TOEFL Exam Dates

TOEFL or Test of English as Foreign Language is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Services) throughout the year at different centres spread across the country. Applicants can choose from available TOEFL Exam dates at the time of the registration process. ETS provides more than 60 dates to give students a sense of confidence while taking the test by choosing a TOEFL test date of their convenience. A time which they deem fit to take the exam. Every year millions of students take the test and secure admission at the top universities abroad. TOEFL test dates 2022 are released on the ETS official website, and one can see the available dates by creating an account on the ETS official website.

Apart from choosing the dates, an applicant can also check the available time slots on the desired test day. It’s always advised to take a window of at least a week from the desired test date to avoid any unforeseen delay.

TOEFL Test Date 2022

This year’s test dates have been released, and the ETS website shows the dates for only two months. So the year-round dates aren’t available, but the dates released so far will give you a rough idea about the date pattern.
Here are the dates for the year 2022:


4 June 2022, Saturday

10 June 2022, Friday

11 June 2022, Saturday

15 June 2022, Wednesday

25 June 2022, Saturday

26 June 2022, Sunday


3 July 2022, Sunday

6 July 2022, Wednesday

9 July 2022, Saturday

23 July 2022, Saturday

30 July 2022, Saturday

31 July 2022, Sunday


3 August 2022, Wednesday

6 August 2022, Saturday

13 August 2022, Saturday

17 August 2022, Wednesday

27 August 2022, Saturday



4 September 2022, Sunday

7 September 2022, Wednesday

9 September 2022, Friday

10 September 2022, Saturday

17 September 2022, Saturday

18 September 2022, Sunday

21 September 2022, Wednesday

24 September 2022, Saturday

25 September 2022, Sunday

30 September 2022, Friday




1 October 2022, Saturday

5 October 2022, Wednesday

9 October 2022, Sunday

14 October 2022, Friday

15 October 2022, Saturday

19 October 2022, Wednesday

21 October 2022, Friday

22 October 2022, Saturday

29 October 2022, Saturday

30 October 2022, Sunday




2 November 2022, Wednesday

4 November 2022, Friday

5 November 2022, Saturday

11 November 2022, Friday

12 November 2022, Saturday

16 November 2022, Wednesday

19 November 2022, Saturday

20 November 2022, Sunday

27 November 2022, Sunday

TOEFL Exam Dates 2022

TOEFL test dates 2022 are released on the official website of ETS, and students can choose the date by browsing through the available dates. Being late in selecting the date is one of the most common errors students commit while booking the TOEFL dates. There are several disadvantages of showing laziness in selecting dates, and one of the prominent is that the whole preparation gets disturbed in case of non-availability of dates. In case of not booking the test dates early on, there can be a late registration fee too. The late registration fee is a fixed charge, and it is $40. This increases the cost of the TOEFL application cost and reduces the number of available time slots.

TOEFL test dates selection helps students structure their preparation in a timeframe, and thus, students can take a more precise approach to the exam. Students have problems in selecting test dates, and numerous experts help student in making the decision. It’s always beneficial for students to take guidance from experts since different factors should be considered while selecting the TOEFL Exam dates.

The first and foremost thing is the time needed to prepare for the exam. It is always subjective, and it varies from one student to another. If a student is good at English, he/she might take less time to grasp the thing, while those with relatively weaker English have to put in more effort. Second, the ability to master each section is a cumbersome task for everyone and one need to put in considerable time and effort to master each section. These factors must be taken into account before finalising the test date.

There are roughly 60 test dates per year which make it around 5 test dates per month. In these months, there are few months where there are relatively more test takers. Also, one should confirm the admission timings and other details with the university before selecting the TOEFL test dates 2022. Another important thing is about filling in the details at the time of finalising the TOEFL Exam dates since these details will be verified at the time of test and more at the time of admission. So for those students graduating from university or passing the high school exam, they should always set the dates when they will have all the documents handy. There are several cases wherein students don’t have the required documents, and they end up suffering despite getting good scores on the test.

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition

It is another significant addition by the ETS for those seeking to take the TOEFL test. The new platform allows you to take the test from home and help students in the midst of the pandemic. Many restrictions are being put forward by the government authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection. The restrictions have impacted the TOEFL test dates 2022, and students are in a sort of dilemma as to when the physical test centres will open. The registration process for the test from home is the same, but there need to be some basic requirements that have to be there for enabling a student to take the test from home. The details regarding the basic requirement can be checked on the ETS website.

Booking TOEFL Test Day

The step-by-step guide to book the TOEFL Exam dates:

  • Visit the official Website of ETS.
  • Create a new account or log in to an already existing account.
  • Fill in the details correctly.
  • Click on “Register/Find Test Centres, Dates”
  • Choose the TOEFL test dates and timing.
  • Make the payment, and the booking is confirmed.

Other methods of registration include In-person, phone and mail. More than 95% of students choose the online mode of registration and booking the TOEFL dates.

TOEFL Test Day Instructions

Students should keep in mind the following instruction on the TOEFL test dates:

  • Reach the test centre 30 min in advance.
  • Bring your ID as it will be verified by the Test Centre Administrator (TCA).
  • Store all your personal belongings outside the test room.
  • The photo will be taken, and a voice recording sample may be taken.
  • You will receive scratch paper and a pencil.
  • Do the microphone check, and you are good to go.

Other methods of registration include In-person, phone and mail. More than 95% of students choose the online mode of registration and booking the TOEFL dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, a student has just to bring the ID proof, and nothing else is essential. However, this year, there has been a change in the policy, and now students have to wear a mask in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pen and paper will be provided at the test centre itself.
An applicant can book the test date using the online method, which is mainly relied upon by students across the globe. However, the booking method via phone, mail, and in-person is also provided by the ETS for students having issues with the online mode of registration.
At least a two-three month of dedication preparation is needed for students to score well on the test. Some students seek guidance from experts, while few students also prepare on their own. It’s always advised to take some professional help to improve your scores since a narrow margin can be a significant differentiator in final scores.
There are no additional charges per se, but one has to pay for a late registration charge of $40 in case of last-minute registration. Also, the date rescheduling charges are $60.

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