Mastering Time Management abroad: Juggling Classes, Work, and Personal Projects

Mastering Time Management abroad: Juggling Classes, Work, and Personal Projects

How to do effective time management as an international student in US. Know strategies, tools, and insights to balance academics, work, and personal life in US

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Mastering Time Management abroad

Excerpt by Shoib Ahmad, Golden Gate University, MS in Project Management

Being a student at Golden Gate University and pursuing my masters, my life is a combination of academics, work, and fun. It's not just about keeping up; it's about finding a way to make everything fit together. Along the way, I've picked up several strategies that help me balance my studies with my job responsibilities and fun activities.

The key, as they say, is in the planning. There's a saying that goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This resonates deeply with me, especially since I serve as the vice president of education and secretary on campus, dedicating around 20 hours weekly to this role. To manage my time effectively, I rely on straightforward, easy-to-use apps like Todolist and Evernote. These tools are invaluable, almost like having a personal assistant at my fingertips.

Recreational activities, like playing cricket, poker, or watching movies on a projector with friends during weekends, are crucial for me. These moments provide a much-needed break and a chance to recharge before a new week begins. I always make sure to preserve this leisure time.

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I've observed that this scenario is quite common among international students. We all strive to strike a balance between our academic pursuits and part-time jobs or internships, aiming to fully experience our time overseas. Joining clubs, attending conferences, career fairs, trying out new sports, and participating in cultural exchange programs aren't just for enjoyment; they're pivotal for building relationships and connections.

The strategy lies in keeping things straightforward and avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Utilizing technology helps me organize my week efficiently. It's also about recognizing the right time to relax, to increase effort, and to seek assistance. For instance, during exam periods, I step back with respect to my extracurricular activities, including attending conferences and the other activities.

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For me and many other international students, it's a continuous journey to discover the ideal study-work-life balance. We aim to utilize every moment, whether we're studying in the library, working, or playing cricket. Day by day, we're enhancing our time management skills, a competency that will be beneficial well beyond our graduation days. 

Hopefully, it is valuable to all the upcoming and enthusiastic international students. All the best.

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