Project Management Courses in Canada: Universities, Cost, Scholarships, Jobs & more

    Updated on: 12 Apr 2023

    Project Management Courses in Canada 

    As project management becomes more prevalent in industries like healthcare, publishing, and professional services, which were not traditionally focused on projects, the world is becoming more project-oriented. This has led to a rise in job opportunities related to project management and consequently, more students are showing interest in taking courses on project management. According to Project Management Institute (PMI), employers in Canada will need 87.7 million individuals working in different project management roles across 11 countries.

    Canada alone will require 90,000 new project managers by the year 2027 so that the skill gap as mentioned can be covered and GDP of the country can be benefitted. The demand for skilled project management professionals has surpassed the availability of individuals to fill those roles, resulting in a significant gap. As a result, project management courses in Canada have become increasingly popular among students seeking to acquire these in-demand skills. What it takes to study project management in Canada along with the cost of attendance, scholarships, career prospects, and more is discussed in the blog.

    Benefits of studying Project Management courses in Canada

    Project management courses can offer a significant return on investment (ROI) for individuals looking to develop their skills and advance their careers in Canada. Here are some reasons why:

    1. High Demand: Project management is an in-demand profession in Canada, with many organizations looking for skilled professionals who can manage complex projects effectively. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the demand for project managers in Canada is expected to grow 33% by 2025.
    2. High Salary: Project managers in Canada earn a competitive salary, with an average annual salary of 82,000 CAD according to Glassdoor. Earning a project management certification can increase your earning potential by up to 25%.
    3. International Recognition: Project management certifications, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, are recognized globally. This can open up opportunities for individuals to work in different countries or with international organizations.
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    Popular universities offering Project Management courses in Canada

    Here are some popular universities in Canada that offer project management courses:

    University Name

    Course/Program Name

    Course Tenure

    Yorkville University

    BBA in Project Management

    2.5 years

    University of British Columbia

    MEng in Civil Engineering - Project Management

    2 years

    University of Calgary

    MS in Civil Engineering - Project Management

    2 years

    University of Ottawa

    Advanced Project Management Certificate

    1 year

    Vancouver Island University

    Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

    1 year

    University of New Brunswick

    MBA in Project Management

    2 years

    Northeastern University

    Master of Science in Project Management

    1.5 years


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    Popular colleges offering Project Management courses in Canada

    Here are some popular colleges in Canada that offer project management courses:

    University Name

    Course/Program Name

    Course Tenure

    Seneca College

    Master of Science in Project Management

    2 years

    George Brown College

    Advanced Diploma in Business Administration Project Management

    3 years

    Douglas College

    Post-Degree Diplomas in Project Management

    1 year

    Fanshawe College

    Certificate in Project Management

    1 year

    Centennial College

    Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management

    1 year

    Canadian College

    Project Management & Co-Op (Diploma)

    2 years

    Durham College

    Graduate Certificate in Project Management

    1 year

    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other universities in Canada that offer project management courses.

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    Certificate courses for project management in Canada

    Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

    • A PMP certification is a project management certification course that is globally recognized and allows an individual to practice any project management-related role professionally.
    • In Canada, if an individual is enrolled and completes this course then there are chances that it will also lead to an increase of 25% in their current salaries as compared to a professional who has not done this certification course. A certified PMP salary can range between CAD 85,000 to 120,000.

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    Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

    • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is an entry-level program, unlike PMP which, is a job-oriented certification course.
    • CAPM is a certification course that can be taken by an individual who has little or no experience in project management. As this is an entry-level course thus it helps you to learn project management from the basics.
    • As per payscale on average a CAPM professional can earn 61,000 CAD per annum


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    Eligibility to apply for Project Management courses in Canada

    Educational qualifications

    For admission to a bachelor’s degree the students must have completed high school. For admission to MS in Canada, the students must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 75% of aggregate marks.

    English proficiency test scores

    IELTS and TOEFL are both accepted as valid proof of English language proficiency test to study in Canada. IELTS scores at different levels of study are as follows:

    • For admission to a diploma or undergraduate program, your IELTS score should be between 5.5 - 6.0.
    • For admission in graduate/advanced diploma programs / PG diplomas, an IELTS score of 6.5 is required.
    • For admission to Ph.D., an IELTS score of 6.5-7.0 is required.

    Entrance test scores

    • For an undergraduate degree, you have to take SAT or ACT to present their scores.
    • GMAT, GRE is required to get admission in masters in project management courses in Canada. A minimum of 550+ as GMAT score and 300-320 as GRE score is considered competitive for Canadian universities. The requirements will vary based on the university.

    Work experience

    It is required for a few master's, doctoral, and PMP courses. Having an experience of 2-3 years is advisable to make your application stand out, especially if you are planning to pursue MBA in Canada.

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    Cost of project management courses in Canada

    While shortlisting universities, you must keep in mind the cost to study in Canada at the forefront. Given below is the overall cost, divided into two parts: pre-arrival cost (exam fees, application fees, flight tickets, and more) and post-arrival cost (cost of attendance and cost of living).

    Pre-arrival costs



    University application fees

    110 CAD - 200 CAD (6,700 INR - 12,100 INR)

    IELTS fees

    255 CAD (15,500 INR)

    TOEFL fees

    258 CAD (15688 INR)

    GMAT fees (if required)

    370 CAD (22,800 INR)

    GRE fees (if required)

    313 CAD (18,670 INR)

    Visa application fees

    150 CAD (9,099 INR)

    Health Insurance

    862 CAD (49,177 INR)

    Flight fare

    2000 CAD (1,21,300 INR)

    Post arrival costs

    An average cost of attendance based on the level of the program can be seen in the table below.


    Average Tuition Fees (for the entire program)

    Bachelor's in Project Management

    65,000 CAD - 70,000 CAD (39,43,000 INR - 42,46,500 INR)

    Master's in Project Management

    18,000 CAD - 40,000 CAD (10,91,900 INR - 24,26,500 INR)

    PG Diploma in Project Management

    17,000 CAD - 24,000 CAD (10,31,300 INR - 14,55,900 INR)

    Certificate in Project Management

    16,000 CAD- 22,000 CAD (9,70,600 INR - 13,34,600 INR)

    Considering an average lifestyle, the cost of living in Canada that an international student will have to consider are:


    Cost (per month)


    270 CAD - 800 CAD (16,000 INR - 48,000 INR)


    250 CAD - 300 CAD (15,000 INR - 18,000 INR)


    100 CAD - 150 CAD (6,000 INR - 9,000 INR)

    Mobile phone with internet

    60 CAD - 150 CAD (3,600 INR - 9,000 INR)

    Other expenses

    70 CAD - 160 CAD (4,200 INR - 9,700 INR)

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    Scholarships to study Project Management courses in Canada

    Some prominent scholarships by Canadian universities are mentioned below:

    Academic Achievement Scholarships

    • It is provided by the University of Calgary for MBA in Project Management course.
    • Benefit - 36,000 CAD is given one-time
    • Eligibility - Should have a GPA of 2.60 or above on 4 point scale and should be involved with community service, volunteer work, and athletics

    Affiliated Fellowships Program

    • It is provided by the University of British Columbia for MSc in Project Management.
    • Benefit - 16,000 CAD per year.
    • Eligibility - Should have 80% or above in previous educational transcripts and must have a significant research component in the enrolled program.

    International Student Tuition Fee Award

    • This scholarship is also provided by the University of British Columbia for MSc in project management.
    • Benefit - Covers full tuition fees.
    • Eligibility - Should be enrolled in a full-time course and must have good academic performance in previous study programs.

    Arbour Foundation

    • This is provided by McGill university for any MS course in project management.
    • Benefit - 13,000 CAD is given one time.
    • Eligibility - Must have 75% or above in academic performance and should be enrolled in a full-time program. At the time of application, the applicant should not have completed more than 3 semesters.

    Genivar Scholarship

    • This scholarship is provided by Ryerson University for any engineering program that has a specialization in project management.
    • Benefit - 2,000 CAD is given one time.
    • Eligibility - Should have a CGPA of 3.67 or above and overall good academic performance.

    Check out more scholarships in Canada based on your eligibility and desired course!

    Job and Career prospect of Project Management Courses in Canada

    Project management courses in Canada are designed in a way to increase earning potential, improve efficiency, and provide opportunities for career advancement. Mentioned below are some of the career opportunities available after an MS in project management from Canada.

    Job Roles

    Average annual salary

    Project Manager

    140,000 CAD

    Project Coordinator

    107,000 CAD

    Director of Project Management

    183,000 CAD

    Project Control Manager

    180,000 CAD

    Project Portfolio Manager

    145,000 CAD

    Assistant Operations Manager

    154,000 CAD


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