Canada with ease, get in touch with GyanDhan today. We at GyanDhan have partnered with several lenders that can help you get abroad education loan in order to pursue your dream education abroad. All you have to do is check eligibility with us. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do law schools in Canada give scholarships to international students?

Yes, law schools in Canada give scholarships to international students. You must visit the official website of universities to look for available scholarships and check whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria or not. Admitted students are usually considered for entrance scholarships while various merit and need-based scholarships are also awarded by law schools such as McGill University, Dalhousie University, Osgoode Hall Law School, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, etc.

Can I get a full scholarship for LLM in Canada?

Full law scholarships in Canada are limited and highly competitive in nature. Some universities automatically consider students with outstanding academic records for full scholarships.

How do I qualify for LLM scholarships in Canada?

To qualify for LLM scholarships in Canada, you must maintain excellent academic records and show genuine interest in studying law and bringing about a change in society. Additionally, English language proficiency scores and your supporting documents will be evaluated to assess your eligibility for law scholarships in Canada.

Can I work part-time while pursuing LLM in Canada?

Yes, international students can work part-time during their studies provided they have a valid study permit and maintain good academic standing. There is a limit on the maximum time that international students can work for. Usually, students are allowed to work off-campus for 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during breaks.

Which universities offer the most affordable LLM in Canada?

The tuition fees for LLM programs offered by public universities are cheaper compared to private universities. Some of the most affordable LLM programs in Canada are offered by Queen’s University, University of Alberta, and Ontario Tech University among others.

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