TOEFL Exam To Study Abroad

Test of English as a Foreign Language by ETS


TOEFL is an English proficiency test that takes into account an applicant’s ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language. It is one of the most reputed tests for taking admission to Universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. Every year millions of students take the test to get entry to the top universities of the world. Job seekers also take the TOEFL test as it helps in getting a work visa in English-speaking countries. TOEFL is conducted every year by the ETS (Educational Testing Services). There are multiple dates available throughout the year, and students can choose a date of their convenience to take the test.

It’s always important to know the details regarding the TOEFL Exam fee since students have to pay a substantial amount of $190 for students in India. There can be other charges too in the overall TOEFL cost depending on services sought from the ETS.

TOEFL exam fee 2023

The TOEFL test fee isn’t uniform, and it varies from one country to another. For instance, the TOEFL application fee is $190, and it varies depending on the exchange rate. There is a slight difference in the fee amount, and there can be other additional charges in case of rescheduling the exam, late registration, speaking or writing score review, etc. These additional charges can be avoided if a planned approach is taken.

TOEFL test fee

The cost of the TOEFL Exam can always be kept at the fixed charges if a student doesn’t make unnecessary amends in the registration process. TOEFL registration fee can be kept at $190 if there aren’t any amends to the test date or the registration fee is paid on time. These small precautions can help in keeping the TOEFL test cost at the base price itself. The late registration fee is $40, and the test rescheduling fee is $60. So these additional charges can be avoided, and a student ends up wasting a lot of money due to these slight negligences.

TOEFL form fees may include some charges if a student seeks additional services. For instance, if a student wants additional TOEFL score reports, then he/she has to pay $20. Students will have to pay a cost of $160 to review the score of the speaking and writing section. Unlike the late charges, these prices factor-in, while calculating the cost of the TOEFL Exam, and they aren’t due to any sort of negligence.

TOEFL fees reduction

The TOEFL Exam fee is around $190 for Indian students. ETS has a provision for fee reduction for US students, but there isn’t any provision for the students of India. Some organizations offer a scholarship to students based on their grades in college or high school, but there is no official TOEFL test fee reduction program for India.

TOEFL retake fee

Students may not get the desired score in an attempt and may wish to retake the test. The TOEFL fees remain the same for those retaking the test as it would cost a new registration. Thus the TOEFL application fee for students retaking the test is $190.

TOEFL rescheduling fee

There might be instances wherein a student has to change the test date. Rescheduling of test day can be done up to four days before the actual test date. An applicant has to pay a charge of $60, and it is in addition to the TOEFL test cost.

TOEFL special handling request

Special Request Charges
TOEFL Registration Fee $190
TOEFL Rescheduling Fees $60
TOEFL Late Registration Fee $40
Additional TOEFL score reports (per institution or agency) $20 each
Reinstatement of canceled TOEFL scores $20
Speaking and Writing Section score review $160
Speaking or Writing Section score review $80
Returned Payment $30

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted methods of payment for the TOEFL application fee?

ETS accepts a range of payment methods, viz. Debit/Credit cards, Electronic check (e-check) drawn on a bank in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands in the US dollars. Cash or Demand Drafts aren’t accepted.

How many additional charges one has to pay apart from the TOEFL test cost?

The additional charges are to be paid only when one needs an extra service or in case of an issue with the registration process. Additional service includes Score review, additional score reports, etc. Late fines, rescheduling of the exam, etc., are charged due to negligence at the end of the applicants.

Is there a scholarship or waiver scheme for TOEFL Exam fees?

No. ETS has no scheme for Indian students, while a fee waiver scheme is available for US students. At the same time, there are some independent organizations running scholarships for the TOEFL test.

What’s the TOEFL registration fee for a test at home option?

The fee is the same as that of the iBT format. The new format has been introduced to allow students to take the test from the comfort of their homes and not get exposed to the risk of the infection amid the COVID-19 pandemic.